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Super-fast pompon. Master class Natalya Nekrasova. Izba-vyazalnya  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello my expensive needlewomen with you again natalya ugly Today I'm you I'll tell you how very pom-pom for work we need wool I'm scissors and ours standard blank for pompons worth to the difference is not 2 1 more than that we cut in half one of our billet as standard take the thread that y we will be connected pompom I will put down in half to
  • 00:31: stronger work the middle of our our all we put aside the side nuance if we want motley pom-pom we take three strings immediately if we want to Kompong was colorful with separate colors then we take the day of the bundle by color and let us do so so I take all three colors and just do this
  • 01:01: a long bunch of the length of my hands or even it's more simply connected like this you see is over unfolding to back here are 15-20 threads in one bundle it is quite different It is hard on a bunch is ready from variegated not those right now we we will do the same from single-color yarns
  • 01:31: all very quickly you see the hours before by you so that you appreciate what time is it occupies making this pom-poms because usual The time for us goes away but now probably on that to wind it up all if you need 15-20 pompoms where to take so much time so here's the second bunch now take our workpiece in order not to
  • 02:01: the ponytail was in the way wind out of the corner warehouses closer to than will hang out to interfere with the covering its all here and take now our bundles reel on our semi-circular neatly go just natali natali natali
  • 02:31: here is our bunch to pull neatly we make the point that now fly apart will continue to be like usually in the middle between cartons and everything is neat and tidy it's cut I pull together all forces are desirable
  • 03:02: to have assistants Of course, but if not, then no, we build everything ourselves cartons tidy a nodule I tighten still Once here is my pompom that with him to do next with such ugly not 13 from nothing nothing terrible I take away the excess and not the main height blanket
  • 03:32: I'll cut this time when we need make there 15-20 pompoms on tippet or by our lower some blouse everything is ready in the navel remains only attach with our the product of time has gone exactly five minutes carefully trimmed very symbolic