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Donata Meirelles veste os tricôs handmade de Vanessa Montoro  See details »

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  • 00:00: I have here the workshop of a brand that I adore she is 100% sustainable she is 100% handmade we are already vanessa montoro vanessa while a little just opened this studio He's super romantic for the neighborhood. who identified me in the new village Conceição and I found the same house of the same profile way I did not have to do
  • 00:30: nothing but enter all Details if you want to have yours first you never had the opportunity to have his first crochet dress on my suggestion you buy your first one cruel job seems more like income It seems more can only view each detail already made in each piece Who knows I know I'm crazy. face for a strip this top macrame crochet yarn and you can use with
  • 01:01: a trouser can be used with a georgette skirt you can use a jeans and colorful clothes they are red to pull these light tones It's a super strong trend that is seeing as much next winter as in the next is European summer you have to have a super secret drawer and has incredible bikinis
  • 01:31: Look at his bra and this one now and Australia What's new in this drawer? will accompany me in my carnival 100% He called the paint and he has a job. the water the shaman is absurd to So he knocks and kaka back. What I love most here is a long dress
  • 02:05: so you can use a zoom zoom He had a very relaxed way and you. even a black tie and placing a jewelry a very high heel making a make Very strong Look who the god '' the show who accompanies know that I love luster and a golden goes taster Do not be serious.
  • 02:42: this is a 100% sustainable dress I chose this raw because besides being psi love what he is he has no color he is the wire of the way he is and this one to start the year with a lot of flame energy and this is my second core you
  • 03:14: can a black tie and 100% sustainable I do not know why but I 'm already feeling mateus there in this look a year wonderful for everyone and so People close or want, I 'm already both the penalty of competition the amount of chocolate that vodka martini that I love that I must be a chopstick right here ó montoro pontocom enter icon can not do this
  • 03:46: commercial fernando macul