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Set fire to BAY LEAF in the house! What for? you will be pleasantly surprised!  See details »

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  • 00:00: each house has its fragrance someone he smells spirits or coffee at other same home meal or warm but milk is home where there is the smell incredible freshness and purity while you You feel there very comfortable because it is not artificial odor freshener Air can very be that these people know the way in which by ancient Greeks and Romans, they used bay
  • 00:32: sheet, not only in but cooking We used it to purification facilities of odors and dampness for that they burned leaves laurel way if to do such procedure can often be to get rid of not only the smell of but also to prevent some diseases and improve health proved that the smell leafs It acts on the body and soothing painkiller Bay leaf
  • 01:02: capable prevent epilepsy fight stress tiredness and insomnia is due to the fact that of spices contains cineole and specific Essential oils are free airways and promotes just relax the body to feel the relaxing effect after 10 minutes Wait a couple of dry bay leaves on suitable containers
  • 01:33: over time you will feel nice smell which will be filled both rooms said to be stone gathers no moss so do not be lazy and try fulfill his desire to help of spices write a wish on bay leaf and his desire to wait necessarily seen if you positive attitude the power of thought to create miracles believe and magic all your dreams will come
  • 02:04: reality except bay leaves are extremely effective fight against cockroaches and the smell repels cockroaches without such instrumentalities safe for both your children and for pets You can use them fresh or dry but for best effect Use dry well like boots more beneficial features very leafs
  • 02:34: it is difficult to count used in cooking medicinal purposes household as talisman and other areas here's why you should and have the unique spice thank you for your home Attention write comments place the assessment and subscribe to channel