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  • 00:00: all good health Today I'll show you their experience beetroot for sharpening to drill hard steel roasted quick cuts or doped at which has a hardness does not allow put ordinary drill therefore here I is my experience and of course I started drilling with a bend on the com tiles carbide records her Recalling this platelets have then I came to the conclusion
  • 00:31: it is not the best the best option option is to drill brown concrete with special sharpening well then like sludge and Development thinking means first I sharpened drill drill in this way like usual drill that is asked I he first made jumper jumper made groove chip output some no imprisoned back faces Now she's stupid
  • 01:02: all degrees to she clung treated surface also I made another hand jumper cropped did what have formed cropped jumper to reduce forces they give us the greetings the result is not very like a good drill sharpening jumper I all in Ivanovo the drill does not cling Drilling on the whole is that is given for
  • 01:32: . then I will not do I tried Standard for. will drill for drilling By the way this is a working version of it drills but enough slowly comes to me god broke it corrected and tried in general, most good an option that I I found it to sharpen record triangle here I show that there
  • 02:02: here is a clear astra Of course you need Office is this. bad I would have worked out I said just now on you an example of this here the Bureau that is, it Standard drill for the concrete will show you how to hone drill hole steel preform in the solid blank that's better than borax feathers that convenient way
  • 02:33: sharpen give them the required form size is better in that seal them carbide Records Bureau style they have it more these edges sticking out less the forces that act on this record at They drilling Bureau as if in a general seal better these forces which acts on plate and it is more difficult to break down and fees than from Torzhok first on the tiles let's move
  • 03:05: directly to sharpening as you can see we have
  • 04:32: formed a the triangle is It means both corners front angle that your parsley and rear here it is approximately 7 brothers, I have already said ie when drilling when the drill will drill to this not rear surface clinging to treated surface is already and we were such small small caliber constituent parts you hto We need to hone this
  • 05:02: hand bad even for Accuracy is already normally see little corner was formed, and we formed his circuit is now more accurate and very right diamond circles imprisoned then according to the rules
  • 05:47: diamond becomes just try make neat wounds smoother principle turned jumper how can it be reduced Well, not to be let's verbalize try drill steel then another ball anything else Ball not a file
  • 06:17: takes no tempered Drilling will not cooling that is, without coolant butter to grease and All this is not to do slowly but here I have everything
  • 07:36: get the ball Drill let look at it Hot denim gloves see see exit holes seen Zora thermo zone influence had try to
  • 08:08: I cooled cool all oil Samburu so we have little flooding but the bridge boundaries you center yourself cutting edges on periphery Depreciation is not much wherein the ball drilled at one time without reinstallations without any stops breaking both the input and outgoing Bureau which is extremely rare become the feather
  • 08:38: there is the method you work very good now means we will drill carbon steel drill file It means a little bit corrected kromochka He was restored jumper restored to acuteness I barely started you all right Now the truth as you can see
  • 09:40: drill your file too It turned out that there drill enough reliable and drilling a file kromochke general did not appear All in all good