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Ampelous wild strawberry (strawberry) the truth or lie-Terrassen-Erdbeere - YouTube

Ampelous wild strawberry (strawberry) the truth or lie-Terrassen-Erdbeere - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear lovers of berries Today I will tell you about ampel strawberries that's what I have there is both experience and cultivation I will pause a little to the title I do not want strawberries notice a
  • 00:30: strawberry can who I do not know to tell a little bit than what differs strawberry and here are strawberries at a strawberry at it or her male and female flowers grow on different bushes about the peduncle and not powerful but also nasty less than strawberries large-fruited and the color of the berry and sunny side on
  • 01:05: such color in the village Give such a fiancee union tree branch with rosy and flesh white fragrant here well in our gardens rarely strawberry is found This is mostly ours strawberries large-fruited for small-fruited the old - fashioned way everyone calls her strawberries if she
  • 01:35: cool very big amateur it's berries so I of course very I often throw myself on all kinds of advertising innovations and a few years ago I recognized the frontal strawberries bought expensive seedlings well that then i have nothing so special is not the usual
  • 02:05: young lady very quickly died literally a year nothing to me there developed not hanging down recently here's a pic but that's me visited Austria and So I saw the store sand sold sprouts strawberries of all kinds
  • 02:36: of course I did not hold back not to buy and among them but was rbr terraces I realized that this is on ampelnoe is something that I I want to but I would venture to I I think at 3 you will not lie I ventured bought brought brought out here it is at my pot already somewhere from June somewhere in the middle of June that's why it's here
  • 03:07: dragged not such lush young now we have august and growing this particular bush I realized what is hang-downing strawberries behold it's just very long flower stalks and here is the kind of well, even this is not exactly where we are the line was on or at least here
  • 03:39: gravity of berries they are here just hang like this in I think 0 sharpens it here this means umbrellas well then they started to grow bridge, here I am the first missile points cut off the rest not to grow we will let it be Here is a profusely and she is on the rosette beginning to bloom is not let go too
  • 04:11: peduncles long see which are the same berries and it turned out here such a cascade from one new bush and then I realized that all the same advertising and Strong prices for ampel strawberries it's just a divorce on with you dear lovers of berries here such mobile
  • 04:43: strawberries can be make from any of the any zeya montana strawberries but only those varieties lux but long with a mad here such a truth or a lie about this strawberry this is my experience with you shared here I wish you success in this interesting one can say or hobby or
  • 05:15: someone has this work you are so confused Thank you for attention