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Chicory or coffee? ☕ Advantage or harm. Comparison  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day to all. My name is Nikita Sergeev And if in my previous video I compared black and green tea, then today I will tell What is more useful - chicory or coffee, and what kind of people will drink this or that drink. [Music is playing] Many of us simply do not represent the perfect beginning of a day without coffee. "Add sugar, milk and cream," the manufacturer advises, and at this stage the manufacturer is not right. The most useful coffee is pure coffee.
  • 00:33: A sugar or milk will only reduce its antioxidant activity, but will increase the calorie content of the drink. The most controversial component of coffee is caffeine. It helps us not only to feel cheerful for several hours, but also effective at losing weight. Moreover, scientists argue that caffeine helps reduce the likelihood of colon cancer and the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus But still there is a reverse side to caffeine. So, for example, caffeine cleanses calcium, magnesium and other beneficial trace elements from our body
  • 01:03: And if you think that coffee with milk is the perfect combination that will help fill the loss of calcium, then you are mistaken. Calcium from milk in general is often not absorbed by our body and settles in the kidneys in the form of stones. As an asthmatic, I know that caffeine helps relieve asthma symptoms, while opening the airways. Coffee raises pressure, and in this I was convinced by my own example. The pressure before a cup of coffee was 121/63, after a cup of coffee systolic, that is, the upper pressure increased
  • 01:33: Therefore, hypertensive patients are prohibited from drinking this drink as well as people with the following diseases: Also, coffee is highly not recommended to pregnant women, especially in the first three months and children under 12 years. With chicory I met a year and a half ago, and what was my surprise when for the first time I expected that the taste of chicory would be so similar to the taste of coffee, but in fact it turned out that the tastes of these two drinks are quite different.
  • 02:06: If you turn the pack of chicory, you can read the whole work on the topic: "How useful is chicory for us". Great benefit will only be in the root of chicory. Of course, much less is in the product that we buy in the stores of use. And yet, chicory contains vitamins of group B, which improve mood and charge vivacity In this case, chicory has a calming effect on the nervous system, in contrast to coffee. Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron - all this is also present in chicory
  • 02:40: But the most useful and, in my opinion, an interesting component of this drink is inulin. Inulin is a fructose polymer that makes the drink sweet without the addition of sugar, albeit with a little bitterness. Another inulin is a natural analog of insulin, a hormone that reduces sugar in the blood. That is why chicory is allowed for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Another inulin is a kind of cellulose or, as it is now fashionable to say, a prebiotic. So this very fiber is food for our bifidobacteria, as a result of which the microflora of our intestines is normalized.
  • 03:13: The epidemic of influenza is still going on in our country. So chicory contains ascorbic and chicory acids. Both these organic acids increase immunity so that the same vitamin C is not destroyed during the preparation of the drink, brew chicory hot, but not boiling water. And unlike coffee, chicory has not only a diuretic effect, but also choleretic and slightly lowers the pressure. Moreover, the decoction of chicory is used for the hair, after which the hair becomes stronger, shiny and, at the same time, moistened.
  • 03:46: Some manufacturers even make chicory shampoos. But with this, chicory is forbidden to people who suffer from the following diseases: It is not recommended to use chicory in the period of exacerbation of bronchitis and asthma, because it is capable of intensifying cough. Often, many chicories can also not be consumed because of the possibility of an overabundance of vitamin C, which is also dangerous to health. But chicory is allowed for children and pregnant women, if, of course, they do not have intolerance of this product.
  • 04:22: And what do we end up with? Chicory and coffee are two completely different products both in their properties and taste. Personally, for me, chicory is much nicer than coffee to taste, although it does not have such a wonderful flavor. But chicory does not require additional sweetening, cheaper at least 2-3 times. Each of these drinks is useful in its own way, but do not forget that there are absolutely no useful products. Everything is good, everything is harmful. Therefore, both coffee and chicory must be consumed in reasonable quantities.
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