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  • 00:00: culinary experts with He continued his good cook dishes pumpkins for ardent this enemy product tractor driver Nicholas Alia Kovalchuk and rolling a great need make a meal so that Nicholas did not even recognize that there is no pumpkin I'll eat a pumpkin Peter says about you watched as the
  • 00:30: Katya great I handled the problem flans prepared to Tatiana in Jorah watermelon university grass here in locators on the great Katya I set aside a portion of the plan Nicholas for such ladies stroller that is which you do not understand is sent and today's organ and went to Ala Kovalchuk girls with matrix hateful watermelon so as to Mykola in the view of the type of noise and you Makuta smell charter otzharen just not in even arrange dc plates not eat this kind of nonsense that
  • 01:01: behind the old health we cola doctors had prescribed themselves driven watermelon and their self-serving power plume guests friend to you run but I think that still stabbing that our type of men closer to my character I I think that my roll conquer rolls before it will beat you the same will not speak Tina is a all-in He will try All I think of honest Statement absolutely at the moment I have the
  • 01:31: which flank prepared kati yesterday and Alia, too beforehand prepared for to chat Now our assistant handed wife Nicholas but both food and she regaled Nicholas we agreed with Svetlana that she send video report As Nikolai I try your dish Well my dear Get out please refrigerator shoes sit Ohio even pieces cut the same height here is your year rolls we today he will prepare my end it here how
  • 02:01: your top can swap young man smile like let the waiter please a couple of years very best to survive it is up small cook pumpkin meals recipe Alla Kovalchuk and bring the actual results of saying the way Nicholas may refuse to Only two dishes Try it today, we prepare pumpkin Sponge roll with stuffed with mushrooms cheese with hard and with spinach and spinach in it grows mushrooms and he
  • 02:31: He is going to talk so all very simple ingredients cheap but the taste will simply magnificent with Where do we start first all we are must prepare biscuit dough until she would base We will bake cook stuffing for cooking roll we need flour 3 a half spoon eggs four pieces 300 grams of pumpkin is not Cooked baked on more dry and more bush and more useful mushrooms 200 grams not fried and baked in oven is also useful
  • 03:01: and actually varnishes less solid cheese 70 grams of sour cream one tablespoon spinach 50 grams of onion one joke melted butter oil today if you are using ordinary please still need salt black pepper powder and here to Our cake was slightly so their not clogged and unconsolidated I Now smash eggs there is no need that we proteins and knocks alone because it's not a biscuit whose height should be at least
  • 03:31: June 5 centimeters here We biscuit cake from which we zavernom handlebars and you Pumpkin is baked in peel ie Planet's gitarka it was cut half, and in the oven but You need to bake a pumpkin that she was myagenkaya hours at half at 180 degrees they first you can cover foil to avoid burned and then open and then I I cut off the skin and you You can chat with a spoon so typing pumpkin It means we are ready to add here salt a little bit sponge cake, we can make almost
  • 04:01: neutral taste because it's just as a base and the capsule It is also delicious giving filling therefore slightly salt and sufficient dispatch chopper 300 grams of pumpkin is very well what can we take advantage of our coffee machines and make several processes at the same time with the nozzle whisk, beat eggs until smooth consistency is the garden like Khan harvester easy to handle to turn baked pumpkin mashed uniform consistency adjustable speed
  • 04:31: thus without effort on our party receives result n pumpkin is ready we will not to interrupt it on it was much wet eggs continue whisking add the flour here not just as parts cup of flour we biscuit dough must be liquid and I add a quarter teaspoon baking soda nyushenka on and you
  • 05:01: please let baking blanketed his parchment and lubricates melted oil please I brush lightly grease Here are both ready they dance. here is a density Childhood should be a pumpkin did you forget humidity for a Lucio attempt failed Belovik you cook pumpkin better always felt when I there wrong yes Nicholas is the way and said oh what pretty well, as
  • 05:33: how can you not love color which method commercials his sasha when he tried to persuade pumpkin disliked yes yes and Seriously how you could still all in the family pumpkin love and now eat you know as they say if the son Nelyubina Mom does not like cheats somehow came to me busy, my mother-in-gay I really like cook rarity rare-in-law and I'm old enough blood its always separately cook if mages I eat pumpkin account It should separate that some I invented prepare Let her try I hear she came a tasty at all
  • 06:05: she ate while I know that this is what Earl is a pumpkin NATO may be empty and irda couples become even better daughter-turn Spirits come as eighty degrees oil on sweetheart oiled asphalt and now the color is beautiful it's sunny then Kolya love pumpkin then you can pumpkin grind barely leaving such small pieces of the then tastier and turns then when another stronger than the love it is not necessary ready to forgive bring the pot 3
  • 06:35: yes yes you add and It lies it is very convenient yes all in the ship oven literally 7 minutes so quickly convenient when my husband loves pumpkin half I sat down for breakfast with at Golovin work for Of course if Nicholas liked both dishes then say thank you and his wife Svetlana and the whole country because we are for a variety of Of course on nyushenka so I turned on the fire became just such a skovorodochku
  • 07:05: this skovorodochku tablespoon oil melted so on moult here's onion cut into small cubes good friend friend onions dolores tired here and so stand aside culinary epicenter Katya cases we all to be honest we are now Ship bow on skovorodochku so spinach Kuna itself 50 grams of spinach I simply like this Here in our spinach growing conditions elegant as the sorrel Our helpful spinach so we will cut mushrooms too melenko 5 Cubic millimeters
  • 07:35: yes I sodium cheese like you Bake mushrooms on baking and sbryznul irrigation oils all baked and not laying long draw they need me to do it on such a deep baking and when you come out and a lot of moisture you can open up door to moisture all evaporated or turn on the fan then look when moisture is not minutes somewhere steel 15 20 brown all get your hands rubbed cheese I have a saying step-mouthed dad good beat down on Ukraine's when We are doing so together quickly inspect all you one fun and I was
