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  • 00:00: hello everyone dear subscribers today we are with you we will cook chicken soufflé very similar at home chicken the band in this case great substitute store area for this we will need your 500 grams fillet need peas corn spices dry then a salt and pepper here it is important to 1 egg and 100 milliliters of milk and I say at once we are we will cut with you small arbitrary pieces and all this there will be rails and whip blender
  • 00:30: without a blender, he has you no, he rewrote so we cut it small any arbitrary throws pieces little by little our chicken fillets and close the lid and whisk blender in blender we drive 1 face and again close the blender and
  • 01:01: interrupt it before homogeneous 100 milliliters earnestly too, we fill everything in and here we are with you add spices add pepper add dry herbs
  • 01:34: on kyivom lilya can add dry Basil if weight and salt to taste beast all the garage had come true we should get viscous consistency here she is with us will and will Here such here and
  • 02:15: returned to kill and sunderen and here Now we take our garlic is missing through the press add garlic and we add all our vegetables and add it our polka dots and all this Well, you mix how will we do it
  • 02:47: microwave ovens special utensils for high temperature resistant it is important to be in this we will take oil with oil we can everywhere by the side so that it does not strongly bothered It was shift everything from you our river smoothen out the petrovna and put in
  • 03:18: microwave oven for 10 him if there is little check toothpick and you can add profit and up to bake more very the bastard is accurate and very tasty here we are you got microwave oven souffle very easy flips over so I'm just took a plate turned over and yeah fell so straight here you see it in section is obtained very juicy and very tasty much better
  • 03:48: than the sausage at the same time very long time domestic and natural it took us few ingredients for this let us with you went half a kilogram healer a little cloudberry corn and spices for taste all pleasant appetite subscribe to the channel will be a lot new recipes