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How to make soap without soap basis???

How to make soap without soap basis???  See details »

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  • 00:00: I'll show them how make soap your own hands without soap basis of transparent white and so on Of course it does quite another can not be will not be this great choice but all the same it's better than nothing for this to us a deep this bowl to one could put on water bath, of course itself say so water he needs milk
  • 00:30: will be heated in microwave to she was hot also we need a piece of baby soap only a platelet for a start, I should take a grater and rub on not soap on the smallest grater Here is not a big it shallow to make it faster little dissolved in
  • 01:00: We must now also get here such a chlorine spoon like the sand yes to begin with it is necessary will rub will need to take grate a lot here here a piece while I'm rubbing
  • 01:30: but while I rub it I will put milk warm up in advance so that all this was moving forward faster and put boil water in deep bowl and so so I put on here such a fire between strong and small a little more little all the same Now the chips I had on rubbed on a grater
  • 02:03: little one over there the shavings are already lying and now I'm here warmed up the milk here cup of tea I feel fine then fat if milk with half fat so now I take this spoon and
  • 02:33: stirring like this now if our mixture happens too dry then
  • 03:05: add more milk if on the contrary add the chips and we make state of such such say so pieroshki so here now I'm like this the move is like a stew whipped blender and Now I have it so
  • 03:35: consistency yes here so without cams like meter speaking and more keep a plate with a napkin because that's the end and itself heated by the very hot molds you can use that anything at all, I personally I use such here I cut the sweets into four parts you can use childishly toys can
  • 04:05: just plastic cup help in general wait a bit until our com cool consistency and simple roll the ball and wait until it cools down make chupa chups soap that is options weight all depends on your Imagination now I what should I do convenient I take here a tea spoon and tea I take a spoon
  • 04:36: And I'm putting it in our molds good apply in the mold press spoon come in here even seen yes and back turn a little is there somehow see that all places were are filled with so as not to so that somehow something
  • 05:07: left not filled because I think no joy then no one will not bring as I think I fill all form from this consistency throughout mold especially important and not very it is important that you neatly and spoon neatly
  • 05:37: spoon so trim that there is when after all this Here are candies in person me yes they will very fast congeal his small size therefore it is necessary do very quickly and at will I will add personally I want to ask mule I'm not here for this one moment essential oil of shek to pink clay it too can be used because here are many
  • 06:08: probably know what before here is our ancestors can say so washed clay well Here it is very good washed that is possible use pink impart clay brown color let take shape some here candy like mine if well, with not migrant dyes dyes to buy after all part of
  • 06:38: sites I do not want I just had to make soap simply show rest that adding this all depends on you already So I fill them and put in the freezer or in the refrigerator but when waiting I will cool hot to the room temperature and put in freezer for an hour half an hour you have a form with me
  • 07:08: very little mold to the film I put on half an hour and so we friends that's all me finished my soap she is in my sea ​​in Asia and they did not stay there it's a little bit already nothing solidified I will prepare get my candy but for everything I have they turned out the small and that's it.
  • 07:39: Naturally, that's it just a little bit were these Here things you can say so I them a little bit simple so let's say so go to stop because of this video to me reluctance can be said so here I am and I cut it like this Here is a soap from me
  • 08:09: it turned out she turned out very small because let's say so but this sweets and more to me there was nothing to do I you want to show mine erroneous Here is such here I have it turned out rosette here I have not yet prune an excess whale hinges take a look 3 naturally seen such pimples to my mother
  • 08:39: say or particle air makeup bad say so spoon pressed here that is, but it turned out very nice but here and more these are the abreks if you do a lot of from one piece a lot Such candies can be do and here these here cut off excess which will hang on a candy here if you cut them not you throw out with
  • 09:09: time if you will be real do at least 1 a week then you will have accumulate these here are the remnants of them mine the world will melt down not adding milk they will melt already faster and that is you at least one piece you will save believe me and by the way I had nothing do and I did a bunch of these sweets different forms yes to me it seems like candy Milk chocolate here
  • 09:40: I have a whole here's the moment theirs very much from me they turned out and they if we take the usual baby soap or even soap of small and compare these a piece of a hammer it feels that in them there is at all some difference because we here added milk but to me very much I liked myself process in general here do it to me
  • 10:10: it seems very an easy solution if y you are not white or transparent soap basics I hope that you liked this video put it and subscribe to my the channel is all for now