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Offhand grinding of a knife. Simple exposure of a corner at an offhand grinding of a knife - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello everyone this is my another video about which I want to talk about how most so to say exactly set angle sharpening in manual sharpening on the rocks I climbed a very long time on the internet first Of course I picked up in using it
  • 00:30: but it protractor It was not quite comfortable and here once I found the Internet is very interesting information that Now I want you share and so mol is an example Basically those corners which I am now I tell it the most Popular angles sharpening and they are many checked in depending on the krivosti hands natural angle can change it to one on the floor 2
  • 01:00: degrees but it is not at least this is one of most appropriate and available options determining the angle sharpening on the rocks and so this way of looking It is also very good because virtually it does not affect the width that is, outside of the blade Depending on whether there it is such a narrow Is this the knife healthy this ad if you will follow
  • 01:31: this system is no effect It will not have to the essence is This system means I will not spread in various trigonometric formula complex calculations and all the rest is We have done for us, and so your attention seems so system means first the angle of one of the most common in forehead is 20 degrees one side to
  • 02:01: to achieve this angle You need measured here this here width man and his divide it by 3 then there's this figure is after division by 3 is there will be a figure the height to which the need to raise Shoes on the stone there Well as I have already shown
  • 02:31: before the video is very good record and control putting a finger example here, if so note that you But if we have fix your finger thus starting from this and the width of the blade then when we sharpen We obtain an angle equal to 2 20 degrees that is for to get grinding degree 20 be divided
  • 03:01: width of only three there is another enough Popular angle sharpening is 15 degrees they used in most in swimsuits in mining knives and it is more such Universal for. she is very well and for aggressive cuts In order to achieve angle on one side 15 degrees that is the sum of 30 degrees necessary width Blade divided into 4 and thus the same
  • 03:32: way lift butt of the blade on stone surface the distance as say the height that we I get after Here's another division angle is too enough popular but Basically it goes to knives are intended for very fine cut knives for Philly tion to do some clippings and
  • 04:03: used him as a sushi bar itself is have for cutting Sushi is the angle 12 degrees from each hand to to get a bows you need width kling and then divided into 5 There are three four five 2015 and 12 very very useful information I at one time very long suffered everywhere if it were not so information before the simply would not have made
  • 04:33: Since all errors who committed primarily data api the world will be very useful for those who unturned pumps its knives under another angle as everybody knows factory knives who give birth there or is 15 or over 500 hryvnia they expose predetermined angle much more than he
  • 05:03: it needs some work primarily for that he's not fast but not blunt and how could so so like as not holds, we still do not very comfortable so Now that's using these moments you can very high quality resharpen any legs under his corner that is, if you there must be an angle 17 17-18 degrees you You can share it three and a half the
  • 05:33: Now there's these 3 4 5 6 2015 1210 is like their starting point It can be a little bit move that is exposing Now a certain angle so it all it turns out that is I once chu defining and pitched and simply fix finger that is here This height is there March 1 width April 1 and have a width
  • 06:04: using using finger to certain let's say a landmark height I'm starting in producing sharpened different images ie grain and grain against grain and etc. etc. it is who I like the course I hope that this information helps those people who face this problems but also because all the rest for general
  • 06:34: education can when it is useful thanks to all see my video subscribe to my channel all the luck