"Гусеничка"\/Wiring "Caterpillar" plait;

"Гусеничка"\/Wiring "Caterpillar" plait;  See details »



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  • 00:00: here Hello to you
  • 00:57: Natalia mo sex and today I offer you with me do here this plastic interesting from the flagellum beads if you like the idea of ​​creating such ornamentation stay with I'll show you and me I tell you how I am doing such decorations and so recruit three gold beads on a needle 3 diagram one 313
  • 01:27: bead larger yellow and again three beads gold if you want to harness do even more thicker in the amount you You will need to weave it to me 4 loops I do not need my tourniquet will It consists of three loops and snip on I will show you how it is, we you need to dial three times here are 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 2 and
  • 02:13: 313 three terraces dial 3 1 2 3 here is a set of we need to do 3 fold Next, we tied in a ring our thread and that's what we
  • 02:43: came forth I go through a needle's I uzelochek I I go through a needle you need to go out and yellow beads like this and then we all the duration will be I repeat time will recruit 313 here and go
  • 03:19: next bead yellow is here we with you first petelechka tighten very well tightens Here again I dialed again 313 and in the walk the following loop I ask forgiveness Follow the yellow bead is formed she follows Collar 2 again dialed 313
  • 03:50: and third pass 3 you in petelechka a third bead I I am going through a yellow and in the following three gold and more Follow the yellow that is, we come the next row, and that's this is yellowish
  • 04:21: Here we have formed three petelechki if we so look here at apex I think here of which out thread again petelechka this is now two petelechka and this is now 5 March. the there are only flagellum have 3 petelechki if you this volume is small and you are planning more chic so to speak a piece of cloth in
  • 04:51: inside there is a scarf handkerchief To pass you need we do here gained three times 313 you need to do be quadrupled accordingly you will go to the harness 4 loop but I have this case 3 here again apex power puppies 2 3 next view all very simple, we We will always gain the same set and pass on zheltenkie close
  • 05:22: beads previous row's I dial 313 Now I have a thread out during I weave following this is now I pass here again the same actions are repeated nothing complicated And now, behold, I have weaved
  • 07:39: your wish good tracery he looks but like so long as it does not the finished product is just blank ends issued narrowing gradually diminishing the number of beads and He reduced it to nothing to to me it was easier to put on cap or limit switch there somehow for in the general assembly and here Next, we proceed to the next step is grouting
  • 08:10: Fancy harness and I picked up three option beads to be used in pointing it here Such is the rub kasatin very delicate very beautifully shimmers and the beads gold a little bit other colors excellent tone of core from which It was a need to harness and
  • 08:41: It is the same beads of larger that we used you to as key beads and we start pointing us to the means must first and fasten thread Now bring it on middle, and so out of my thread Now this key beads and in the center we will
  • 09:12: a set of two one gold fish two gold felling Gold is not further the only one in the opposite We are moving toward the the same one such one cabin you can type Naturally this is Now this set since
  • 09:42: you see fit ie can only deckhouse can only beads I is not fundamentally just for yourself I chose this version of me so I prefer it seems that there will be very beautiful and it looks interesting due to refraction light that gets registered bead cutting and so March 2 4 5 6 7
  • 10:12: it means the central set should consist from a central beads and 7 beads around her So I left right won drops below strings here and walk in the opposite here so the bead tighten We get such
  • 10:43: hinge plate on the thread I to lay down the best petelechki our days on scaffold board on the next set exactly the same, we We are doing two beads deckhouse and go through a needle
  • 11:42: the following key bead on the go thread, we go in here this further we go in
  • 12:59: the bead and through three of diagonal and through Next Exit in the following loop will embroider following loop and again everything exactly
  • 13:30: as we move Lola spiral pass from one bead the key to another and We gyrate embroidered around this is our center I remind you here about once every two or three 4 5 5 loops and such snip the right one two three 4 5 5 5 pilot left it there all you have to
  • 14:00: Now get this cut embroidered July 1 7 we will further diminish 6 1 6 5 1 5 and so further ie we continue to embroider Formula 1 July 7, and so I proplela one two three four 5, six, seven, seven loops and snip that is, seven times around the axis I passed on my petelechka
  • 14:30: Formula 1 July sim further I extend that's how I you have said to one bead less that is, the left and right ie it is necessary in the general the difficulty has 6 January 6 likewise move spiral dial 3 beads one cabin two beads gave one central and again March 1 and 2 like this
  • 15:00: and looks set just as all repeat exactly the same 7 loops and snip it will we have seven times pass around flagellum less than 2 will to do due to the fact that we are reduced petelechki will narrow here and eventually we negated
  • 15:31: that is exactly the same We come two or three times on May 4 six January 7 January 6 6 and so weave and since you can see our flagellum absolutely Here I am ready the form is such about to receive gusenichka very plastic is very interesting to the touch
  • 16:01: very nice and we remained only attach to our harness and limit switches here such here and buckle so how we do it at your request, I showing once again I Now I take a pin carnations and sore throat and back here so do such further petelechku We disclose this
  • 16:32: petelechku and strengthened But for this part here I did previously Sew several times to for more confidence that decoration not crumble like this should have when the opportunity here there will need to be plus 0 at the same time try not to damage the beads itself loop here this
  • 17:03: to tuck distance was less so as we we will strengthen trailer I kontseviki such that flagellum in gold here you can put on another a beautiful bead here I I chose those interesting metal
  • 17:33: and small beads Then you can do you but I prefer I prefer this one PIN is not cut just twist his Round loop so we take and twists and then here such here
  • 18:20: the most ordinary fastener screw Gene is a loop and close the same a second side turn down and closes at desire can
  • 18:54: to hang any suspension in my case it will leaf it is very coming to my decorations simple we put a couple connection rings can be a piece of chains used and can I do two three connecting to
  • 19:24: rivers fasten suspension and close and so is our clasp decorated here such suspension interesting on lock such a screw
  • 19:55: here I shall insert thread and pretty and tightly twisted is closed and that's Overall, we such decoration us with you happened but I always thank you I hope for your attention my master class It was helpful to you if it is put Thumb up subscribe to my channel, and wish you all I wish you all the best
  • 20:27: all bye bye and so Now all the work ready like this It looks clasp our here is a plastic tourniquet interesting we but I turned usually thank you for your attention if you like my master class place Thumb up subscribe please my I have an entire channel and I embrace all until till
  • 20:58: a