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  • 00:00: hello everyone this is Katia from Luna some creations I've just created a new
  • 00:30: mini-album that I'd like to share with you it's kind of more of a folio style I've used the bow bunny serenity collection as well as the paper house fart used collection to make this and it measures a 10 by 8 and a half this is the cover cut some pieces out on my Cricut damask cartridge and then a pop-up chipboard piece there and I just left it fairly blank because the paper was pretty busy already
  • 01:01: and then the spine just simple and then this is the back so again some pieces cut out of my pocket and then this opens up so that you can do a little Jarrell inning or write what it is the album's about maybe travel pictures or something so it's a ribbon closure and it opens up like this now I did something a little different this time there aren't any actual pages the whole thing is just the two front covers and I just wanted to see how many layers I
  • 01:33: could put on just to two spots and how many pictures I could hold so this very first part is a tutorial that I followed Anna from Anna's paper creations she's on YouTube as a narrow one I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that right I'm not exactly sure but anyway this woman is a genius so look her up on YouTube Anna's paper creations and it's how to make an 8x8 mini album from start to finish is
  • 02:04: is the tutorial and it's about 14 parts I think this is part three so you've got four squares here you could put small pictures here and you open that to the side this down across and then that up and you've got a whole other picture and so now it's locked in the center but you can open the two sides so that opens like this and it's all magnetized
  • 02:36: together and then this one opens to that side so there's room for some fairly decent-sized photos there and then you can journal as you're opening this there's places for you to journal so we'll put it back the way it was that just blew my mind when I saw all this and as if that weren't enough it also opens like that you've got more space and I left that blank so you could put two fairly you know like big photos and
  • 03:07: some journaling in there and then that all magnets together so okay so um after all that wonderful front page this whole thing opens up so you've got a nice big space up here for a photo and you could do like a 5x7 there without covering up the pretty paper and then down here continuing on with the
  • 03:38: lantern theme this has a magnet and opens to the side and then we've got some bamboo there and another kind of oriental feel there and then all of these open up to the side so you've got four 4x6 photo spots and a nice big one in the center sort of going on a frame here okay and then this whole thing opens to the side and you've got a swing
  • 04:13: tab here so that opens that goes to the side and that goes to the sides you've got spots there oh and then the whole thing actually opens up as well so there's more there and then got four photo mats all of them are blank on the
  • 04:44: back so for big photo mats there so that's an on page pocket they all go back in there so that's the whole first part and then the second part so got a flap that flips up like that and then over here this opens up to the sides got to swing tabs here and then this opens
  • 05:19: up to that side again all magnetized the whole thing opens up and then this opens as well to the side and that opens to the side so it's a big album so it keeps going out of frame here but there we go and then in that little spot for journaling there and then this whole thing close that back up
  • 05:50: this whole thing opens to the side and this is a magnetized piece of chipboard there that opens to the side and that opens to the other side just love this paper I think I say that about every collection but I'm just a paper addict so this folds down and then these are little photo pockets so they're clear
  • 06:20: you can put the photo in here I'll just grab a photo and I'll show you I'm close to my heart and so you can put a picture in there and then have one on the on the back so you've got room for six pictures and then as well you can put a picture on the back there so that's really nice and then this whole thing opens up again
  • 06:50: and then inside made a little booklet so that's magnetized and that opens up so you can put a picture there do some journaling there and then again we've got another little booklet so spots for journaling and those both go in there so that's it's quite a bit of room in a small amount of small amount of space
  • 07:22: and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out so it'll be available on my Etsy shop and thank you for watching and please subscribe for more videos and have an awesome day bye