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How to grind the razor a vest or any other machine?  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] you want to use battle without changing cassettes new time and not splurge an additional cassette so you know for such a razor cartridge costs about 400 rubles, it is very costly especially for those who shave twice a day and so we You need jeans
  • 00:30: denim material some bar suit sleeve and on foil or sprinkle Elena herself razor We thrust under jeans Our bar and it should be to behold the
  • 01:01: here bokovinki not take part our grinding blades and so planted bar and here such movements about 1 100 150 you shlifuete and sharpen shaver
  • 01:31: after such procedure razor shaves like new about 50 made in one side pile driven and We made 50 in another I jeans aside wrenched because here bit side pogrubee me jelly and exterior and
  • 02:03: this side. razor pretty and soon she shaves new here it is perceived shine that's all this an easy way to both sharpen razor and while saving 400 500 rubles can
  • 02:33: month a year who can it was useful Video put huskies subscribe to channel before the meeting in new video