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  • 00:00: Good day to all my faith in name Mazepina today's video I I would like to introduce all beginners masters with those processes which must if you meet We decide to do this type of needlework as making their jewelry hands I at one time only began its familiarity with
  • 00:31: accessories for jewelry I say do not know for what to catch a where to start so especially for beginners needlewomen online store all Boucicaut dot ru I prepared a video loop the lessons we We try to show and tell the most main types accessories which is used work with manufacturing jewelry We will start with you with first lesson which we tell about
  • 01:02: foundation represents a the main link decoration that is something from what is consist decoration or what will decorated specifically to basics apply chain belt cords jewelry cables elastic wire Costume jewelery and mesh These and many other types of foundations may like make himself separate entity decoration and be
  • 01:32: theme decoration form wire can It is represented in different options a flexible tough stiff wire wire beading wire bracelets wire for a particular type where needlework all part of a fully ornaments made Only wire usually for such work use attack bending wire work
  • 02:03: you need only tools and wire bend wire to obtain Various decorations as pendants earrings so share another wire often show used in our work is very most popular This kind of wire wire in memory or with the effect of wire Memory that is, it already Here is a fact arcuate shape that does not deformed ie it will be
  • 02:33: your foundation decorations and only than you will decorating the wire will be Decor that is typed the wire and beads decorations ready decor is bead base Another wire kind of bases which used in the jewelery I believe this is one of the most important species foundations of this jewelry
  • 03:03: cable jewelry rope present very thin metal fibers that connected to a large the amount of stranded between themselves and up in general, then very strong thread on which are strung beads or other What a fitting and from it make up certain types of Jewelery course the most frequent Viewed this neck
  • 03:34: the kinds of ornaments Beads have my example many decorations blue popular color Clients often do you ask why and Here you have to show something take a rope strung on it needed accessories beads connect lock and decoration ready all main types jewelry presented introduce
  • 04:05: workshops on our website, you can after this lesson View our video select each lesson step by step to see as the manufactures made beads bracelets, etc. here I have I tell shows the principle Only the foundations of the that make up our Jewelry is another type of jewelry that now I am collecting from using jeweler cable here I am using
  • 04:35: frame beads and then I do not fear that here such here at the volume of the bracelet will somehow deformed or thread will be torn because jewelry cable Repeat this very reliable a separate species fittings that Often used in the just as green ropes can sold here are it's blank chokers for cervical
  • 05:06: kinds of ornaments for bracelets say add to it only suspension and decorations and so willing to let more more another kind of bases which I want to tell you This cord the number of cords that a finger work just a great many it waxed cord leather cords rubber cord satin and so on all the decorations that
  • 05:37: more often They are made of cords may be a are as separate kinds of ornaments and laces say some wicker bracelets or form the basis of the let's say there are both Example I watch my It is taken as a basis leather cords in such Here and leather cords wicker and turns the basis of my bracelet
  • 06:10: my watch making laces and already all the rest is decoration who's on his by your imagination in Guidance and decorate laces just as well say Shamballa bracelets foundation bracelets Shambala up laces already decor Equipment of this type decorations include themselves in beads and other
  • 06:40: hardware elements Costume jewelery and mesh In my opinion their Unfortunately such a deprived attention needlewomen views fittings because of it actually born very interesting the original decorations here but it this kind of accessories probably quite so here he is young
  • 07:10: still just gaining momentum becoming popular with him just getting started I would like to try and you, too, it recommend from he gets very interesting decoration that is, a Costume jewelery grid can present as a separate decorating it may be something there bows for the hair that in this independently on
  • 07:40: his imagination or art compose or it may be exactly the same basis your ornaments just type in mesh required accessories it can be beads Bugles beads and decoration gain finished finished let's say that's kind in this case we typed into the net beads and adorned it pendants and white
  • 08:11: Here is an interesting decoration ready basically manufacture of decorations you also find our videos on our channel another type of foundations for the manufacture of jewelry is gum gum represent Here is such a durable but at the same time, flexible material from which here are manufactured here popular in our present day bracelets you only enough necessary measure
  • 08:42: length or cut strung on gum it your favorite beads traffic separators white pendants and decorations that is ready to work with him is very easy and easy and of course We should also talk about chains that just as jewelry rope demand in the they can
  • 09:12: present as a separate decorations and basis for decoration which again is and I have said before each base view They can be decorated those elements who come to your taste and will new born Jewelry that is, let's me there Bracelet chains that is, the chain may exhibit
  • 09:42: as a separate and decorated any elements and get a new kind of decoration tape tape too, are of different material different width This thickness can be satin ribbon is may be a nylon tapes tapes Organza in the same way they can be from a some individual decoration say
  • 10:13: we all know and decorations or kanzashi same can be involved let another one and popular forms decoration is where bracelets for it is taken as the basis satin ribbon and beads there big enough number of different bases for jewelry I tried you to talk about the most demanded so for example the type and certainly worth
  • 10:44: mention how right with them work to work with such kinds of foundations you usually required tape measure or line well, well as tools such as side cutters or scissors and wire cutters in Depending on what type and basis you use ie you measure the required length
  • 11:14: each segment and the phyto foundations regulated his instrument is ie if it is tape naturally it scissors if chain is a side cutter and so on would also to clarify those the basis of which I It is not mentioned you see that I I told all over that represent
  • 11:44: is a so- said interval a there is also metal types foundations are special preform which require only decor let it blanks for collars workpiece for the rings blanks coulombs blanks for brooches that is, it metal elements that later
  • 12:15: decorated necessary material that is the types of Art which deals needlewoman it polymer can be epoxy clay resin and tapes and beads, and etc. selected the desired view accessories and decorated with such workpieces very large variety of bases like metal blanks and foundations I told to them you may
  • 12:45: found in online store all Boucicaut dot ru online catalog You will find a detailed description of each type element to which it It can be used in What kinds of techniques what size they are there are some thickness are necessary and so on the next video tutorial we talk to you about the ends of the ages of their species look at an example
  • 13:16: how they are used that is, it will be less master classes with every kind so do not limit switches miss our video subscribe to channel if you liked videos Like write place feedback and no comments and so on all Thank you for watching bye