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Pinetochki\" the Turquoise miracle\" we knit with Natalia Kalinovskaya of baby's bootees  See details »

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  • 00:00: good afternoon today want to show how to connect here such here pintochki they are very easily knit here at We will be on accordion they small ones here I am nine centimeter outsole and
  • 00:31: knitting needles I knitted number 2 is not in mouth in half experts on one and a half they are thin who did not like me I think they are very look cute and any beginner can connect them they very easy to match you asked to show me how to tie and here such are the pintochki
  • 01:01: I wrote them very a long time but they do not survived and then I have not yet video so I made them dissolved simply tried will not will I tied up these just like a thumb up before the same to the liking of the same is unique that I'm here for business accordion but here they are connected like this here's a video if you want to tie it's just that you can colors such pick up or if you want to make such a
  • 01:31: video that I did here these pintochki accurately the same movie I have on the channel find a description of these pinets they are connected almost the same as I knitted and these but want to see through the turquoise description of whether you want live on these therefore writing, but I'm still so there before this The herringbone is made and on the side I just stuck it such a flower someone can be
  • 02:01: it will be easier because description of someone so we will start now knit here is a modelu go I took I have 50 percent more than 350 percent polyamide me yarn this she likes it well keeps the form it does not stretches here see yourself above the accordion itself I play with knitting needles I sent 32 loops I did not I will show how
  • 02:32: soles on the sole because in each I show the video here I did this here you could have stop now frame and knit on it I will now explain that to to which we type 32 loops and one row knitting facial loops further second row edge 1 face nakid 12 facial cape 4 facial napkin 12 faceplates 1
  • 03:04: facial and edge all odd numbers we knit facial only do not forget where we are the framework is it's there to tie the cuffs inverted loop music we knit next we are here knit 1 facial sweat 2 then three then 412 y We are left with there were twelve only then add here to 2 loops we knit 4 In the middle of this 6 8 10 add 1 2 3 4 times as long as we have
  • 03:36: there will be 48 loops as well what will we knit by this shooting is so here fist so here drains that I was mistaken they do not have to be done 3 facial and edge here is 1 nakid 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 steeper is this here scheme for this survey we will knit by the soul I
  • 04:06: her already on this shooting tied me to knitting needles now 48 loops and we will knit now sole so here's the front party we are back to the tail Here's the initial set loops and now one row we will knit purl loops till the end of the row with knitting
  • 04:37: purest then the next row we knit with facial Loops for the time being purl back We tied the face purl series facial now we are knitting a number of face to face row knit facial with loops as knotted now we need
  • 05:08: link 1 row purl loops then and about a number of face loops and another series we we will sew by purl loops now i lived purl facial and again purest
  • 05:39: the next row is knitting face loops and a number of knit backing purl loops so that u can be because of something confused i mean now repeat after how we tied up dirty trick you last once tied up face loops and to us a cape tied inverted loop on this liking our ended then we tied one row by the wrong loops 1
  • 06:09: a series of facial loops again we tied up a series of facial loops then purl then facial then purest now again we knit facial and back rows of knitting purl and so on what do we have with you it turned out next row we We knit 20 loops facial 1 also is considered 1234 six seven eight
  • 06:49: nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty now two loops together we we bind with tilt to the left then there is like a loop lies
  • 07:19: such and we knit one more we knit with a slope left now two we will retake the loop turn over we bind them with tilted to the right one and again the second now we knit 20 loops facial 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 and 20
  • 07:57: racing reverse loops knit all loops purl knit the next row 18 loops knit facial all with edgeband racing we shoot and knit then 17 facial 1 what is a string stratified as three
  • 08:29: four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen 2 together with the slope left another 2 place with a slope to the left 2 rescheduled
  • 09:01: turned over and tied two together with tilting to the right once and again and second time now we knit all the loops further facial back knit loops purl knit the next row we sew 16 loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 seven eight nine
  • 09:31: ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen 2 together with tilt left still 2 times together now Two loops we retake turn over we bind with tilting to the right one loop and one loop 2 together so
  • 10:01: further we knit facial and back we knit all a series of purl dovyazali that's what we carved turns such here and again we reduce 4 loops we bind 14 loops 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
  • 10:41: further 2 together facial again 2 together facial 2 loop retake we turn them over dressing back on the left spoke and we sew two together the same repeat again further knit with facial and back we knit purl after how we tied up
  • 11:11: hangs on our spokes 32 loops left then we knit one row of facial 1 a series of purl and once one row without name Now we are according to you turn on the wrong side and weave for purl there is also one a series of facial loops tied my generac facial on the wrong side
  • 11:41: now we knit 1 row purl loops on the front side as you noticed these pinets are knit facial and purl loops there are no no pictures abstruse loops so they are very just knit with them can handle any beginner knitter main accuracy of work now we will have now 1 1 accordion we
  • 12:12: now we knit we tied up purred now we on the wrong side about knitting another row facial loops the row is now tied up on the front side we again we knit 1 row purl loops and next row on
  • 12:43: we once again about the seamy side knit with facial loops we tied if you are them and now we are on the front side the whole range of knitting facial loops Knit we front side facial loops turn over and
  • 13:14: weave for purl side purl loops were tied to a number
  • 13:57: purl loops now we are knitting more one row of facial loops till the end of the row with knitting
  • 14:30: facial and back we weave for purl face loops we tied line facial now we will have our side we are lining up a series of purlins then by purl we knit again a series of facial the row is tied up the next row on We knit by purl loops and purl
  • 15:03: to the side we will tie another series of facial with loops the row is tied up now we knit facial and Wrong then we will write on while we knit 2 rows what fights facial 2 the series is knitted by purl loops two rows tied now we knit again one row of facial loops then by purl
  • 15:58: we even facial loops we will be on the third accordion We have now knit again facial
  • 16:28: and purl facial and purl again we knit as much ready how much we here they tied one two three four five series, we were binding stocking st so u we are ready 3 accordion now we knit with facial loops back knitting purl and yet third row we knit
  • 16:58: facial loops we are tied to the wrong side 3 purl strings now we will offer several rows 3 ruffle from we knit to give and here on the sling 3 just for him beautifully attacked bent now mirages prize name purlin so here we knit facial on the wrong side then structure and we
  • 17:31: we will sew by purl now for purl we are talking about knitting another series of facial and on the front side we will close the hinges We knit 1 row with facial and back we close the hinges for garnet try not to tight for good movie we went to and twirled if there is an arc of a tone y we are not exactly
  • 18:01: it will not go wrong so that it hanging namely not tighten See, here it is and swirled around to him necessary kinesch canoes almost ready to go Only sew it and all here is one color
  • 18:32: racers run we do not need and kiddies fit very easily quickly and most importantly simply facial and purl loops So
  • 19:15: all the last loop a personal all cut off the thread lengthwise, not to I was enough for stitching All this is our pineta snip We are ready now turn out on
  • 19:45: the wrong side we add them well two to match our all stripes and will neatly sew so look so that these stripes our coincided two pigtails with one
  • 20:18: two plaits with the other side is so for purl each pigtail we will sew well that's all our pintechki is ready here is ours The beauty turned out here we are banks any stella glue send here
  • 20:48: sewed from us this accordion you it turned out on the foot very beautiful looks like such pinets to whom liked to survive and I wait for your comments I wait for yours and negative as well they can not be anyone then finger up someone finger down so that on
  • 21:18: taste and color of comrades No, well, and those who were with me a lot thank you bye before new meetings wait for new videos