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  • 00:00: Hello my the genre of Gogol and you look it up videos for only A couple of minutes learn the basic cycles of daily timetables for our skin do you know that one and the same mask can refresh rejuvenate and make our skin is simple delicious and may not practically no effect this reality so knowledge biorhythms of our body and the skin is a pledge the maximum result from all cosmetic
  • 00:30: procedures still coco Chanel said that she did not every woman born beautiful if she did not by the age of 30 she it's just stupid from 5 to 7 o'clock in the morning our the body begins wake are being developed necessary hormones waking us up cell renewal in this time is minimal so masks and creams in these hours do not apply it's worth it contrast shower and light massage
  • 01:00: ice cubes will bring skin to tone and will give smartness and elasticity remember that joy a theme for the whole day will give gymnastics also in so early hour, you can specify that a new day and create the right mood self-massage on and meditation 7 then 8 o'clock in the morning our skin wakes up intensified circulation increases probability allergic reactions consumed
  • 01:30: carbohydrates becomes the main way into energy therefore at this time you can pamper yourself no breakfast fearing for the figure for 10-15 minutes before meals drink a glass of water this small action will bring great for you benefit 7 a.m A great time for lymph drainage massage and care for skin age pamper yourself and your skin with vitamins and the answer you get charge of energy and wings behind the back
  • 02:01: also prepare the skin for the upcoming day moisturize and protect from external impacts with our due care the skin is always happy us healthy color velvety and freshness between the morning creams and make-up time interval should be 20 30 minutes from 8 to 10 hours am likelihood of allergy is reduced and possible
  • 02:31: boldly apply makeup in these hours our vessels the pressure in their skin rises perfectly tolerates load therefore if schedule any operations at dermatologist this watch is the best suitable side actions will minimal also in this time we are less sensitive Painful sensations and that's better sports postpone at 9 o'clock Morning drink a glass water or green tea
  • 03:02: lack of moisture always reflected in our skin at ten in the morning our brain is at its peak activity and our memory just great with 10 to 12 hours we will see fine leather in the best possible way increases activity of sebaceous glands therefore remember about powder this time is the greatest physical and spiritual mental
  • 03:32: activity in depending on what was your breakfast internal activity dinner will be held from 11 in the morning until one in the afternoon if decided to have dinner at 1:00 pm later then from 11 to 12 drink and cocoa or refreshing cocktail for 20-30 minutes before dinner drink a glass of clean fresh water from 13 to 15 hours the level hormone pressure blood pressure
  • 04:02: falls o skin tone the wonderful time for rest and recuperation in this time we look and the best thus, even romantic sharper for this watch start and if you are your time dispose of free is better Total use the mini si estoy is 15-30 minutes light sleep which is completely restore strength and refreshes also in this
  • 04:32: time is good and walks on fresh air or you can relax under quiet music and dream maybe read your favorite the book if you want yourself pampered then in these the watch is special enjoyment will bring spa treatments drink a glass of water and slightly update your makeup slightly moisturizing for face and hair in kind of sprays help us freshen up from 15 to 17 hours
  • 05:04: best left our skin at rest so as skin cells are closed and effectiveness of nilts was cosmetic means and procedures decreases by 70 percent a hike to a cosmetologist or home procedure in this watch waste of money time and will only lead to disappointment but our brain in it time 0 active and body ready for feats 16 to 17 hours great time for
  • 05:34: fitness effect from playing sports the best at this time 17 to 20 hours the best time to take care of yourself cosmetic procedures will brilliant effect can adjust to restoring make a mask or procedures more seriously and how the result is radiant radiant eyes because your skin is a miracle like good and you are gorgeous 17 to 20
  • 06:05: This time is dinner time. it is important that the dinner be no later than 2 hours before sleep from 18 hours Reduces faster studied painful sensations are good time for hair removal or eyebrow correction from 20 to 22 hours time purification and relaxation is good sauna-sauna relaxing bath various peelings and
  • 06:35: scrubs are also better spend at this time after having been removed make-up and cleaned skin apply moisturizing and nutritious nighttime creams to be enriches our skin all night when our the day is so beautiful we are weak falling asleep from 22 pm to 5 pm hours of the morning and the grammys body temperature with we
  • 07:05: relax many processes in the body slow down but in the epidermis is working cells active are divided and our skin perfectly absorbs all that we shall not night cream so night cream this is so important during sleep we restored and gaining strength and energy when we we use knowledge about biorhythms of our organism to our
  • 07:35: health and beauty much easier accompany us to our happy full of joy and love life with you Jeanne was Gogolev I wish you a wonderful moods and always be beautiful