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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, I'm Oksana bread Rudova landscaper architect and studio head designer garden we continue with you make our park garden
  • 00:31: July flowering time phlox and roses and Liatris blooms and blooms bring back fire and many more blooms what we are with you we do today blooming garden it is absolutely blooming is he who It focused on the July appeal But if suddenly so it turns out that you are on giving mainly in July generally spend summer months you will need possible to make beautiful garden was
  • 01:01: during this period and this If you look at Here are the flowers, before me apart those that we have chosen this garden for you see that they such pinkish lilacky gamma why we are We do lilac garden with all the beautiful and smelling flowers and of course
  • 01:33: see how they It looks great on background of coniferous plants so no coniferous Again we do not dispense we will be present a little bit of that and as background plants and of course little hydrangeas because July but without hydrangeas it's not July phlox is a flower
  • 02:04: our childhood, we We are very always loved grandmother phlox they had the because diversity it is in Russia Soviet Union develop selection these colors phlox interesting topics that their color is absolutely it is unpredictable can be from white
  • 02:34: to maroon through pink light magenta to dark purple through gentle lilac or you and purple to Rejoice on white blue and dark dark night now! selection of phlox is also towards elimination extreme colors there have variegated yellow has even phlox although in business to have
  • 03:05: You had a beautiful garden you do not need have only new items phlox, you can use the old tested varieties because on a fork the Korea collector it looks not plant the front phlox plan is not plants front plan and when you Put him in the a great distance subtlety strokes smears will no longer be so much visible but if you like it phlox
  • 03:35: select take currently new and interesting varieties phlox still interesting so that you can make your own become a breeder The fact that the seeds phlox very well ascend and they have got a fright naturally on your section so it can grow unknown miracle the main thing you need to collect the seeds when they are They turn brown sow them soil surface and cover film for when humidity
  • 04:05: seedlings will drop humidity should be reduce the not to phlox bend and further ahead go ahead So we lilac Garden behind me live hedge of physocarpus just on whether diablo it again most often from occurring red forest physocarpus of and the he is good, he will give us later this
  • 04:36: burgundy shade the burgundy shade we need to to evaluate this one purple common color purple the other flowering plants that we plant next to me Astilbe chinensis Astilbe is It called Superba this is one of the most late blooming Austin then there is Astilbe blooms here Now at the end of July the beginning of August and it It will be very good combined with phlox and it is quite that is, it is high
  • 05:06: not the whole height she can us give and when will planted in the ground again any if you plant Come read on label it Twenty-meter-tall let say why is it you but not so small Remember, she is sitting in the container all plants sitting in container not get what the amount of food and the quantity of water they need so when landing in ground it will give us height of 20 meters and even More further with you phlox
  • 05:37: Now see the main such a problem truckers that they planting phlox on one bush or put them along track or put them that's somewhere in the middle of lawn that's it lonely this custom who always Lois and below which forever fall down if you It sits at the track all These phlox fall after the rain on a path generally you know that's besides there is still a lot of joy any Disorders of these phlox and all It is due to that we sometimes do not know their right
  • 06:07: seat it means phlox plant more large clumps that means more 5 is started at 10 to 20 plants together Now after this picture already will sit a year or two will grow and here you will understand that a real phlox It has not phlox planted somewhere on foreground phlox usually planted by somewhere a little at a distance that is You understand you apart Here admiration on each individual flower and in good
  • 06:37: varieties varieties of these flowers beautiful that's quite apart Now this admiration in Generally you from phlox probably expecting that they will give big flower spot and that's it big flower spot just somewhere angle in the corner of the garden somewhere between the other plants That's just what then it is necessary for that again 10 15 pieces identical phlox we planting near Curtin so here is planted You know a little bit in Extension to extreme phlox
  • 07:07: even a little rejected you so by hand and after Pumping at this we get this Now even little naked from the hemisphere blooming phlox and it is quite magic show and then we see phlox should to pick up a little and such close by tone but at the same time some different lighter than any but darker but they all in one color range if we start organize diversity if we do the same here add red if we add here also but What I do not know
