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  • 00:00: I think that lyubim truly courageous woman so much treason of a loved one Nikolay Karachentsov his terrible illness and the two remained in alive and that's it probably called real marriage together and in sorrow together and in joy a it's incredible love stories and I lily rib with god is food ring
  • 00:32: keep back hold back is like this real athlete these words to the well-known actor nicholas karachentseva his wife lyubim unceasingly repeats the fifth year since scrambled after terrible accident since as doctors returned him from the other world after 26 days in a coma actress is still with remembers with tears That evening I will not lose prescription when she
  • 01:02: came to the hospital about favorite words and He asked her with gestures get married she begged him about it 30 years old and he decided on such a step only on death He stood there barely on the knees trembling hands but he survived and only having got into an accident having passed he married all this in 30 years our joint life was by me the first of August 2000 5 years they met for 30
  • 01:33: years before the accident which divide their lives into before and after caracen star lenkoma going to that day for rehearsal and I could not think that a few hours will meet a woman who with her love save his life debutante almost no porch she worried now an actress and will be able to play a scene with his idol Nikolay Karachentsov but when it started rehearsal this password and embraced his
  • 02:03: young colleague then suddenly petrified it a touch of his hands completely forgot the words text that was taught the whole week I just watched as mouse over the cat which is already gobbled up digested and spat I was already wet there a rag that was I just do it ready already had it all do so just say tell me what you be according to me love to kill him their lyudomila forgot that it's all acting a game that they are looking at her dozens of eyes and that
  • 02:34: her husband is waiting for her at home athlete stuntman he was complete the opposite of poor lover in work is far from handsome Karachentsov it's like this looking for such records Here are the hair this something all shines sparkles of it pouring such energy is kindness of thought well here at last the Lord God has vouchsafed to see also what I dreamed of whole life as soon as
  • 03:05: the actor appeared on horizon it pale blushed biting her lips embarrassedly hid eyes and catching myself on thought that Nicholas for it is ideal unattainable because such a welcome enthralled own feelings Lyudmila the porch does not even I guessed that not indifferent to the object her love that she of the Karachentsov the soul is the first rehearsals but he did not decided to confess to this even this the woman was taboo
  • 03:35: because she belonged to another fall in love and happiness awaits but suddenly veve mixer view barely you pushes to deeds in which makes no sense either penny he would never dared to break up family and so would hurried on every rehearsal to See her if on the next tour lenkoma tired of their feelings of a sorghum suddenly did not dare
  • 04:05: admit the actor I I thought I had lost my gift of their turbulent romance buzzed all over theater from directorate to dressmakers unbelievably I'm only came to the theater and immediately has an affair with local most a coveted bachelor on merry famous and talented caracene eye practically all single women lenkoma and none of them I could not think what they are so easy to jump about Debutante I Porgina the woman was
  • 04:36: was happy just one thing to say husband of the stuntman that she is going to get married for the actor and I could not think what this small detail will be for them soon chinsoo you real bat he wanted and wanted to destroy a colou Started to bring down the kill there everything was so had a little to get me the most beloved you understand that got me that she would like to
  • 05:07: forever erase from their memory and how can here my husband hit her face and how grabbed threw in car and drove to the nearest forest as the whole road shouted that rape her and will kill because no one dares him scoff like she barely crawled to apartments as with difficulty dialed the number karachentsova how did she pray to come she remembers only how he flew in drove her to hospital and then carried his bachelor apartment such almost from them
  • 05:39: temporarily hands but Then he fell in I had to take it to hands and now I am He carries on his hands but all this will be later a While fighting with shackles and lifting to the feet all the familiar people still got divorce and began to wait offers from karachentsova but he was silent for two years every day waited when did he finally decide say goodbye to your favorite status bachelor and when and not waited for us to go
  • 06:09: justified trick in his presence collected things and said that she was leaving they say one fan offered to marry and she agreed because she is far from being 20 it's time to create family the trick worked stellar competition Karachintsy suffered because made an offer right here in its corridor apartments she agreed and only after few weeks learned about her of pregnancy before the very birth
  • 06:39: the actor promised his wife as soon as I give birth right from the shooting I will come to you therefore as soon as the baby came into being doctors began to call a famous actor to inform good news he took the phone moskal you were born a boy he hung up on then comes no cent in what not normal guy did an artist it was called by them and herself on the site of the game for some reason threw a corpse how I cried from happiness were the years of roses son
  • 07:10: Andrei and in parallel grew and popularity Karachentsov and this pulled the main experience Elena Shanin Olga cabo rumors about these novels reached the people she cried experienced but never not one word told my husband pain they quarreled only once seeing on the shirt actor trail of lipstick she made a scandal took her son and went to parents they did not see each other for three
  • 07:41: months stubborn offended by the Karachintsy did not call and lyudomila tired of waiting to do first step the woman wrote the letter remembered everything victims for which she was for their love Nicholas came to the same evening and on your knees asked for forgiveness from those for fear of losing wife he behaved quite differently flowers compliments kisses seemed to them happiness will be eternal
  • 08:11: but on the night of February 28 2005 it all ended around midnight actress reported that he died the most expensive and man mother learn about This cancels shooting and flies to the beloved the actor does not draw attention to ice and on the incredible speed is not coping with management of flies into the concrete pillar when my mom was died in 40 minutes
  • 08:41: the camera was taken peasant pressed in hospital cut sweater wet in blood and shoes and blood twitter he takes a double in blood jeans and the eyes of the king I realized that this is the end that this is the end of 26 days nikolay karachentsev lay in a coma from time to time in the press appeared information on its of death even doctors do not hoped that Karachintsy will survive and only the day of the day
  • 09:11: and at night she asked gentlemen I do a miracle hairstyles and manicure I changed the pedicure hair I wore fell new sweatshirts I stood with mine on me look back look what is beautiful look some kind of his like me you sing songs in the bar what a beautiful pen we had absolutely a little bit five have passed since then years of Karachintsy little by little return form it fulfilled his wife's dream was married with her in church and now she cooks every day
  • 09:41: man exercise his most cherished plan even one more time perform in the beloved performances Juno and Avos despite the trouble which with them they happened are in love and how newlyweds and rejoice each lived day
  • 10:11: I'm so happy when you just sitting looking me with my eyes to them and dissolve into my eyes are blue run like i am now without eyebolt so the racing leaves kiss and beautiful I love you more life so find this fine protein too me from the first look like a stake you immediately loved me at first sight when I saw before