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  • 00:00: we'll Sciences I will show may be higher in this sauce and we also see how add embroidery accompanying materials So let's see that do this but in the first needle she must be special for beaded thin needle
  • 00:30: Embroidery with big wide eye this case is not go because they do not will go through some small beads, and especially such as from 10 12 number and also could not bugle pass through it Now let let's see what else we Well, you need to first beads will use small beads Bugles and can
  • 01:00: use another say such a with waxed thread by which we will do a variety of patterns on embroidery and also for us today's lesson need and sequins so let us all in order fixing thread in I now begin to outline I will show you the way Bead set for cell this way it is similar very on embroidery
  • 01:30: and a cross embroidery necessary perform exactly color beads how given the picture on scheme So the first bead scored Now note We next bead We will not sew much close and at the However, not far from the
  • 02:00: she In the way that there was some irregularities pouring in and more important But for the moment beadwork like many embroider icons uniform for some use canvas Only the Czech beads since the beads smooth and it does not give that's just such as you now I see I used another Beads brand in different size beads which in the long term can provide very ugly distortion
  • 02:31: the figure is now more important factor sew beads not only one direction that is if we sewed beads left in the upper corner lower right corner of the in that direction will all sewn follow close If you are comfortable some other direction that you choose respectively its so why not otherwise be because this way more beads
  • 03:01: exactly lie down and work and looks more accurately and you can still sew beads only strictly vertically or horizontally for example like this way and now we we today sewn bead on and vertically adjacent next to not be solved exactly the same way you can create
  • 03:35: on the other, and rhythms now let let's see how to embroider beads arbitrary to start drawing type in a few beads on a thread and skip the needle in the end point of our it is now in your upside-down we will sew typed string of beads passing in each bead and attaching to the right place where she
  • 04:06: It must be if it is will stitch be not form loops and e.g. form some waves there and it sew for such patterns
  • 04:46: well done previously pencil drawing in which actually will go all the embroidery and so that's the way we sew on beads canvas belt and after I finish this I'll show you a sample adding another additional elements to this embroidery and so I that's an element Now you can embroidered add
  • 05:16: additional some elements eg beads you have themselves see that you should be pictures and complemented respectively embroidery necessary elements if you used as a canvas not some other cloth which should from peep through beads through embroidery the beads to be sewn friend other more tightly Now another important
  • 05:46: moment when you are already asked certain direction for embroidery later beads do not be sure to embroider typing on them as possible sew them directly next to the guide main thread sew it tightly each other
  • 06:17: and that's the way So what can turn that is as you can see when we predetermined path initially on the base thread we Beads keeps direction necessary for drawing but more the very fact that there is
  • 06:47: in that we ourselves We sew it in a chaotic manner and obtained a clear circuit with randomly recruited beaded in the middle it gives some interesting combination of patterns beading and embroidery does or unrepeatable magnificent and now let's see how sew sequins with one hand seemingly simple and and She sewed all there sewn on specific rules or we sew it
  • 07:17: securing beads ie first then recruit sparkles then recruit bead and like this way back in sequins and it us attached is the first way to the next way of sew sequins We go to the edge recruit another folder and in the same manner and
  • 07:56: and sew only Depending on a number of of which will head line of sequins in the wrong direction and sews thread if we have some rounding that the needle must be offset by entered in the combo thread, etc.
  • 08:26: It turns like a fish scale now add to our embroidery waxed cord it is necessary to sew nur be very careful since the tip will need to hidden under the beads and here we grab only a wee bit that was not to be seen and sew it in
  • 08:57: the right direction embroidery using but finally the cord too very interesting
  • 09:27: looks with the help of cord can create various patterns and ornaments There are also two options such as when you first how to sew cord we did and thread of beads and then fill space beads or sequins or first embroidering beads and sequins and then as you canto enter all waxed cord in and so try
  • 09:58: own all embroidery elements who we are today and gone before meeting new lessons