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We cook khachapuri - awaking All to dobra - Release 155 - 27.03.2013 - Everything will be good - Everything will be good

We cook khachapuri - awaking All to dobra - Release 155 - 27.03.2013 - Everything will be good - Everything will be good  See details »

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  • 00:00: I want fields this is the most popular and the well-known Georgian bakery products but kiosks in which sell these flat cakes does not always cause trust therefore Today we will learn prepare a real house khachapuri the recipe will be revealed to us temperamental male dancer show dances all sergey avakyan for the first time in kitchen tribe live and his charisma pitko the snout of the heart of sejin
  • 00:31: ukraine Well, piece to me they want to marry want to go out that is, they write Pleasant words what I and for them an idol like He became a kind of an institution became how they are about me think about live Vlad Pit Grain Beach you respect one sergey knowing you mourn them participants in one hundred singing a dance on kifu and its hot burrow in the chat for a long time
  • 01:01: litter of the theme Thursday condemned the show clap sleeping Korean already night and heart on your on the floor and on kitchen is a harmful place my sergey is tough masterful restaurant clear about incredible shish kebab then khachapuri because avocado distalis language referees dance show tatyanas denisovoy do you want. wanted shish kebab in general offends lies this I'll do who means then that shafts ocean one from his right Georgian shish kebab gas is true khachapuri we are boring to you
  • 01:32: above I rock and just for rs I'm your transfer never miss as soon as it starts your transfer to all the world stops time stop no one sees me distracts too phone and turn off and how lovely is how it's nice to hear it from the person who is in many things we can do it was made sure dance to court for women show one's own temperament in different situations character and yet you know how to cook I'm sorry, of course I I would like to correct
  • 02:02: a little bit consistently take care of a woman first of all because that the rest of me understood that is today we are many pleasant surprises the most important thing is course to khachapuri abutment to unarmed ical I want cheese on urit clip and bread to all head and without let's go though grief Imeretian Adzharian Slavs All-in with the most powerful Ouchi you pizza symbols droplets cheese cheese khachapuri on Zeus and I step cut
  • 02:32: promotion Right here in khachapuri this is the fish zaz corners management and passion but the warmest heart then they knew how to do it Tween and see not the warehouse vice spruce of the country break in and today in our kitchen will be already origin we are very well there is this dish special but when it does a little like you explain the taste of this khachapuri I'll try to do just as she makes it a rain test from what will be consist of
  • 03:03: we need one and a half glasses kefir is one and a half she will drink a glass enough now for us will need to add egg 1 eggs for this recipe will be we have enough let's not go there experience everything will be OK when something prepare and always keep in mind that sturdy man's hands give a special flavor the dish you cook, therefore, not feel free to hesitate
  • 03:33: we take and so and so far you mix the egg with kefir is serious the story is you Armenian about avakyan I want an Armenian Wig Is Georgian you already like this all I was born in Georgia so lived there certainly is not much somewhere 8 years later we moved to Greece erections also lived yes Well, so so yes yes yes we there, too, lived in about ten years there lived learned the language learned too
  • 04:03: I like the Greek cuisine I will say that the Greek the kitchen is very, very close because they when I'm crazy I'm going down you have lost your mind even Tatyana Denisova Anna as they say a lot what did I see in this life including men she is liked but you are your the story of donkeys the Terek made her ask you to make shish kebab held this the meeting you prepared what for Tatiana if honestly I did not prepare glad I will not cook only for Tatiana denil let me say that and for your sake, of course
  • 04:34: you're just plain white again gave to come need leave the rest in my hands will be done by me precisely as it's my promise to you you have such a shish kebab yet Did not try and know I when I rise to on mornings it happens that very often this church I go say To the priest today he has not sinned ask after all Syria which today women did
  • 05:04: a compliment of shock model permit say what you have matchless hair up to I and lovers of women's beauty if I a compliment will not do day is not what it is not worked out well since I made you a compliment khachapuri ours will be so wonderful here we are in the way add here 50 grams olive oil let's continue interrupt but that's how long it takes we mix well, we prevented now we can and add soda but
  • 05:35: with please let me not overdo it that we do not have a lot of soda Well, yes, there will be a smell here soda so we are arrows extinguish vinegar or this example and preferably three vinegar is not necessary because the whole taste to lose the garden add take a teaspoonful spoon is small and that's it. literally that's Canada and there did not teach my mother and mum when prepares with kitchens do not leave we want to add created a mess a little bit and now our most important ingredient is so
