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  • 00:00: hello today I'll show you how you can cook sausages at home for that we need pork streaky bacon black garlic salt pepper honey and foil about a kilo of meat is 500 grams of fat, I do not very fond of fat So I took 300 grams of fat it here almost one meat cut meat and small cubes the garlic salad squeeze through the press add salt black
  • 00:30: a little pepper Cold water good mix cut the foil on pieces of 30 centimeters slightly smazhem vegetable oil minced spread on foil and wrap like chocolates try seal the edges Now put our sausage on a baking sheet and send the oven about one o'clock Temperature 200 degrees a tablespoon of honey Mix with warm water srezh ends foil will do
  • 01:00: in the middle of the incision freeing from the foil smazhem this mixture sausages put oven for another 10 minutes to brown any of the grill set on the green and that's all good mood and Bon Appetit