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  • 00:00: Hi, I'm back in the background super cool curtain i I think also only will enter the best background years shorter a heap has accumulated rusty comments I decided to share they think with you it's fun to go by blood lichku pliz please open lichku opening open why not can describe image image image know the whole thing then that the elves were bewitched my page in vkontakte hang out fucking damn it or not cash you closed at least not called would all the comments and close praying power to have me
  • 00:31: added the dative you have power such a thing is shorter than I we understand everything adults are all such a pancake I beg add to tulle with friends please tell that the moron so that sorry, I did everything what could offer for a new video take off the shuttle eat glue up to once in one day I decided that I I'll come on youtube and I can to express one's truth the official group you throw and
  • 01:05: subscribe to Unification of surprise at We have an official group miraculously after any garbage from something for garbage Say hi to gold they but savoy the phone but this is not very busy they just date greetings from they but savoy in my opinion I not really like it when and titles from it's just rusty comment history about him once for dacha in the evening somewhere I spent nine hours in wanderers there on street reminds yelled and saw A stain and a crust and
  • 01:35: thought it was someone for a long time kicks off the leg I open the door and I see right in front of me some garbage white and she flies abruptly up and disappears into the sky what it was it is unclear and that she wanted to take me shit mikeshin danced better a mikeshin me as only did not call it's just better and Say hello to the authorities once again visit hello transfer called a moron here here the other day to me 2x power added
  • 02:05: I can write what cute well, she answered greetings brother is my second page for all my life was never saved did not call me brother how do you do it imagine for clarity I can list how she she called me childhood or present tense and tank LTP curls dog is went on I see his correspondence I thought so smileys and video with her the following do not know
  • 02:35: can a video about how do you catch him torches machine fingers how funny it is possible we do not understand hamsters are you really zlata with the second page before the brother it's me Practice I did not understand you that I do not believe here damn stubborn so. marry me . girl 11 real Respect approve of approach decisively without doubt please give from me hi hi again hello can say
  • 03:05: good spell that in this page cast out invite can say kind spell to cast out date page yes yes i Th is like a moron or Th comment under video I can fly this montom magic does not happen she only in fairy tales there is much to give then perhaps when will become an angel Say hi to gold I will be very glad
  • 03:36: to win it phone in the next open with the shoulders well what is there in that the status of my character Not sugar and of course not has someone can will condemn can anyone understand me I can spoil the nerves and decide everything myself for The status is no longer the child is gone, my God around thank you for it did finally realized the hands of the guys and at this end if you found yourself in these comments then do not be offended where he is
  • 04:06: win think league you did not want you offend we are from all summer the heat I hope you cool time here you do what you want you planned on it's not just sitting at the computer and shook subscribe to the channel is signed and