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  • 00:00: In this tutorial, we'll consider knitting features horizontal strips in a circle so knitting circle we do not have the side edges then pulling the thread, we reserve with seamy side knitting, there are two Methods of processing broaches like this in fREE fREE lying on the canvas broaches this is not always convenient if such the number of rows
  • 00:31: band over 4 broaching becomes very big such as our then becomes large broaching brown thread so there is another way registration broaches children when they crisscross in or in each row Each second weight a number of knitting fabric second feature strips for knitting circle is
  • 01:02: following at circular knitting beginning of the series is his own end so the width of the strip may be anyone even one a number of third feature is is that of knitting range occurs spirally so the transition from one color to another we get here such a step, and how avoid such
  • 01:33: steps when knitting around 2 and more series will consider in this lesson, we'll knit one I was knit blue strip to the desired us height and go Now to the thread brown to this note a marker of the beginning of the series take the brown thread and begin to knit a number of
  • 02:07: Knit up a number of marker that is up to end and following our actions are these criss-crossing strands that it was not formed broaches take
  • 02:38: brown thread we handle It determines the beginning and end of the row Now, this loop has been the first loop and a number but it was last eyelet a number of now we remove the marker and the following loop provyazyvaem in the following way swoop loop
  • 03:08: underlying series We hang it on needle and then provyazyvaem first loop series with this loop now We first loop It was the last and We celebrate the end of the row marker and start knitting a second series brown stripes
  • 03:38: provyazyvaem number to the width of this end only two strips a number so we go blue thread and we move one spoke marker to take another blue thread criss-crossing them with brown and knit 1
  • 04:09: row thread blue this time, the beginning and the end of the series we have not changed dovyazali number to the end that is, before the marker and Again we shoot marker criss-crossing strands lest
  • 04:39: was formed broaches and blue following the thread loop provyazyvaem similarly picking up the loop underlying a number here and again we the first of a number of loop it becomes the last and apply our marker We begin to knit second row make strips
  • 05:13: blue four rows wide dovyazali second row to the end that is to marker criss-crossing threads and we move the marker series is not the beginning and end changing knitting
  • 05:43: thread the same color and I keep on knitting third row knit facial loops and similarly knit fourth row a throwing marker one spoke to the other it instead of the position Well not change we knit 4 rows thread blue and see what we it turned out to
  • 06:14: seamy side we see that broaches there is and there's a shnurochek of the crossed thread and back to front aside and see It looks like stripes on stripes no steps not on the blue not brown Well, in the next lesson we will look at the way
  • 06:44: circular knitting wide strips in 1 row