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Buttonhole - a brooch or a hairpin in style of a kanzasha. Tapes, lace and flowers from a foamiran. - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon friends Today will show you how to make such beautiful boutonniere I make them for the wedding but they can be used in ordinary life simply as decoration of your dress or your jacket can be used as for cams for girls hair ornaments fixing this buttonholes made with using a double zipper gives you We need to fasten on muffin or slaughter using this crocodile that is, to fasten your product is not
  • 00:31: piercing the cloth this type of product you need several tapes gives guipure he Bank made of lace and need for him 2 lace Hackl segment length 20 centimeters of red bow, too need 2 length of segments which is also equal to twenty centimeters It will be needed small Kostik 10 whose length I centimeters green leaves that
  • 01:03: under flowers here need such Green Ribbon her 22 centimeters in length and This product has also one such little voltic need for him narrow ribbon length 30 cm as we need Three berries and three a reference to roses is where you can order it is already under This video and the base our Clip I chose the foundation which has two This type of attachment
  • 01:33: such a crocodile and normal bulavochku on which can be pin our articles we need to thread needle and glue pistol the first with what we we do start guipure for bows Then we can fabric and cut her contact the exact show on the spot compound further similar
  • 02:06: add the second bow and then to not know its on the same thread with a needle and then we we contract this thread and fix our bow we ready to bow We can not be postponed crop the thread with needle edge all
  • 02:37: satin ribbons us must send via fire small red pink ribbon and we cut off the tips at an acute angle wide ribbon fold in half and cut off a tip and bright ribbons cut away corners and likewise neatly melted the resulting edge after our
  • 03:08: tape we were caught, we fold it in half and also on the mother and seam sews our ribbon in the middle continue to do similar to how we We collected the bow every tape we too folded in half connect completion
  • 03:38: and sew our bow we usually accurate seam when you implying been trading since ribbon we pulled together all get yourself bows I want to draw your
  • 04:11: note that here these Now I'm doing at the crossroads front side I did them backstitches although This product is not matter as health is a great clasp that close all your junction but if you do not You will do zastezhechku and will a pin on This will sheath very important I recommend that you always here these here hand joints do on the front side because the top usually it goes even some decoration which covers all what the details
  • 04:41: who did not want have shown that man that you it will give or the man who You placed an order for collect it our bow overturn thread and tying the knot then we take a thin ribbon this one cut edge so reserve
  • 05:11: that it we went from top highest to lowest Care and forming bow To do this, we just add up the tape look to our the tips were same length and same
  • 05:44: check bows that they too have the same length We apply ourselves to product if we happy with the result then immediately this thread with a hollow we left and fix this bow then free
  • 06:14: the thread can be cut it is no longer us need Next, we come lace and policy We sew our bow through I attach the lace ball in the opposite parties usually boutonniere fairy I use a wide tape to hold them on the bow in the middle case qi boutonnieres I do for the family that goes on wedding and they have
  • 06:44: Two daughters such bat sockeye likely daughters they assume consolidate somewhere like hair decoration so I wanted to make these boutonnieres quite large wide, these do their round shape flower and in this case, I recommend you use narrow tape to bond This small bow a piece of narrow ribbon here about 6 we centimeters fasten with the opposite
  • 07:14: sides and strung it on a needle from the front sides Here you can see that We happened if would you like to do a decoration on rezinochke in this moment is to strengthen this compound would need to put a rezinochku the opposite side framework for our decorations She bows ready perfect looks
  • 07:45: the opposite hand it can be pin already bulavochkoy put on dress or jacket junction on the front side will be closed through decorative now we have decorations You need to turn to any gun and while it will be heated shape nice outlet for that our roses we firmly twist each best man We tried to make it
  • 08:19: as close as possible to the base after which he neatly introduce sugar and berries mount also We try to do as may be higher eventually we
  • 08:51: it turns out here such This beautiful rosette years we heat up to fix the opposite hand to the reliability of our decorative elements leaving excess wire down cut off the part that we do not need free end and another More is not led away
  • 09:22: the same fix with silicone whereupon the adhesive postponing cool decorative knife element and go to green ribbon creating leaflets in order to make such leaves, we take our ribbon I remind you that it It is 22 cm long and I begin to form so green leaves I invest, we reached thus sticks so they looked to different sides when you reach
  • 10:03: you need drawing and fix interconnected via silicone gun and glue carefully paste it so that leaves each leaf great peeking out roses neater all will if you will do gradually alternately prokleivat each leaflet while our rozetochki
  • 10:48: we will cool down fix on our bumpers on the reverse hand our when we clasp we will fix our vertushechku can tighten our bows arrange them yet over and around and to make so that they too little fixed at glue after our zastezhechka cool rozetochki colors too we ready to connect all this with the help of
  • 11:18: glue gun flower arrangements we will put such One way to hand icon leaf We looked at clearly up until the adhesive cools down, we We can also improve I present our bows rozetochki and given themselves fixed yet glue, and if there need something can some of
  • 11:48: bows connect interconnected via the same silicone glue that is such that glues these tender bows petals leaf using small droplets glue my 4 boutonniere brooch if you are ready I liked this video then put the huskies leave your reviews add friends if you can who me through social network and so always Invite you subscribe to my
  • 12:18: to channel share with you with new ideas this with you to forgive and to new meetings