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  • 00:00: you are faced with difficulties do not know what to see our selection and maybe you will find for themselves right solution if you have a hand was not kitchen grater make it a tin banks raschertit and her horizontal lines drill along them openings then smooth out inside the hole nazhdachkoy wash bank water via the same drill vygnite all holes as shown in video we turned
  • 00:30: very original grater which is not even ashamed to give someone a gift I know we all love drive on but the bike come moments when you need to clean circuit rest components take the two tooth Brush lean to each other and connect via Extend the duct tape Brush thread between their bicycle chain Now all that it is just spinning the pedals and
  • 01:00: your tenacious will again as a new take stationery knife remove its back plug and pull out blade is now Take the cloth from hacksaw break off from it small piece with the help of Needle expand instead of holes blade insert painting in stationery knife Now all that it is close the back cover we get a mini retractable saw that can be hide themselves in pocket and use it in difficult times if you have lost the keys to
  • 01:32: its attachments not spare the castle It appeared at hand do not hurry upset Take two wrenches their key thread between the lock shackle as shown in video Now all that it remains a wink Two key meet each other through law our arm a big castle likely split as a walnut nut you have pets animals but you do not You have time to fill up bowl water to We take this small bar with the help of hot glue fixed on the bowls filled or take more water filled bottle
  • 02:04: fixed on the water strip thus to the neck was It is now lowered into the water all that remains is open the lid bottle If your cat or the dog will drink water bowls with it in turn will updated with new clean some water from bottle if you There are children's shining Sticks can be one I make my own lighting for your bike and fracture Sticks and secure them to your knitting great with the help of scotch they will highly shine brightly in the evening but you will be in the focus you wanna no room for
  • 02:35: storing toothbrushes use following simple way to take ordinary clothesline clothespin and attach it your toothbrush brush like this way we get very comfortable creative stand that diversifies your interior en suite bathroom hot sunny days always want something holodnenkogo take yogurt cups do on top of the wrapper incisions and insert to such sticks Ice cream put cups in a freezer
  • 03:06: a couple of hours and we get very tasty and original and ice cream is connect you on hot days there is a very simple way to get a lot strong rope of empty plastic bottles of take two stacks cups washer fasten them some pieces of wood with the help of screws etc. assort sharpener pencils anchoring the blade between our shaybochki my good tighten screws take further plastic bottle and cut off from it anchoring bedplate region thus that he took
  • 03:36: blade through our design but so simple way you can get a sea rope of absolutely unnecessary if the bottles you shut off the light or will need to take advantage of hot glue where there is no socket remember it video take aluminum bank cut from it small rectangular line segment Now gently turn it into tube as shown Video affixed tape cut all further unnecessary us
  • 04:06: will need normal Lighter which we fix our tube now all that it remains put glue tube and pencil set fire to our lighter Thus, we can take advantage of glue anywhere any moment if this information It was useful to you definitely vote Video huskies but we you'll see in the new no less interesting releases