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  • 00:00: hi guys today we will be with you Cook Soap soap will be here in such a form here is a strawberry she will have you verbose about just passed and now to the kid melted base add here I will add oil not cedar and larch Now we take and
  • 00:39: fill it all good our berry but she still preliminary it is better to attack alcohol and now again
  • 01:18: form our shavings directly only in the very berry and wait for the drying up now we take with you
  • 01:52: basis of either 1 or transparent only transparent then add video titanium dioxide titanium dioxide is chalky dye which we have in all toothpaste yards and now they add and you're already on the felling site Coconut oil stir sprinkle our already
  • 02:24: is ready later and pour out our explosive mixture Well, now we give
  • 02:59: dry completely in order for our layers are good my scroll alcohol more melted base digging this green and 2 drops of blue to get more saturated green Colour all this is good mix on wish to add oil fragrances and
  • 03:29: tower I will not because there is such a white layer this solid coconut oil and fill Here and so fill in the remnants of Margulies another the book but now we are waiting for
  • 04:06: all this is kind you advice own here's the soap with us it looks like very interesting multilayered and at the same time time top layer this is a scrub Thank you for watching a good day and now show photo of this soap