  • 06:05: flour yes of course here add flour so if it's ours now for example 300 400 grams of flour will be not enough forget again hands continue interrupt did you study somewhere dance or so like this I rushed to the dance axles are in fact dancing is also in my Here I am music I can not listen to place i honestly listening to music some movement do something somewhere looked I need work it out movement dancing here this energy the public is all I I do the nathan essence of this
  • 06:36: but for the sake of my beloved really it was so impression that you are not you can restrain your temperament who amazed me how you are on Wednesday Where and in fact professional dancers do not shy and so what ? that there guys which I do not know from 3 years of dancing and with them there twine and all other but you are this thing with such a temperament that the judges were conquered you got one hundred best dancers I was shocked and honest saying I do not even
  • 07:06: expected me to go there I fall under a and therefore I had this expression and I am very glad that they saw what am I at what am I real protection i suggest we know what friends do I suggest with bowls bowls move on to our board but the dough is still Giving from us you still not ready then if you have the dough in this The condition of the ear is still far away want jump to do so we add flour to as long as there is no
  • 07:36: adhere to the dough should be like plasticine well, you here and so you cook you dance well listen to music well in general, everything in you is Duc here is where your wife is now I will answer sorry cbr arsen here look suddenly sticks up to sticks this so to the hand nothing is necessary God, I have nothing did not turn out well to you to help in hand we take in the hands of the flour that's all we do is so do it protecting all we all feel everything
  • 08:07: nothing look at how you see it about the fact that where my wife first to me you need to be girl so far, even girls do not go there even not so relationship u I have a relationship with me still no can not I hasten to the relation well here in the time of dancing all the same is your fault you were much all the same give the girls but number and beautiful you I am now directly cut with characters knife I'm even probably actually there
  • 08:38: these girls were each and blondes and brunettes but I'll say it wrong that by secret all the same know who is with me communicates brunette rule the world and this fact is a fact is a fact I really love friends so madly simple and which sports body type I know one girl from We are also, if you are you will be well sculpted their category is delicious I will get you I will introduce you and Here and so on
  • 09:08: charge on some when I I did not say anything same mi I can take you to forehead written 1 hectare the basement I made myself small gym where I train and preparing for next season dancing something that I prepared it for everyone like and a lot who's waiting but when I I am engaged in gym at yourself there is a heading sled that I even I throw my approaches let them say that you need to make an approach approach now
  • 09:38: made this approach do not break away I continue all I throw because on that's on-by-no it is necessary view the case vrazhina do a before dates says that to The sixth season is something extraordinary absolutely did not give in fact , none of the even my friends or only people with which I train no one knows by about my number to train began 2 January so right away right after the new I'm talking simple promise all i
  • 10:08: I will show such nano which never such did not see so I'm my promises to contain you are not indifferent to this I said you were his pet i'm a little crazy did not descend the scene when there was his such stand on me everyone is watching the body noticed I will go to me this is all I think all of me have to do absolutely number of pastry our ready is here look it should look like this because it is not sticks before it is desirable
  • 10:38: leave somewhere on an hour will be so of course we long leave refrigerator or heat is desirable in room temperature take put the dough here like this we take our film in this way we cover well here so here and so and so and somewhere room
  • 11:08: temperatures like me spoke or at night we leave our dough that's to become it's steeper for cooking but you forgot one fact then that I besides dance languages ​​everything else i also the trick is not really I was ready to cook the dough has already brought it's already an hour minimum stayed up to or Yes Yes Yes Yes Required-Required-Required so cream our dough well so for we can fill
  • 11:39: use Adyghe cheese and Suluguni but in order that was tastier even tastier than khachapuri ours can try out brynza with cottage cheese disturb very tasty will not regret it in this case, and we grind we take somewhere here take gram 100 where that is we will use two kinds of cheese and always We need 2 kinds of cheese should be preferably another the taste attaches therefore much more delicious so we take this here so it is for our servings we do this
  • 12:09: we take to here put our cheese and our kitchen machine as always is not summed up two types of cheese rubbed for one minute protection from we studied while the cheese for our stuffing here we add more one cat egg still yes another egg is Again, our beloved it's all hands we take and do stuffing such a family how do you imagine
  • 12:39: imagine this is what role woman is given away this is what a wife should be the mistress of the house what traits of character do you like me the main thing that loved there's nothing more for me actually more nothing to the most the main thing mutual understanding and love more and more nothing at all really then we are now an era such went what here we want that 3 4 on the very business is love more than enough the night lamp is ready so vulture bead we it
