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Three-colored pattern Knitting by a hook of Crochet pattern 55  See details »

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  • 00:00: tri-color knitting pattern with convex columns first provyazyvaem chain of stitches if this pattern fit in a circle that the number of loops must be necessarily a multiple of 6 and if the back and forth that not necessarily knit one loop for lifting and then each loop provyazyvaem one the pillar without sc to the end of the series is now a number of knit work
  • 00:38: turn over and We will knit thread other color vdevaem hook the first loop take out thread White Now iceq take out of this loop and in vdevaem the previous loop Why in the pink white and drags white loop through
  • 01:09: pink tightens thread, and now we this loop is not It will prevent further knit a number of years provyazyvaem one air loop and further one the pillar without sc in each loop so knit base to the end of the row number knit work turn over and more knit one row columns, without sc the same thread and so on until the end of the series
  • 01:45: dovyazan overturn job and now take already the third thread blue and We will knit exactly just hook whisk in the first We take out the loop loop Why again in vdevaem the same loop and why is pulled blue loop through
  • 02:16: white before us fixed white loop and then knit bars without sc first one air loop and Then, in each loop provyazyvaem one the pillar and without sc so until the end of series Now flip and knit one more row
  • 02:46: columns, without sc air loop and Then, in each loop the bottom one the pillar without sc to the end of the row number knit turn and now again we knit pink thread take the pink thread and dragged her through blue loop here so why blue loop
  • 03:18: We can tighten Now knit pink knit thread in the following way first provyazyvaem Air loop why knit a column without sc and another column, without sc further make 3 sc on the hook so manner and falls
  • 03:48: last pink number this loop will be here at this loop here this third a loop and provyazyvaem column three sc then one more such the column with three next sc
  • 04:18: loop over here then passed in base 2 loop 1 and 2 meeting provyazyvaem column, without sc and Further knit five columns without sc 1 2
  • 04:50: 3 4 and 5 further knitting will be repeated making 3 sc on hook falls to the last pink number ie here and here provyazyvaem convex column three sc, and then another
  • 05:21: one and the same nakida the hook and the following loop knit the same post with and three sc then to the end of the series 6 alternate columns and then without nakida 2 column three and knit sc a few rows below here so will
  • 05:52: look what number knit reverse number simple columns without sc to end series provyazyvaem under not only bars without number sc Knit until the end flip and change the thread on white provyazyvaem 1
  • 06:27: air loop and further knit each base of the loop one without the pillar sc to end of row Now flip and knit one more row columns, without sc thread and white Now
  • 07:04: flip and We will knit blue thread is pulled last loop blue thread loop knit air We shall continue to knit bars without sc Now I knit on
  • 07:35: convex columns already and then knit 2 column without nakida January 2 then we will knit two convex column three sc down in most the last number of blue and another convex
  • 08:15: column three sc already next loop here here skipping further 2 hinges at the base once or twice and knit 6 columns without sc 1
  • 08:46: 2 3 4 5 6 and more pattern will be repeated provyazyvaem 3 convex column with three sc and 6 columns without sc Here are some dovyazan turn
  • 09:16: next row provyazyvaem thread of the same color in each loop provyazyvaya one the pillar without sc so now it looks crochet and knit again 2 is pink thread simple columns without sc then again
  • 09:46: you can knit thread white and convex bars we attach here at these points and knit first bars without sc even to the point where are
  • 10:16: convex bars Why pink 3 sc on the hook down in most top white poison provyazyvaem convex column three sc, and then another one to three sc the hook and the next loop over here with a convex column
  • 10:49: three sc missing in base 2 loop 1 and 2 knit 6 pillars without nakida January 2 three four five and six and then
  • 11:21: again two convex column two nakida the top White series number dovyazan flip and Now knit 1 row columns, without sc over white thread colors and finally fully connected
  • 11:51: rapport pattern Further, this pattern it can be repeated knit not only back and forth but also by the circle and thus you can link extraordinary beauty caps