How to salt brisket or podcherevka, just a bomb!!!  See details »



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  • 00:00: hi i Arthur is Men's kitchen today Now this will be salted brisket is such beautiful to behold reechka so to speak throughout the glory we will be solid next process or recipe we need some
  • 00:30: seasoning is a mixture of large ground fragrant black pepper to taste the eye a few cloves garlic a little bit of parsley dried green and acute the number of red pepper Now finely finely Chop peppers add let's go there and parsley
  • 01:03: hot red pepper get some mixture is our ready mix it is done entirely in randomly Here garlic parsley Dried red pepper acute black ground Pepper's how someone Artist and do I do here so now we're here
  • 01:34: this mixture for 3 our fat So we rubbed our mix it all herself more precisely reechku this is how it looks beautiful say so with all
  • 02:06: sides and now we for for this we solem take some capacity eg pot pour salt in there We distribute it to day and put back our bacon
  • 02:43: then fall asleep salt on top arguments do not be afraid add salad
  • 03:14: more than is necessary not take put it so for 35 days Two days was due to salt on fat
  • 03:44: Two days later, I changed salt was wet salt and I did not show it on personal video just interesting I need to get myself coward salt shake it with salt wet and throw a replace fresh pour that's all another day another I lay fresh catch Salt is such a now just a piece
  • 04:15: take and put in a refrigerator it cool, and it can be It will have somewhere to If the tape in the morning put the evening already well, what can be friends So he fat slice which you turned certain actor he Certain mixtures
  • 04:45: spices here such cute let by look at what he inside is our to reechka in my opinion great prosolilas
  • 05:17: that's so cute piece Thank you all put the huskies subscribe to until the channel of I want to tell you what can be done This fat can be here these pieces about freezes up Stone state and freezer then try
  • 05:47: make cut into thin such as the elbows here This is when my just like you to imagine not even imagine