  • 13:09: Here we turn here into such a ball is not forget about the mane frying pan see there are different ways to cook khachapuri if you want to make it dietary yes you you can on hot frying pan to cook khachapuri mine is easy dough to put but I I love my creamy oil cooking will burn a little bit be sure to ready now our dough to add stuffing there what thickness should centimeter somewhere not push hard that we now have it Here we will open it
  • 13:39: it's beautiful actually can be in the oven bake though puri sauce is not fat at all a dish can also be make an oven in oven do tastier of course, of course here it will turn out frying pan in the oven can be done with puff pastry puff pastry is in general and this too It is also very there will be a little much our stuffing when for I will get more so by the way please i will help Here we take the filling here we put add and if you know what is khinkali this elder brother of dumplings
  • 14:09: this is chosen engage in such his way so in the bag is made immediately fold and pouches up to the pouch turns out yes that's how I can help I love helping so much winters almost ready and now doing so way but see Again , do not push hard neatly very neatly since able to present gentle man's hands very neatly so that's almost ready
  • 14:39: our khachapuri on the size of the frying pan need yes yes yes yes for the size of the frying pan as I said, we can add here butter if suppose here there will be a flat cake and I have an appetite already Well, I do not want to disappear I can eat 2 to eat freeze or somehow for yes of course you can to freeze without fail problems and taste do not get lost at all I have some got caught there whether the air is looking this it did not have anything
  • 15:09: terrible is not terrible our nothing terrible is not present so now we always already add our khachapuri on excellent and prepare a little and with temperature does not overdo it and therefore what would you not like so that your khachapuri to overeat now I wrapped in captivity and smooth and less oval than this celestial cake and send it to freezer and then I prepare vodilis evenings then I I will remember how did you cook
  • 15:39: khachapuri here on the cop but here 's if you you can see it a little bit already under blush yes yes yes course path field coffee is also being prepared I want to cook I really am now I look at these cups me such memories yes i just really like serve coffee girls in bed I do not I can without romance live because a woman that's all in our coffee life in bed is not only romantic experiences and sensual dreams like
  • 16:09: known coffee increases libido as men and women so that coffee in bed this is an additional stimulus to sensual pleasures it all starts with disk what kind of dance is not danced and very wanted to dance you probably love earrings cut me with a knife tell me such moments now you ask provocative issue and provocative honestly because
  • 16:39: I dance very much I love but really there is one style of dance it's called a tank I really love tango find out why why that in the taiga I do not know how through tango dance but only passion so you can even music does not listen to lose a sos but I do not know how nothing to build so and that I should not matter know how to do anything with a partner conducts
  • 17:09: 31 dances all 6 season we will come together, even by the way, like this Now dance and other khachapuri is already cook up prepared here almost ready khachapuri so it should look like now the most important stage I thought we were all already We did everything that the most important thing is
  • 17:39: no no most important a stage to eat like me I love when I'm understands when even nothing I have ever durov you have women have this is the skill why I and you like intuition intuition me machine knows how to cook and tango but if it does it's dancing interrogate and khachapuri was a success here
  • 18:09: sometimes when something happens tasty and beautiful even one feels sorry for himself touch it refusals honestly the Greeks they say so first you eat your eyes afterwards stomach try it like this this is so great here that I will cut so done you are welcome cooking by type whether it will be necessary kefir vegetable oil
  • 18:39: egg soda salt flour cheese and butter knead the dough in kefir add soda salt, egg and flour for fillings are crushed Cheese of Adyghe servant not can be used cheese cheese we add egg from the received mass form balls that lay out on flat cake we collect the edges of the dough and we form a bag rolling out the pouch in bake roast khachapuri on the well heated a frying pan with butter with both sides to of education golden crust seriously as
  • 19:10: it turned out so is beautiful and somehow temperamentally it is felt that prepared this a man tried and this is what I should try from business at least to me I like it at home cooking is what we see that we put it and that's my companies with an Armenian who is preparing Georgian dish me hands themselves stretched crack a cake khachapuri well, you are at home when you submit khachapuri like you serve with a knife and with a fork, cut it like there on you understand
  • 19:42: women dancing and and yes nothing more for happiness really men The ballet we serve the hand I love when it's warm flat bread khachapuri with smack of creamy oil and this one magic cheese stuffing This is delicious earrings of russia Well that recipe cooking khachapuri houses are opened and we do not need go buy khachapuri because we are able prepare now for this magnificent Georgian dish yourself