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Sharpening of a knife on the machine for a hairstyle of hair in house conditions.

Sharpening of a knife on the machine for a hairstyle of hair in house conditions.  See details »




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  • 00:00: Hello good grant Here on my channel today we sharpen knives sharpening knives here such trimmers
  • 00:31: hair that is, in many there is this problem when He begins to pull hair too knives begins the dumbass there he is a whale particular we do should be removed lower knife and an upper this knife we have here where two bolts we do not unscrew do it here is the the most difficult thing will be
  • 01:06: put the knife back i.e sharpened knife itself It is not so the big problem there is here and so is Here's a knife bottom he attacked the top It is worth to the bottom tightly caught the there is such a move the upper part of it It stands at the fixed in the keyway position and right-left walks the we have it too remove Krotenko
  • 01:36: here we have another such plastic little thing that presses him when we twirl fasten the bottom nA blade presses so here Here we can see that presses and aligns ie we are all rented to piece court plastic that goes so try and that she did not ted
  • 02:08: because as prokladochka is well here we are all clean as the grind it can, in principle, It can be done in any home I do it main shoblu flat surface I I do on cute cute nazhdachki the but has the smallest you can even do it on glass
  • 02:39: that's such a circular movements we undermined evident that this part and then start a little longer shine
  • 03:09: but you all this part we already we sharpened following take the upper portion ie here as well most evident that we
  • 03:39: this and this is exactly one plane is we also have a can it and circular movements So they ipad tochilis
  • 04:11: even feel that they bit cling to become better such a circular movements can be done in any house of all have this nazhdachka but there is better take the shallowest ball 120 but most milka this can be done all the glass in the you ours was smooth surface
  • 04:42: Now that all these here These teeth here comes cloves These teeth here to make them smoothly and to them this the plane was smooth It remained until not It will come into contact with these will be tight will cut a very well at all and thought most people I have on a typewriter and
  • 05:12: then there is a the question as to sharpen how to do it because somewhere after six months of work she begins to pull out hair pieces unpleasant sensation 2 is necessary to of turned it to us no longer
  • 05:43: We need to come so paper with small fine abrasives Now Now that same the hardest part to it is well cut us we must put it to put back back to the top and put back on the bottom and that they that they were even then they will
  • 06:13: cut good as we do it so we our knife paste back here in Lasik that is here I fell Now We return you here prokladochku it here here stands between this hour and this hour I and I show you how to put it looks like this Now it looks costs
  • 06:45: Here he stands and when it is not moving will rub swept ie there he worked in basically pads now we have fit flush set back to this part of the lower blades have it we will recorded but she always fixed only move the upper part of it right now, it is fit flush
  • 07:16: doing audit procedures 1 I do not have six months first time this machine a year 3 if not no more than that is well Now much profit that walks a knife but did not She flies from place Now put so to here these two knives when it spun to they were equal now you see it exactly in the same place but when we start
  • 07:47: twist it will be raised and can shift that is, we twist or tighten strongly and look that is can and should play he twirled plump but himself legs still playing the she has got put it all We leave it very neatly to was absolutely two
  • 08:17: Blades have the same distance here perhaps here and so It can be seen on the clear that there are literally floor millimeter across the entire length of the blades Now we carefully that is, here we take fix that is he presses the legs and stifle already bolts
  • 08:47: because if you do not fix and simply hold down bolts legs can matter to scroll just go and the very edge lower how to check all exactly that is, we have all have here this part of the majority but push lower forward and we Blade We see the fight we are having a gap that is here at we have 2 millimeters and This hand 2
  • 09:18: millimeter ie this side of the set us 2 millimeters Now check Well here it is but rarely ideally course soft hair but
  • 09:49: ideal cut it takes you on all the hair so we We collected our car basically it pretty easy the only thing to correct
  • 10:19: put the legs but sharpen the knife itself is not It is no problems because Each house has have a minimum Glass can be approached it just a little a little longer have to do of movement paying Well circularity it will be the same him well pump here about so I I want it enough for half wherein stable for six months
  • 10:50: then over time, somewhere month through five starts because of bit by bit because it is 123 It begins under the knife fuel tsa close to six months more than half It is already beginning to let in but I have this not so much starts only then begin to start Polish visit I take took I sharpened and screwed on again six months on the job Thank you all who
  • 11:20: pleasant place huskies subscribe to my channel all good luck