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  • 00:00: Greetings to all who came to my RSS feed and especially lovers cooking because Video I have today is cooking and I will prepare spicy appetizer of eggplant for this food need eggplant 1 bell bell pepper a little sugar paprika black pepper salt of any oil vegetable that you like a little vinegar bulbs and 2 garlic cloves first prepare Eggplant shall cut them medium dice
  • 00:31: until I cut eggplant on my the stove to boil water about a liter of water that's how I sliced eggplant and folded in bowl hot water fall asleep
  • 01:03: half tablespoon salt a couple of tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons and 2 vinegar please be it all to a boil when it boils
  • 01:34: try to clear proportions I will not you need to share try to pickle turned delicious and then we Let the eggplant here I boil water I tried in my opinion just enough if you rely on my you can taste comply with the same proportions per liter water half tablespoon salt two teaspoons sugar and 3 tablespoons vinegar in vinegar I have five percent and this water boiling we send take the eggplant pot more
  • 02:07: because eggplant light they float eggplant I will be driven 10-15 minutes and during this time training others Ingredients I cut a small onion and red pepper and eggplant and the eventually we ready and now they need to be discard in a sieve until water flows I prepare pan We warm up to small frying pan the amount of oil and Put the onion bow slightly let
  • 03:01: Now claws spread chopped pepper author and fry until pepper readiness onions and peppers extinguished Now spread eggplant all mix
  • 03:38: add black pepper and on the firing pin all to taste this now you have try and add that must salt pepper a little put out to all this mixed and now the end
  • 04:13: we add garlic I have to dry it few minutes and Now squeezed where garlic Now a couple of minutes and our meals are prepared the smell went I can not divine I advise you to add garlic first frying because he will
  • 04:43: burn you can also add here any greens you love Now eggplant to cool and put in fridge for tomorrow they will be even tastier and so our appetizer ready to cook and eat with pleasure enjoy your appetite