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  • 00:00: Hello to you pc we Aline on video channel that It is dedicated to the modeling of polymer clay Dear friends I offer you attention a master class to create a set jewelry consisting of earrings and the ring seasoned classic colors will create surround a large and while air
  • 00:31: flowers from the polymer clays series that give and a pearl after firing flicker is of plastic ink line glamor so the main color black and shortbread should be in this series White optional You can take an ordinary food of the same series glamor bulonki or microbeads gold color needed joint scoop blade sila liquid plastic rolling pin or pasta machine and accessories for assembly prepare
  • 01:02: plastics for use to get dark gray shade you need to take black and white plastics in a proportion of two to one, and to stir thoroughly and uniform ice color forming of plastic flat square sand polymer clay We take it pure number seven hundred it we and also mash prepare to the forming equal to the square size dark gray squares squares diagonal cut impose
  • 01:32: triangles on each other and connect length of different shades in a single layer fingers slightly flatten layers packer rolling pin also with the help of fasting Machines do first eye smooth color transition and and then we add up transform layer pinstriped with transition
  • 02:02: The resulting thin add up the tape accordion and after forming normal round stick and pull it to roll out diameter single centimeter by sand-colored
  • 02:59: cane pinch fingers to it I had a teardrop shape cut chop difficult So part of our flower It will consist of three levels in each tier 5 petals for convenience chop cane by three cut the flower 5 blanks for one for flower petals a large number of such sections be broad and 5 millimeters second row chop a large slice is the future petals second row width such petals must be
  • 03:29: mm 3 now the rest of the cane thin and pull to roll out diameter of 5 millimeters of hand sand color pinch chop sticks it on blanks for the most small petals place the petals one by other so you do not confused in their quantity size proceed formation petals in the middle of or palm laid the future petal previously it flatten into a finger Super ball joints
  • 03:59: pull tab Different chair and now slowly and so close flattened petal fingers but he must remain fleshy stack ball together color transition pull the tab to the main task of the world lock tab on the palm Now the center of my elongated strip pull three times stack right plastic
  • 04:29: 3 and pull the left abruptly tear off the tab from the palm again laid on hand and stack ball exactly middle lobe press and circular movements are deepening middle lobe at that the edges is lifted and the petal will form boat the same way we make petals all three dimensions Collect flower will right on working with the lower surface large petals begin
  • 04:59: picks up a stack ball of yellow statements based large size first fix tab on the working pressing surface stack of yellow narrow based on the remaining petals laid fans each petal are overlaps in the previous and the last petal placed under the the first middle flower smoothed Stack it should be flat the pitch of the second row laid similarly only staggered relation to the petals bottom row if
  • 05:29: some petal Opal it is possible and necessary to lift a needle inner petals a number of better poddevat for the most cutting edge the yellow of the petals and with a small stack insert ball petals inside flower nearly vertically while laid their fan and a needle corrects or if we raise must
  • 05:59: flower remains ready complement the core first drip inside Flower little liquid plastics and then liberally sprinkle Bulonki gold color bulonok Sept much then the excess ask after firing forming the other two Flower Type 1 and when the flowers are ready brass ship
  • 06:29: cabinet on after firing firing is necessary make Mount reverse side col. on the back side exactly in the center promazhte flower liquid plastic Take pink eyelet and apply on eyelet piece plastics previously it flatten push the plastic you missed the second on of the flower metal Collar pin while It should be top Now
  • 07:04: reduce sulfur yellow cane prischipnite fingers yellow part growth and cut into thin slices cover such leaves back side flower hiding under no metal foam is desired portion each leaf give sinewy texture edge needles and agree back side
  • 07:35: flower should not be less accurate What a beautiful face ring
  • 08:06: need metal base ce. fill mesh plastique promazyvayut the surface of the pancakes liquid helium and attach the finished flower to sleep of cane yellow and gray cut the blanks 5 flattened fingers and cover and Messi. feedback hand out. must and closing. completely and go flower petals memorable to do veins on each leaflet Now put
  • 09:24: blank earring rings in the oven on firing after Baking give cool Colors and Round rod pins do tabs and fasten them shvenzy all about our Kit ready for 10 detailed lesson creating bulk colors of polymer clays It helps you in Later in the modeling, and the formation of flowers in Overall, I hope that this tutorial was helpful and interesting informative stay in my video channel subscribe to
  • 09:54: He put the huskies and of course not skip new Lessons will be today you say goodbye to we meet friends