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  • 00:00: Today I'll show you you like this on land make beautiful flower green satin We will tape used to leaf leave aside aside here such beautiful ribbon satin we are now do take a flower tape in your left hand then lift the tape up and down omit we get this triangle my on the triangle
  • 00:31: stabs a needle We turn over again raise upwards tape descends and triangle that we show through under tape here and so triangle needle stabs We turn over again raise upwards tape dropping down
  • 01:01: look all it was rovnenko symmetrically day stabs a needle We turn over again lift up myself see withdrawn saas beginning of the tape and here at We will be the end of the tape cut off and then see that us is subjected to and
  • 01:32: this ribbon, we up lift here and will stab a needle further take a needle and We begin to circle us to give and now you just need to
  • 02:04: simply thread pull all this way Now you already obtain flower here we are with feedback side too well contractible and We are tying it to not to dissolve and look at what we have and we turned only it turns out floret little align Here is a flower
  • 02:36: turned further we will do midway in the floret I take the tape folded the window area and begin wrap I wrapped several time later twisting the opposite direction and also continues spinning do a few turns and
  • 03:12: then wrap and thread for bun all this has podkoly full of nothing blossomed further and I take the middle of a insert into flower and sew plump that's all we fix
  • 03:42: No flower is ready now we have to do leaves for this I I take a satin ribbon and do not behold box and clipped these squares should be
  • 04:13: 4 things to do etc. we will form green leaves I take this green its storage box so about a diagonal I pile up again and so here again
  • 04:43: we get this triangle we Excellent cut off all take tweezers and lighter edges
  • 05:17: Pour dad but not blossomed and slaughtered in the Region check with thread like this 2 further take forward
  • 05:50: a needle and thread I slaughtered in a tick dream. this we will to do all four strung on a thread 4 leaf, and I did the place of sewing and thus the same way I will do 3 more leaf 3 leaves strung on a needle with thread fasten it to
  • 06:21: not to dissolve our and now all of Glue the leaves roses and grease Glue with glue Out of the corner here and I stick with the other hand look what a beautiful flower I got to do it quick look very delicately try you, too, so you I will wish all Good luck to all mood to new meetings