  • 07:37: a little drop-down that's it so you are in color but It will be slightly variegated wool so here they are and all kind of different They work together to create a single picture will look like your song vegetable depends not only on the willingness see certain plants but also from the distance between
  • 08:07: your composition and specific point so for example if the species . are you on bench and you sit near compositions preferably more attention pay little element in plants such as small flowers or particularly beautiful carved leaf star not kroili perennials if the plant compositions are far from the species point already selected larger
  • 08:37: plants from the field some large details larger identities the same color leaves, etc. to your phlox not upset
  • 09:08: you do not have a neat view it is necessary process them by disease early in the spring before As there sprouts must be cultivate the land fungicide solution and then for all vegetation period necessary spray phlox also against fungal not only diseases forget that spraying can not get solution and on themselves flowers otherwise you can and them sport and its site you can select a flag with different height from dwarf about 40 centimeters
  • 09:39: up to a meter giants more select what It is right for your garden look what if the number of colors you will assemble it can slightly to make a mistake but if you phlox plant one varieties a large group it It will have a very rejoice because creates a strong color spot how receive such number of seedlings one sort because they are all very expensive simply you can on
  • 10:09: of grafted you like grade and you will have so much seedlings as you required and water is life at these words often It seems to us too
  • 10:39: commonplace Nevertheless, they remain faithful to As long as our the planet will be at least living thing and It is no less true approval is that the quality of water we drink It depends our quality of life Oksana in school Khleborodov and water supplies shopping this bourgeois house supplier company natural drinking water and upscale equipment for offices and homes bourgeois successfully It works in the market Moscow since 2004
  • 11:09: offering residents quality capital products and a variety of services make an order for the water in the trading house bourgeois very simple download to your mobile phone or tablet app and make a reservation in the water delivered in a convenient you the time and place phlox cuttings this is perhaps the most
  • 11:40: accessible way multiply phlox even for beginners florist truth optimum time for it is considered a period of rapid growth shoots until Blooms May August but can be of grafted and phlox at the start flowering and even later if you have unheated a greenhouse where you can to keep the cuttings rooting best time for grafting phlox May is not well be discouraged if you do so in May is still possible do July-August
  • 12:10: to take this stalk with a healthy plants cut it on here such cuttings that there are two kidneys lower kidney cut off leaves reserve axillary buds the handle while the upper leaves shorten 1 2 This Such are the cuttings rooted in teplichke and sits you greenhouses it can be done in beds cover with a gas at us until either acrylic ground must be
  • 12:40: light and moist and after lunch try pritenyat this place through week can shed kornevinom for speedy the formation of stones in the a month will first roots We reserve until the spring and spring transplanted a permanent place in the winter we do not sheltering them perfectly take root and overwinter without shelter for to phlox well stronger need prepare special substrate consisting of peat and
  • 13:10: sand one by one flower s-log themselves can arrange with the east southeast and southwest and the west side of the house Worst of all plants will feel themselves at the north wall and in the shade of conifers trees they can to live in such conditions, but to achieve full flowering will it is impossible to stage planning this is probably one of the the most important key
  • 13:40: stages because maybe at first he It seems to be difficult to habit but then you will realize that when all the planned it is much more convenient there are plants that you can no longer Not all transplant Plants can then be move to another place and it will save you and your money and your nerves if suddenly you
  • 14:12: process seems planning very complex and you can not imagine as will be clearly look like your site you can try such as cut some plants they liked you and Log in from the open eventually take Internet print in the right you scale and try to play Now these clippings put them on
  • 14:42: the paper or other way closer from each other on play with each other different colors and then you will have clear that you I want and how will look are increasingly
  • 15:17: meet at the villa territory variety lake basins and ponds even fountains that also need to blends harmoniously the overall design and underline style garden some blooming water plants can opt for a pond or Lake you learn from this story today I had the opportunity to choose Nymphs in the nursery water plants choose not all very just color fairies palette is not the most
