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  • 00:00: Hello to you channel breakfast and lunch dinner we with you today We will prepare very delicious cake so all the sweet tooth I invite to itself and begin to cook for this cake prepare please strawberries it is desirable to a large already washed her and I have it already dry starch milk potato flour bottled water vanilla or vanilla sugar gelatin Loosen in sugar chicken eggs and butter
  • 00:30: chocolate and let will prepare 100 milliliters of water I add 100 grams Sahara I put on fire I have it now! comes to a boil and turn off the We will leave to it is completely cooled we have all begun to boil I turn off diabetes the syrup is ready remains Now that is cool we need the eggs 3 only proteins and if we'll still be beat whisk whites
  • 01:03: without interrupting whipping proteins, we will add 50 grams of sugar and will beating on very well whipped we have it does not fall this should be mass until this we will deal with farther
  • 01:33: 50 grams sifted flour, I add one teaspoon baking powder and 2 half table starch spoon potato I stir and now Please take 3 yolk add vanilla or vanilla sugar vanilla and here I put
  • 02:05: somewhere one-third teaspoon if vanilla sugar you can 10 grams and add 50 grams add conventional sugar sand and that's all I'm going to beat until fluffy Foam is now here we we will add downed proteins and flour mixture I'll be their alternate Not many proteins little flour mixture
  • 02:35: and so it will be all several stages It should be carefully stir or wood or silicone spoon Now flour mixture little biscuit dough in principle always try stir or wood or silicone spoon because of steel from steel spoon you dough sit well
  • 03:05: Now the last dose stir well and we will bake biscuit cakes I see the cake diameter is where some 22 centimeters Here is such as that I formochka it so we need bake cakes the same diameter of 22 centimeter, you can do it in the molds
  • 03:35: if you have two same as you You can cook, you can it's all you have to bake right on parchment Paper that is about you You make a circle of This test is We made a circle to be too where some 22 centimeters more is better then we still it all cut off the half test we use and for a shortcake respectively second half of the dough we will use to each other during I make a cake in the range of about
  • 04:07: 22 cm cake we still then shortcakes we will cut so nothing scary if you Get it now not a perfect circle is such a Here we tortilla I turned put it in the oven at 190 degrees to gold about it It will be from ten to fifteen minutes then the same We do and with my second Cat 1 is ready
  • 04:39: now a little cool and I'll be his shift on and while the second plate cake will be with us, too, bake cake under our cool now I It needs here bottom detachable form to on it to cut off the the size of which we Now I'm going to need separate cake on parchment paper and move it to plate upside down and
  • 05:09: if your kids with looking forward cake when he cooked want what a sweet until they can Here treat such here asciimath points little need to This cake dress releasable ring and buttoning one
  • 05:39: important point I use here such here curb hydrochloric tape cooking cakes that is, I told him I'm here it here inwards ledges if you pave no curb tape You can take plastic wrap and here wrap side of this Split form here thus need wrap the bead fully below top to bottom I'm going to do it so now here thus when
  • 06:14: it will have a cake ready and we need will remove a split form we have not a cake completely damaged cooled cakes are we going sirup we are prepared water and sugar if remember If the cake is not impregnate here such Here you how syrup it will be dryish because the cream itself a very tasty but he gives opportunity soak yourself Korzh and second cake
  • 06:44: on what we impregnate syrup Now we all cakes we can leave and we will deal with Now cream and so Gelatin is I 2 I tablespoons I pour 50 grams warm boiled water Stir and leave him to swell take strawberries trim unnecessary
  • 07:14: part cut it half lengthwise and here in this way with I show you just Put the cut to a side so we should put on strawberries the entire diameter of our ring is all that's so Now we look
  • 07:53: Now quickly quickly prepare cream and will fill now I fill in milk sugar 100g I bring this all up Boiling sugar already I melted milk brought to reflux Turn it off and set aside, and so take three eggs 100 one gram of sugar third of a teaspoon
  • 08:23: vanilla or the 10 grams vanilla sugar this all sobem add six tablespoons without slides starch Now here is small portions we pour milk when you need to fill in constant stirring it's all
  • 08:56: pour into a saucepan and set on fire while yet we have here such Here we are not liquid mass We will bring to Now this state a thickened water thickening then drive at constant stirring thickened mass iridescent other pot and will add oil add 150 grams butter and whisk it all good mixer whipped cream, we
  • 09:28: leave at room temperature until its full cooling to completely cooled down in cream I will add another 50 grams butter and We will whip cream cream does not need to shoot down less than 5 minutes after we Cream already whipped for 5 minutes I put gelatin or in a water bath I can put I will put
  • 09:58: microwave for its complete this dissolution and thin stream I will pour it into gelatin we Cream fully He disappeared and now as I have already said will trickle pour it into the cream It's enough Now you can cream pour our cake Now fill Put the strawberries somehow completely
  • 10:28: Now fill strawberries that she It was covered Put the second shortcake pour residues cream Well the first step
  • 11:02: cake cooking we have coped remains only put it in refrigerator somewhere 3-4 hours to our frozen cake the only thing that I its top film food covered to so that he refrigerator not weathered waiting for After four hours cake we got possible shoot a film now we It needs black chocolate part of it I already taken and microwave it here
  • 11:33: melted and all the rest of us need will grate on top Now our cake spread strawberry can be a whole can can cut we need chocolate which we melted we literally decorate a little bit of strawberry chocolate Now you can shoot releasable ring and
  • 12:10: gently uk carefully clean film Well, my beauty and vkusnotischi ready all sweet tooth Stay with hi We all enjoy appetite to go we often subscribe our channel and leave
  • 12:41: comments I I will wait until the ambulances meetings until and