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Roses from tapes the HANDS \/ Needlework from tapes

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  • 00:00: and today we will learn to do in and are here rosettes of ribbons Now I have 4 rosettes has already I have four colors pink purple blue and yellow, and Green to do our simple and rosette leaves as a their children for you
  • 00:34: This will require well in the first place and I'll need for any tape what color you more I like roses to make their Topiary Topiary like I'll show you in the following video and now tell how just do it form is without a rosette No needles are not so just take forming necessary only gun Melt glue and here we take our
  • 01:04: ribbon what you like we let rose delicious So we need more zelenenkaja price tidy yet as we need tape but I have now so here we see here
  • 01:34: a size rosettes small nor small and I am now show how much linen this is me 15 centimeters and mete out currently 60 centimeters He said slightly
  • 02:07: overlaps and from this segment I I do Rostik you need glue gun in the at me already heated heated and now I begin to see you the segment
  • 02:37: you need more Lighter and edges man who cut to the ribbon is not our climbed and frequent bouts of you except glue nothing We need to bend little corner that's the way bagpipe and this one the edge
  • 03:07: Now here we glue add the warmed I hoped all went add a little glue that we here you locks our beginning our Bud and breast bud start as if he will
  • 03:42: twist watch constantly spinning a ribbon scrolls around our bud and often add glue to it we consolidate and all recorded than often you add the smaller it will decay and that's when we We see the area and here end we cranking our
  • 04:13: ribbon and twist from then on inverted here look again We turn away from you ie the ribbon cranking see you and often rotate How do you like but the main thing to here who would you like He did not show how
  • 04:43: do you rosettes it is important to see the most and form it so as you need to get you as you can see it in You formed and to you most points formed as It can be beautiful constantly cranking and
  • 05:13: do we form our flower look to in it you do not obtained square you are here these here for Gates once plan that they have not caught at each other then you will square very often, and we take fix with the help of
  • 05:43: glue each still
  • 06:14: get different Shanker even I there see what how many roses I do not care Everyone looks different principle the same we die differently next time and show you how do it with a thread there is little needle other system out there first stitched all petals
  • 06:44: first and sewn then they stick together but I'll show you because in this way I my buttons of both it looks to me this method like more in the end I see often adds to and because
  • 07:15: petals need forming on the places along the way we where we need to see that that they do not coincided you if you do
  • 07:53: a couple of roses you have no and labor to make and generally do hand get used and will form their without ceremony You do not see any
  • 08:24: you got a rose the main thing here to see principle Turning this branch to see him just be ourselves, we it unfold all the rest are forming do not and here it can remove the tab if it's
  • 08:55: I do not need to wrap somewhere here in this area or close Here are forming a already like you more need more like you do You see how you have it goes high and width and even if Ribbon widely 5 centimeters here
  • 09:26: I have two and a half it will have so much but also beautiful if fans can make a rosette and now I have enough for now I I just wrapped up and are stuck add client and more
  • 09:57: I wrap it in the opposite direction a piece of which have I stayed here it rates I left at the beginning of reserve now I cut off unnecessary It was such a rosette
  • 10:27: Now there are do leaves look like we do we take here our beginning ribbons we first bends as rosettes are bent Now in this way rovnenko on this side bends in in the opposite direction we get here this triangle so that the ribbon is not to trim excess you have an extra tape is not left is not
  • 10:59: we spent here Now this you do not add the edge cutting the ribbon and bends the edge in the opposite direction from you get here such a Now leaf overturn our our out of the dilemma here also do bends like this way of this
  • 11:29: side in the back that is reverse lead here see you here turned petal here we is bent as much as possible close in reverse here you get 2 here we are here cut off the excess and the ribbon has not come
  • 12:03: there is here now bends here and sticking here in the general principle of Here again show bends like this way and this side back to you how to get to 2 color on one such bit of washed friend no different then this tip You can also add
  • 12:34: and is adhered to reverse side here you such a I turned on leaf which we sredinku imprison our rosettes We spare no glue
  • 13:11: and seats our rose so you It happened with rosette green petals and now I have five roses Now do even more
  • 13:42: yet I need to Topiary which I tell your friend Thank you all for video review do these roses they do very just as today show and rosettes long promised that I sewed it here
  • 14:12: I get other That such is obtained Rose if her initially with staple thread with a needle Now it turns out Here is such a a huge well, beautiful too, it turns out also in this series only volvulus here a little bit more
  • 14:42: here I shit you their I did more petals Open here I often part of the permanent wrapped It was such a it seems to be a pen flat it is suitable the hoop that's not to strongly bulged or barrette here here are generally rosettes if there are some questions arose there and if something
  • 15:13: unclear what I ask happy to answer or shooting video I it will be pleasant