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  • 00:00: at this stage, all we are still not equal not low is the edge of the fields nothing we just found possible perspectives from our layouts then what you can from this do we don on the head go to mirror and start look for end of the girl it the most difficult but the most pleasant moment this is this stage may continue from 5 minutes of this I do not know until 5 weeks and what are you
  • 00:30: Come and start so so so no not so so and so and so here that's how it is not wrong and nothing at all it turns out spit dried well or put on pig somehow let it not be for the benefit of it's let it dry get used to good head dried to the next day like sometimes sometimes i will do
  • 01:00: I'll finish the hat appointing me dried and putting on my foolishly or did not do it to me I like everything and everything the new that is, this stage search form depends only from your imagination only from your desire only from your imagination there is nothing more to the basis of one which you you can do it do but ten up to fifteen hats 100 do not do but 15 different
  • 01:31: easily for that to come up with some hat you will be do because heel options are something a lot and do not know what to choose as the rule is the best the first option if you they put it on the first option for have looked and think that's suddenly I'll think up some good then you know that you are the first already do not repeat and here's just not get and only take a picture of it from all angles there sleep with a difference in five degrees
  • 02:02: try it but chances are very little better make another hat and that's it. moment Do not despair because it's very many girls having mastered the warmth technologies come and cry I can not come up with some not make a hat here I am I'll call on y here I'm all lying here at I get it all Here at me and the form as as if I did not continue I know that me with this form to do here you are take for yourself started as artists They learn to learn and
  • 02:33: copy pictures famous masters 100 paintings will copy a further as popret imagination yes here take me no pity I do not care scary need take each one directly my hat and put with simple starting with begin small Template up to 60 centimeters and I tell you this is me tricky I know you still do not know in the spirit of oao copy will leave u
  • 03:04: you will not work You will get a copy something completely fate and no one will understand what height hat copied but you will be thrust to creating an image for create a schema and when you have one circuit do so different do as you would copying this or that what is that element yes you understand that turns out to be different and this is different you can consume and there and there and not be afraid
  • 03:35: that you someone in this blame me, too, for at the very beginning they blamed in that I did what only ornaments and they told me oh oh oh how not ashamed is this lay out this lisa cloak fist I'm talking about Lisa a fist that is not even heard I was shown further with a foot here you I was stolen I say yes sinning here really is very similar and then I wrote that you know i'm studying here although I'm not a copy of her
  • 04:05: did not do it but I diligently admitted honestly how pioneer to the limit here I'm so interested here not so it will turn out or no, here I will pass here I will teach do as a lis there I will do as I do so that in no way not in one place Be afraid that he and your a hat as a rescue how did u save when u like and yes, we are with her learned yes naturally it's on together with technology transferred her style duck of the Spanish yes and no longer youcam such a Spanish yes, of course
  • 04:36: Of course so so that if you have not yet appeared Imagination after 50 hats you will pave you look top leaves now you will be dissolved see the form there lower two petals pink lime with and then from them one crawls out salad you it you will see at once it is associated cap model You will go somewhere on exhibition you look at the pictures some artists you see some new collection
  • 05:06: clothes and some jewelry in jewelry store some fruit on the market any form of any volume any transition colors you have in five hats will cause a certain association and this part of the apple if length 5cm of a tail can be used as a form for fields know such dark things red apples here such faceted and they so deeply sits here is this here if here tabris look for form everywhere looking for and do not be afraid to carry
  • 05:37: because all the same not bring it while you carry remake its own and never believe your thoughts when they have you comes and I can not do nothing you do not like cats question you do not know how to you can not cook come up with hats you just a little more of them invented so that forward and do not be afraid this time it was lyric retreat