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  • 00:00: all who know how to sew or He wants to learn today can learn how to make patterns for a few minutes possible thanks to patterns that by 1935 It was invented in Germany and present day available in 17 languages worldwide It is a system Golden Section and based on and on mennoy mathematical among which formula other says that in the human body sizes are repeated
  • 00:31: or in certain ratio here are a couple of examples such a person length of divorced hands apart corresponds to the height human height man 8 times greater than the length of the head distance between wrist and bend of elbow It corresponds to the length foot length fist circle equal to the length of the foot and aligning the large index finger We obtain the length of the nose famous artists and sculptors and architects
  • 01:01: We used these knowledge of a century ago Leonardo da Vinci made many discoveries relying on existence of this these laws knowledge of the proportions we used to sewing business and We developed a system a pattern using which is possible with from only two of measurement human body make the pattern This volume measurement chest and hip size I'll show you how here's an example manufacturing pattern classical vests
  • 01:31: as you know classic vest This well-fitting Custom Made size Clothing and therefore it a perfect example of how certainly works here you system you can see the front and back of this classical vests I first secured the pattern on the sheet paper masking tape Francisco today our model please francisco raise your elbows encircling tape
  • 02:01: vanes and in front of I inferior points rented breast volume breast volume and Francis is ninety six centimeters hips and measured by protruding points at We hips 4 is 100 centimeter system works metric and how you You will soon see to it easy to work with it simple system measurements and so the volume chest 96 cm and Hips hundred
  • 02:31: four centimeters cutting I use plain centimeter measuring tape at the end measuring tape is the dimension scale this dimensional scale it is very important you see two sets of numbers on the the scale on the left number you see black numbers from zero to This eight centimeters that continue in the measuring tape and in the right lane with us there is a very important small numbers
  • 03:01: red and black numbers, these numbers start with 50 and then increases to 140 with step two, these numbers volumes are breasts and thighs in centimeters color numbers It has nothing to do with the volume of the breast and thighs that can portrayed as red and black breast volume Francis is 96 and said little black numbers on scale on the line arrow located small hole and directly to this
  • 03:32: I'm opening inserting a needle in order to fix the size of our the dummy pattern there is a very cross important. where you will find everything for design and pattern inserted here the needle exactly in the center cross I now turn measuring tape measuring tape loosely around pattern Now of data out pattern line on each line figures have
  • 04:02: Now I take the scale and I am bringing her knees and In the way that scale line concerned Then I put measuring tape neat and straight I read the numbers on the line this case it figure 18 it means that near the number 18 on the paper must be put point then I turn to scale to the next line put the scale again exactly on the line and I hold
  • 04:33: measuring tape Just 18 means near 18 I put this point very easy to The following line numbers 15 puts an end to 15 then 19 33 after we We put some points you can see the pattern hand Now it is already 35 Shoulder section 36
  • 05:03: 37 and a half small figure five 37 near the floor means centimeter so I I put a point near 37 half of these the line is not connected with the size of the pattern on this figure is 11 lines means that the point It is inside pattern in this case. to tuck it It works the same way I impose on the scale line 11 and set point
  • 05:33: near 11 thereby get a label for darts 19, then a half 19 and now I put all the points that located at or above the waist all the details patterns that located on or above the waist you must celebrate according to measurement breast volume Well as you can see Now we have another three points are
  • 06:03: located below waist is very important use volume measurement hips to left I take three points the needle of the scale of digits and 96 breast volume Francisco and I am looking for value of the hips 104 Again, this is a black number again arrow is a given number of it was there on the line arrow located hole and again I go and I stick a needle again I insert it in cross that situated on the pattern now!
