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Openwork FANTASY PATTERN. Knitting by # 49 spokes  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today knit here such beautiful pattern tracery front side pattern Wrong here I 2 in knit rapport width and several reports four or five rapport in height and writing a pattern diagram I put the characters on my blog a reference Look down under this video so you you can print scheme and knit it pattern consists of 12 series is not here
  • 00:32: Man given row it is all purl rows purl rows knit by the pattern also add two edge that here also listed rapport of the pattern consists of 12 loops that is, I for example to link here this pattern gained 34 loops that there are between 12 blue stripes 12 + 12 + 5 + 3i + 2
  • 01:03: edge and so knit first row, see We start the first row these loops knit up henceforth repeat rapport pattern as many times Only we need to between the arrows and finishing unlikely here these loops so apples begin to knit drove you to sample To do this, we collect 20 loops
  • 01:37: that is, I will knit this one here Sample this case recruit 20 loops Knit the first row an edge is not removed 2 facial provyazyvaya 2 facial nakida 2 loops along the front inclined to the left or even broaching
  • 02:10: It called for this remove one loop is not I thread for provyazyva work should be loop knit front and stretch it through removed the loop so way beyond knit 3 loop facial 2 along the front of the front wall enter the right needle
  • 02:40: the second loop and then grab and first and provyazyvaem two loops together face 2 facial sc sc face 2 facial broaching for this remove one loop is not provyazyvaem knit next loop facial
  • 03:10: enter the left needle in a second loop as it were, 's apply it to knit loop 2 facial and last bead knit purl loops 2 a number of rows and all the guys knit by the pattern an edge is not removed provyazyvaya and here us by the pattern of all the loops purl also knit purl loop sc ie
  • 03:40: All loops have here visible as purl loop that is all boys knit rows purl loops sc and well knit purl loops and so until the end of series third row knit an edge is not removed 3 facial provyazyvaem 2 facial nakida broach
  • 04:10: 2 along the front hinge knit face for a front wall 2 facial nakida 3 facial nakida 2 facial broach
  • 04:40: front loop and bead seamy 5 a number of bead loop 4 facial 2 nakida facial knit 3 along the front loop ie grab 3 loop for the front wall 3 of knit loops
  • 05:11: there is 2 facial sc 5 facial sc 2 facial and 2 together the front face wall bead knit
  • 05:44: seamy loop knit seventh row bead loop further knit 7 facial 6 facial 3 4 5 6 2 loops together the front face facial wall 2 nakida front nakida 2
  • 06:17: facial broaching remove one loop the following loop knit face and hands it through the removed loop 5 facial and the lip Wrong number 9 bead nakida 2 facial
  • 06:47: broach 2 along the front hinge the front face wall 2 facial nakida 3 facial nakida 2 facial broaching 4 facial loop
  • 07:22: and the lip seventeenth row the last row of the report an edge provyazyvaya not remove front nakida 2 Now we face you need to knit 3 along the front hinge inclined to the left to This removes one I do not loop provyazyva thread for further work 2 along the front knit for the front wall and
  • 07:53: Now stretch we loop I got shot through loop 2 face nakida 5 facial 2 and facial nakida Again knit 3 loops together with the face
  • 08:23: Lean to the left remove one loop is not 2 loops provyazyvaem knit face for the front walls 2 loops together We stretch the loop removed through the loop 2 facial and sc an edge knit seamy loop 13 number of repeat report from the first row that is 12 series of knit as well as and knit 1 row like this it turns out in this
  • 08:53: all for today subscribe to my leave your channel no comments ask questions and I'll see you in my following video bye Bye