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How to close elastic band loops under the ITALIAN set. Needle and thread. Knitting by spokes  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day my dear needlewoman I'm la nave you on my channel today girl I want you show now look I close but as gum 1 to bring to Italian set I adapted in their own way possible you my version too like you will they use means I snapped the thread somewhere three times the width and I want to close
  • 00:30: Then I begin to loop literally close right after full of knitting that is nothing in addition I do not provyazyvayu and more a time that Sticky facial close the loop right and wrong wrong they have I spoke to one It is now see what I'm doing I I try to cover
  • 01:00: to always loop Stay on this spoke worker because I looked and I tried if you shoot here for example I was threading thread with a needle that is thread into a loop rented it has already been recorded that is not bloom but that less then I like hard This of course depends from yarn to me sometimes It can be hard for the right to pick up wall
  • 01:31: My loop so I prilovchilis so to my constant loop who work We were on spokes Look, I mean I enter into the loop here at the is in the middle of my Now the needle I need to see catch the following I face the wrong I do not touch it see I'm in the middle of the percentage that is, I miss her
  • 02:01: I need to pick up following the front here for this stenochku Now I'll show you better here now, and so bring my needle Look out middle of my course Now a little bit difficult because Grandma's method of loop not keep quite as it should but Nevertheless, I ie coping That's how I need withdraw the needle here midst of the first the front and in the second the front of the middle Here I am, and so is passed
  • 02:31: Now against Minute not as tugovato I stretch yarn I always have a needle and I it literally tightens how to fine the I have no gap I do not leave because I have all the kinks not be delayed until end they have me all Now on spokes see what I'm doing then that's the loop I already I can lose here so now I
  • 03:01: I am working from the wrong here it is and here it is I mean she obvozhu Here's how 1 Wrong is already so I Now a movement I drive the needle Get thee middle and withdraw I need here But in this loop underside of the middle therefore see that I do, I looked around needle under the needle under front loop
  • 03:31: that I need and while I miss I deduce needle between loops near I look tightens What I said thread signatures next to this the underside of which I need to withdraw from the middle and only now I I insert the needle from middle and tighten second wrong
  • 04:01: loop already Now finally I have the wrong First I drop Now tighten and I kick off first it could seem difficult but now I have a couple of times you repeat You see what's in the 1 the logic of everything again clear obverse and next face I enter the first front this wrong I miss and deduce see it like that
  • 04:33: here the efforts We need to make Although of course you knitting can be tight tight here and here So I deduce from 2 facial loops of mid to chat here delayed first face He threw tightened Wrong introduced in seamy loop
  • 05:04: He missed the front and He led between the front and the underside of the needle there is a long intermediate stage with purl loops Now I enter into seamy and already I fix this so the loop is now removed I will go the same way and front means front here skip wrong and
  • 05:34: between loops between 2 and 3 is obtained as tighten the noose removed sucked and now I deduce it from the middle face so purl and between 2 and 3 We derive the needle and now
  • 06:04: in the third so minute in the third Wrong from middle and shot seamy face again, just as We put in front and between loops 2 and 3 We stretch out and display from the middle of the loop 3 so it should be Now reset
  • 06:38: delayed because boils and that does not belong yeah some Now Wrong Similarly, between these loop 2 and 3 injected into an edge and derive from the middle so to reset
  • 07:11: wrong and here just have to enter front and to derive aid already we close the loop cut off the tip and here hide hiding look at the gum Of course it is more convenient here to hide here at wrong side and a pigtail look carefully So therefore my It looks very similar
  • 07:41: Italian set Now I have it show on the gum where I had a rest Now see here is So I did Italian set here he that is knitted by him up and as I covered yarn Cotton course I tight is not hard to Usually on yarn soft, it will be easier Train
  • 08:12: if you like it you are welcome use all girls under the new meetings come