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CARAMEL CHEESECAKE Home-style with condensed milk  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello offer today a simple caramel recipe cheesecake without baking in the bowl of a blender put sand biscuit walnuts grind up education shallow crumbs is possible done with conventional rolling pin melt butter add oil and mix to take shape with a diameter 18-20 centimeters lay weight
  • 00:31: generate high bumpers good pressing against the walls forms as well ram bottom put refrigerator for 30 minutes pour gelatin cold water and leave for Swelling as 30 minutes for the cheesecake I He took regular cottage cheese is not acidic and high fat crush using a blender cottage cheese and jam condensed milk to education smooth gelatin bit extend
  • 01:02: microwave or steam bath add a tablespoon a spoonful of cottage cheese cream to gelatin Stir and then put this mass in cheese and cream mix lay out on the basis of send cookies refrigerator for 3 more hours decorate the cheesecake can chocolate grit remove from the mold and
  • 01:32: apply caramel cheesecake ready to enjoy Bon Appetit and Have a good mood