  • 06:33: It works in the system accordance with value volume thighs Francis and I can point out three remaining points below 2021 waist and 2 6 after all I placed the point I can remove measuring tape with a scale with a pattern The next step
  • 07:04: connect points between is for this purpose I I use special prepared drawing rule by means of which it is very easy to do and convenient is fabulous Tailoring acrylic patterns and you'll soon see how great with him especially draw curved lines straight line draw very just for them of needed two points in the presence of roundings should pay attention to what for line need a minimum three points in this case very well
  • 07:34: will make cutout shoulders arms cut neck here also in line there are three point. darts Tuck falls down from his shoulders and and extreme point is on the number 11 on top of the darts we have another additional material this pattern for Francis within There are several important Parts I I am going to withdraw from the pattern waistline It runs parallel to the bottom line to the point
  • 08:05: at number 18 is then Prior to that center It comes to this stop giving us number 19 and a half fascinated, there are four different sizes buttons that help determine the correct number and size button direction thread parallel to the front center is arrow on the pattern a cut-out for the hands icon visible place Shiva letter hey icon instead of Siva is as a cut-out for hands and back and further we decided details we will
  • 08:36: to focus on and it still has tuck waist which is very good show only to tuck waist is now marked a line which is not because final the girth of the trunk variable size and can not be determined without of additional measurements I clean paper a development in the pattern the place where it was needle left hole is should immediately note this marker very important point who explained later Now the pattern
  • 09:10: behind the lines is not Remember to add five-eighths of an inch as you prefer seam allowance the seam allowance should I have added bend tuck first dart to shoulders along the lines of tuck waist. for Francis later on the material you You can determine this if not exactly mind and leave
  • 09:40: darts open francisco exit please forward can now be try on hold please here finger you see Front part as a just right for Shoulder width dimensions exactly cutout arms around cutout Hand No gaps vest length too time could not be better it fits perfectly for Francis I would only took a little at the waist at a glance Tailor very well
  • 10:10: Thanks to this francisco illustrations good It is seen as a pattern vest can look different with one design but at different size is something you can not determine the size Pattern Francis It suits her very well as the length of vests but this is not always because possible situation when two people equal volumes chest and waist but growth they have different and here naturally the question is how can it be that Plans always
  • 10:40: suitable if we do only two measurement sometimes it is necessary to extend or shorten vest that's why I always I note this hole where there was a needle because it was here you just draw a line through the cross parallel to the waist if you need you lengthen the waist scissors cut the here the pattern add necessary distance attach more paper paste adhesive tape and connect the line and Here you have lengthened waist if you need it
  • 11:10: shorten tuck it up the court and cross see if you do it right here then you You do not change you cover the lines remain straight up we nothing changed where all is well fit this angle here we have raised as a It should be the only clarifying which perhaps in the case of trousers and skirts possible that length adjustment it is done in the places where the lines parallel trained above and below the knee so our work
  • 11:41: system if you You want to do design for themselves or members family you do this at with our textbook in this training manual contains all necessary information on patterns certainly him also attached the original measuring tape the scale on which You'll get lifetime warranty pen two needles and a roll of duct tape in our Instructions can be found explanation of all that I showed so if you do then you do not understand
  • 12:12: You can find it instructions here It shows how to remove the size of the breast and thighs how to attach a development to a pattern as a sheet of paper fixed size on the dimensional scale then go straight to the Christ the centrally placed and above the waist line just kind of point the volume of the chest down waist line hips like work with a tailor patterns to a confidence connect the three points line curve as a translate your the pattern on the material taking into account the direction of fibers and do not forget seam allowance
  • 12:42: then it based on what system relative sizes anatomy man it says about additional materials such as every three months we We produce new a collection of 40 models that can be ordered separately then we have a very important page characters that It explains all alphabetic characters so if you do not sure on how part of the pattern you working or looking for look at character pages Here you will find explanation of all alphabetic characters then we have practical tips
  • 13:12: how to sew clothes sew on buttons collar and sleeves like sew pocket and how fit sleeves knitting instructions if you like knit or work with stretch cloth have good development of our collection for knit and or stretch tissue collection 280 models of the most important part they are suitable for any to any sizes have trousers skirts dresses blouses baby clothes male models robes for robe from baths and wedding-up
  • 13:42: dress is, if all you something enjoyed open tutorial inte page and on the back you will find the pattern when finished insert page back to the tutorial and put it near the garment machine it will not take a lot of space and you always know where pattern if your size changed and you can always fit the pattern under your sizes our collection It has all the basic patterns and beautiful a variety of models different styles if you know how to sew
  • 14:16: you can always work out own the pattern with our system, we We are happy if you will become another our user system and if you I decided to try I wish you all the best Luther success system varnish and happy sewing Your Franc well tarlok