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  • 00:00: the last time I showed you how to do this little fair isle stitch with the stitches going toward the right this way now I'm going to show you how to do it the opposite so the stitches will go to the left so we're ready to start our row where we're going to change directions we slip the marker off and the last time we did the white stitch one stitch before each white one this time we're
  • 00:32: going to do it one after so I'm going to knit the first two stitches black in other words I'm going to knit over the last white stitch I'm going to pull the white thread loosely underneath and knit the first white stitch put that on top take the black from underneath and knit three stitches one two three including that white stitch put that on top knit
  • 01:06: another white stitch and again three black including the white stitch then bringing the white underneath loosely three more black including the white one and one more white so we're doing three black one
  • 01:37: white three black one white and you're going to continue doing that until you get to the end of the row again three black that on top bring the white under loosely getting to the end of the row here and we're going to do one to slip the marker off three now there should be
  • 02:15: a white stitch here but we have too many stitches so we're just going to add those two black stitches like so knit over the white stitch so we can again go to the left we're back on track it's not going to make any difference at the end
  • 02:46: of the row one two three a white stitch and three black one two three knitting over the white stitch and a white stitch and so on until you come again to the end of the row we're coming to the end of the final row for the pattern one
  • 03:19: more white stitch three black one two three and a white stitch so we've come to the end of the row there's our stitch marker and you can see now we have three stitches going to the right and starting with the third row three stitches going to the left and that's the end of that
  • 03:49: stitch you