  • 15:47: diverse ranging from white with the transition of color through rose-colored in in burgundy color clear the color that you do not You find This is not a fairy blue when will you choose Nymphs of the most important see that there a lot of new shoots buds and buds nymphs already are withered and that they are new look almost is exactly the same so without specialist who
  • 16:17: you will help to make the choice here is not to do then you need to press a little on Booth and if he who has he did not bloomed this tight a button that he had a withered soft and flexes for most fingers important to have Nymphs were already many that's a lot of new buds then it Nymphs will delight you throughout the nearest time Once you have purchased
  • 16:47: her and for all summer because flower blooms one week max. but he immediately It throws new shoots and disclosed and pleases you every almost to the day, September but so looks like it which has already withered it must be removed and that it will not extra microorganisms pond Here is a new bud which is still bring it here Nymphaea disease called grass and course our climate over
  • 17:18: match white colors they are more unpretentious but once not fairies other colors too incredible Beauty refuse which we could not and overwinter as nymphs their lowered to a depth of containers of dipped into these belly which containers they are we will omit them on a depth of one and a half m hell no frost we have twenty-meter Now that they are out there
  • 17:48: wintered and then on their next spring take out a depth and put in a pond and all It starts again they also bloom and also in excellent I feel that corporal every two years of their it is necessary to plant out to preserve the lo it's stormy flowering and do not be afraid Nymphs bring in your garden and they will be you please with flowering Throughout the summer, One of the misconceptions
  • 18:21: that perfectly phlox grow on any soil and all they need topsoil Land 15 thickness centimeters annually and these plants form a lot of stems and Leaf color caps consuming a lot of moisture and nutrients at their lack they are for a while will use accumulated stocks and rhizomes then begin exhausted form thin stalks low and fine rare but the flowers in the park gardens sturgeon no such problem and
  • 18:51: Of course as usual we used to planting and biological product comedian designed to improve fertility soil living organisms biological product help active decomposition organic substances soil accumulation nutrients and mobile forms of macro and micronutrient plant supply needed nutrients improved structure soil biota suppressed accumulated phyto pathogens this process favorably affects reducing
  • 19:21: morbidity stimulates plant their growth and development what you can do make watching this beautiful garden our viewers Often and asked if we planting clumps plants which distance needed put in them plants and what size better to do these curtains and here if look at what we are with you planted here please focus sit phlox on distance about 30 35 Now that the centimeters
  • 19:51: 30 is 35 centimeters it is generally very easy to counting in general all your flower garden it means that square meter in you and me 9 plants Here square meter 30 through 35 centimeters we planted and otherwise what we do further on if we want it to Curtain and here was this hemispherical shape we plant plants pretty close the friend boyfriend and then when when They sprawl here
  • 20:22: like his tops sprawling begin boyfriend pal 1 to play here just the picture is very beautiful discharged hemisphere if we plant the same Plant a little wider if we put him through yes they are two feet once the link up but for a long time they did not will abut tops boyfriend the friend what it means this means they will where filled up and by wind and rain here such clumps very they are viable dense they never
  • 20:52: They are not going anywhere and and even until the these grown phlox anyway here we see a spot that is already some such here a single mass if we plant Now this is rare effect falls wait longer and sometimes This effect did not comes ie if the plant I planted quite broadly weak we are not growing the feeling Now that the closing of the we have to be a sense of common plants that just has spread and
  • 21:22: largest clumps then look here here not much is not enough 15 pieces of phlox just something to only a little More square meter of our image that's what she did great, I would not said the scale This is a flower garden very commensurate Typically such a spot the less we have of less than our color does not the smaller choke may be a picture and a second Generally, the closer flower to the point
  • 21:53: that is, if the review here our chairs here we playground where we are going sit and watch the all this beauty here the closer the same may be smaller than curtains and because So we planted some beautiful plant it can be seen from near if we have a flower bed on region 10 15 20 m here is the plant will not be we have considered the must do not the way to land some such plant that it was spot readable eye here and afar
  • 22:24: all then we will just follow your intuition and his sense of beauty