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The self-made milling machine from the Bulgarian the hands. [milling machine of angle grinder]  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, Very often , many craftsmen , stops by the fact that they need a milling machine for the manufacture of any metal part but , in many cases , you can do a simple machine based on the angle grinder , like this . It can be cut or make selections . And to cut metal , you will not cutter and cutting disc. For this it is necessary to make that such simple devices for fastening on the bench grinder . Thrust table or part of sill like me, just this one , the focus necessary
  • 00:33: the grinder does not move . When you process an item, there comes a moment directed in this direction. It is possible to make it from two sides the grinder was more firmly between them , but one is usually sufficient. Now I will demonstrate the operation of this machine , well, or tools if you think so . Put the angle grinder
  • 01:03: Note that the cutting disc .... With , this here , pens we put it in place. For example, Note that the cutting disc has to be at a ninety degree angle , as to this table
  • 01:41: and in this location. This is verified , you see ? Just in the middle of the center and then it works as approximately a real machine . Well, you're done. Now I change hooks puller. Well, the item in general is ready,Goodbye.