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  • 00:00: or lepe that that and lola temprado welcome to the channel crafts lola things or I will teach be london state she has seen it used as a stopper and in a carafe of shouting in a damajuana and / or I wanted to teach do then in hungary part because
  • 00:31: I want him to learn it and well and because another video was not done too long we just need a little bit of trapillo a little paint and as says the TV ad or a stick or a good father or father jokes apart we started to do it we need a stick pins that asked for the color that let's do it and perlita you you will say this for what an
  • 01:03: 8 good ball because you can not imagine the amount of use we can give to this type of plugs I 'm going to use it to do to cover a bottle to a bottle of crystal and this is as easy as start to make a bright blot so between quito and once this one yes We started climbing up in ladies turning it around going up going upwards
  • 01:40: amalia not the father so there is return and return to diet one round completed we start your villa on top of the stick we are clicking on and over see how the swallow is already coming out
  • 02:17: up bolocco a little cucumber well range every return that is given is gaining in little height now here below what we want is put the Nazis lillo securing it a
  • 02:48: little hard we are close when I have more or less to the height of the cucumber that I want to raise to throw for up and here I put a ball that pinched these pins from head and I 'm going to put on and crown this final time and now I'm going to start and now also supports the pretty part the back part although it is no longer
  • 03:19: discovered and is for example the theft and use I'm going to overcome what I went down with a subsidiary so that it does not move and now I begin his veto fact that he lowered his level in the neck turn of the weight iva I return to his vi inside turned again and I go back to travel the
  • 03:49: inside I turn it inside again I turn my head and he's a crook and I stayed here I'm subject to do not come down
  • 04:20: I will deal with a pin so that now after when I hit it I was in the place but now I do not want that now took low since not let me do a round pass of the neck which will fall within the bottle once the fact hours that I want
  • 04:50: I climb up the back fixed with a pin back to jackie short tucking under the ice so that do not see it now I glue it with water and paint so that it makes it hard and then he patented it once the Bologna is painted green I'm going to take a little paint
  • 05:20: chocolate brown and I'm going to give it a hit to think in dry once you already about or ledo already thinks in dry with the same tone of the gauze and let it dry to give in the termination now a right Czech jan very dry everything I'm going to give a few touches for example that colon that It is a poor liquid
  • 05:54: that much I like to sing the endings that are left and I will finish with a little bit of those facts and in shades Metallized is perfect for this race here is the same but with a page or the blue above we can give you a lot of use as per long for tree Christmas as a stopper determinations
  • 06:26: in bottles a termination for a stair railing for example for as an old metal bed for those of containment for exhibitions for anything like termination they are super pretty so I hope that the work has liked to take him out said the utility benefit for the that have been created thanks for the comments that he makes me and thanks for the sweetheart that gives me and thanks for leaving me
  • 06:58: enter a little while in your life a command besito messi was successful and until the next video