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  • 00:00: hi all friends now with you again I Vladimir and today we talk about how send sms-messages from your
  • 00:30: computer to mobile phone at friends and relatives close absolutely free but first I would wanted to say the following information this in no way advertising I do not know any developers this service not developers this application but in any case I just want you quickly show I take this Program without the nearly four years, and first stopped your computer 2011 It was just the same this is the year I
  • 01:00: I bought his this one Now working laptop that records video and why you I decided to make a video at Actually, I was surprised but as you know there mail Vladimir. floor nicknames Dog jim When you can write me letters send their questions soon time when they typed pretty big type I pack certainly do not I know I'll blitz video anwser the questions regarding the android and ios and windows phone 8, but I
  • 01:30: it was reported as Tell me my friend which has programs to communicate here exactly sms text posts with computer to mobile phone and there is such a program Aisin m with a very cool let's look at official website and Why I'm stuck attention to not familiar with the authors and it showed official site because participation requests for support Now that's a team developers
  • 02:00: about fraud that is there are fake program and VAT are required their services say so cash investments although in fact program is absolutely free and let see here and so It looks official site so as not to flown I will report special a reference in the specification below the video we we see that the last version of the December 3, 2013 of the year but I assure you You see I sent Message 2014 It works without any problems and someone will say what
  • 02:30: when there is a need to Now when there is a sap other third-party but applications You wire there's sap vayber I I know each use what it is convenient but there were such cases when just do not have the money the phone had immediately unsubscribe you Signed Off then He revived money on much any phone the case of the spring she program and she copes sends a message why am I here and so I removed the cat well I just think it is not all They want to be not open their rooms
  • 03:01: phone's Well some people this occasion zaparivat and so can credit will description under this Video Now let just talk about program, but if we click next to check update it of course he writes that we have the latest version where you can send SMSes that's the way Let's see only now drew account for four one year of use programs and if it is exactly eleven thousand year, well, let's both be judges three years I frame posted 237 messages using this Program and each Post assure you
  • 03:31: it was sent whom she was and so sent us the first place we care about the following go in the service and looking base operator that is where we can send sms-messages here extensive database operators, this done on purpose to when sending sms-messages you in the window program climbs but this captcha captcha character set let letters yes no 379 connected Africa you have beaten this code
  • 04:02: then grease sent to all It is done through sites the site operator but through the interface program because when you send with the mask via the website it flies too reaches its destination but we must go on site to look for somewhere on this site service and here everything is easier in one case, and I always I prefer Yes that's it customers after all if possible you use smartphone or tablet, but I doubt that you go through browser to let visit website VKontakte prefers
  • 04:32: use client to application officially VKontakte as actually the case and I here this such a program according to the customer all operators in principle, on the site The program is written that this application to send aircraft on Russian territory but I have friends on Ukraine and you said Posts likewise I come there for my statement today I tell him It called at least case on which I but had against Well, that's how life realized that Ukrainian
  • 05:02: yes Cam. her that is It is not only But if Russia is look from Latvia something that can still be there is the way by vodafone I think this is done in Czech like as I do not know but the bottom line is that you how you can update so the program itself and periodically update operators and so program does not updated 2013 December but a couple of updates I just operators still flew Now in settings but here everything is very simply can
  • 05:33: wrap program to the system tray to always It hung in a memory Well, that I do not care I know my show it has repeatedly I scolded show resources which yes I secretly program because by today's standards and the capacity is 3d funny but that surprise us megabytes Now when you close Minimize to tray always show ikonochku tray expand on you can double click choose a signature I have now signed Vladimir and divide then there is the inscription n slash is a new line but here
  • 06:04: By the way there explanation of behavior some programs display manner numbers ban run multiple copies of it have to but again likely not just paddle memory if something is in tray maintain protocol sending messages to its history is what I I make love you can scroll through all the That's the way history if someone I wonder make a video about is all your own reports from Posts on Androyd convert to a separate folder and map Jim or to you
  • 06:35: might as well at the moment view all history Well that's basically setting it under himself nothing there is no special We see in the program I should at updated every day basically Statistics It keeps statistics sent Messages from the very 237 and can be uttered send statistics on server yes but to developers know many daily people from the footnotes to Through this there is such a program for service cAPTCHA recognition basically you it can bind
  • 07:05: it is necessary to bring down their key and then do you do not have kill captcha independently program through service try identify the captcha manually through their services through their resources and will that then all programm constantly send text messages and do not need anything confirm You can enable transliteration radio can can disable do like this properly called well, sending sms message on set time that
  • 07:35: ie if you are afraid of congratulate someone Happy birthday to Ilia but just need to somehow himself protrusion reminder can be specify the time message delivery when it is go and basically the same program can control not only truth itself mmm with someone in principle support has a mass sending sms but It sends it to Internet resource is It is like this It is not done through this let the program look there The address book But in principle, only this different people
  • 08:06: really different people like these two same person one two three 4 5 6 but six people I I corresponded here it is very basic my close friends relatives whom I I come here sometimes from videos to Moscow and money for the phone is not It was for a total of 7 the contacts of which These two say it so just two man phone Here as well there history is what you said that there Any day can be see when it It sent it
  • 08:36: very cool it all You can export if you want to if you necessary and how way you choose someone has choose some destination or just Drives a number then you can add it to Contact us here will automatically determined by him phone number mobile operator his cellular operator and even if it will pass error, you can manually change this special although well operator this has not happened and You can set a theme message if you
  • 09:06: sending m and m basically here type the text usually text Editor here you can drag Multimedia that is image audio composition and all leave directly recipient without any problems and If that size sms messages it varies depending on the operator that is, I I know what to say have sent message on a megaphone there even in my 170 characters can be send with MSK but there are some operators are allow you to send text messages
  • 09:36: only consisting of 40 or 30 characters that have to full Posts few I think this is the way Here is Ukrainian mobile operator life I honestly do not I remember here but Basically more here but there's nothing in my look here anymore I do not need program great if someone needed assistance for Kirov Here feedback ie developers somehow the learned that there crooks who give theirs program for a fee product online help and You can help Wikipedia
  • 10:07: because he absolutely free even here there is no advertising that is presents on operator sites have advertising here it is missing and in principle, but I can tell you show about the project properly official site and electronic box communication but we can see that program to 2014 is there are still there and It develops known just updated program was in 2014 year in December current version of this moment corresponds to my version in general
  • 10:37: I recommend to all wait to see something interesting version of the database 521 operators the same latest Here is such a programm be sure to advise all of Vladimir was a you write your no comments leave feedback maybe, you know something better anyway be sure to look and do not forget not send emails questions to the address Vladimir. snack in dog g Follow us on device and do not subscribe our twitter all long and up social network
  • 11:07: a new motivation project in the vast you'll ever need to be help us with you to achieve goals in Overall I succeed I hope you look like a reference to the project in description under this video