  • 08:05: in your place now! a little regret that there do now Comments are not quite good but you know that's code a guy just the same skype is already someone I ate smiling mixed all chewed here so you can not do Here I am now at the wheel do not spit into the well sung here, and with hand visible cafe, I'll let you do you want the world to other strong cook hard actually fight saying we have one goal to Mykola loving pumpkin fine if glycol praise and Kate and well
  • 08:35: if not both praise is worse it can not be good when friendship has won this but it is better and there is already so look at darling send for mushrooms I actually teeth to start talking without spots a rock at me double what is normal we mix mushrooms if not contradicted themselves so now we it must add salt just muscle now! warm up mushrooms and they ready to supply the KGB and Now we send
  • 09:06: already last minute spinach spinach just You do not need to warm up his long fry light should remain the most important thing should preserved gate Alina no romance to n hear so much so We turn off the stove no longer need a stove and add here a spoonful of sour cream is for succulence stuffing mix actually years baked biscuit We even have a minute to have coffee in their until we come I drink coffee and stuffing let cool bowl a little bit
  • 09:36: treat it raneshenko nescafe classic fresh taste and aroma Fresh charges beginning bright day Alia but in principle your dish seems more nourishing than cathine Katie dish intelligent of juice and native refined and yes I have on just like that Now roll I think sponge cake already ready We need to get it Here's a he krasivenky similar to a yellow omelet beautiful like
  • 10:06: runs and attacks and how conventional roll here biscuit when we it must now carefully until hot here and so roll it a little bit to cool down when we have a little bit will we unfold we put the stuffing sprinkle cheese on top and wrap tight roll and it's done well, Of course he did not come very cool pillowcase the world is now here Now these handles hot cake all
  • 10:36: to please Nicholas to do everything quickly filling here a little more stuffing here we leave 4 centimeters without filling and the cheese cheese heart can instead hard cheese use ordinary cheese add garlic go green to grind and please be ready and now we tugenkaya turn off roll there should be no end, and parchment
  • 11:06: tightens and so as though we so a little thing Wait a massage to massage eat anything that a little like plain edge, we he cut off the he must fully cool and send the roll in refrigerator and until I roll cools recall how we We prepared for the biscuit take baked pumpkin eggs flour salt soda for the filling baked mushrooms solid cheese, sour cream onion spinach, melted butter baked pumpkin
  • 11:36: grind in the kitchen processor separately Beat the eggs, add the flour soda salt add chopped pumpkin Pour the dough into form with parchment oiled send baked in the oven at at 180 degrees for 7 minutes prepare stuffing chop the onion and fry in butter oil add baked mushroom mix add chopped spinach salt and pepper to taste ready to roll lay out stuffing First of fungi and
  • 12:06: onions and spinach then a layer of cheese roll in roll let cool Now here on our the kitchen is not enough one man seemingly Nikolai for which we actually prepared but there is not miss your catty rival great ask Katyusha here I'll katyushas here he invited to so that we do not only together tried but together to see the reaction of Nicholas I I know that Sven has
  • 12:36: It transmits video as a Nicholas tried both dishes from pumpkin and Alia had prepared enough rolls so that you too can try Help yourself Please now our assistant endure this dish is not sure there purchased there any super super sauce crap sauce rubbed check ready sour cream garlic a little taste of the sauce improve five-fold Promo rolling alla a little panic when it comes to sauce ohrene it is trying to squash masked friend
  • 13:06: for I and I why ENVSEC stitched not treated to here you are device you Katya I just do not have the device because this roll you can buy just hands girls help yourself some nice take off to Prague certainly roll very beautiful pink yes as the sun does not I suck up I'll eat cars hand and caught it smell is not very smell of autumn Listen Well, it's great and filling both fine reduced tender the texture of the air I'm afraid to
  • 13:36: Say rolling praises you brown done as you liked axis on course Do you remember how men yesterday when they tried to Atla outside Katie We talked praised that pumpkin is not feeling can be one of the men and now wants to not to speak afraid to come please go back divination yeah surrendered that there is a 3 wines We will be held I can be a rich keepass no it and the floor
  • 14:06: You kind of the beginning We did not receive but no longer vouchsafed thanks enormous hello is a success well, Now view head on present day Pumpkin lovers rather man who had that it simply I hated Nikolai report that he Keys to the dish then all will tuck can have PM this is where out of pocket closer together winded council strict as plan
  • 14:36: so close by on daughter twists something I understand that You try but I later we must try Growth will be trained be in another recipes and there the same in the same place remind me to obscure village on at all and what happens but watermelons yes not yet I tried here add memoir was 62 Well okay to work and
  • 15:06: Conversely rare letters fish to escape his help to cope are you fine I understand that, or TV will be well and the king of me just to you addressed directly to put your head above fla I am and all well here they are Now they are waiting for the most that the transfer of earned type 2 circle means we will she love anything get used hu-100 like this like
  • 15:38: visual pathway to you know today receive block than to 7 read better tell me vouchsafed kind but everything will be ready certainly I did not understand a bunch Moisten your feet or as to leave no price I do not I will just ruled that 5 well done oh praise and
  • 16:10: I will enter and be higher conducted I liked nothing know that the years I think training Katya what your husband is a dish like this to you have enough but shame is shame Kolya not understanding for I tell it this I mean if you get to know Nicholas you
  • 16:40: You have to learn tractor rolling so I I am on your hsien is robin pasibo with a huge clap of 3 kybaman Hello friends I liked this video then add notes share them with all their friends and subscribe to our channel you will be aware from the newest and most the main thing interesting