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Daily occupations by yoga for beginners. Week 1 — Yandex. Video  See details »

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  • 00:00: lesson 1 we sit comfortable on the mat comfortable position position of each will his you should immediately for themselves define it because it repeated on throughout all all sessions option the most difficult when
  • 00:32: We have one foot is fall on the hip if you so easily comfort and the people I began to stay in if this position fails legs crossing my is Turkish classmate palm kneel straight back to you comfortable if not you get here not comfortable you sit down, too, in the honey agaric with a straight back and so choose any one
  • 01:02: of three positions sits down with smooth back blades connect We are pulling together crown up directing the chin little chest close your eyes relax completely his face relax completely I live here, relax circle and tune into
  • 01:34: mark your classes Current state feeling in the body Active in her his sense of develop respiratory sensitivity well now stretch crown good good much in troubles and lower right ear to the right shoulder tilt then head to the right
  • 02:05: lift your head feast and immerse the leu some such movements just nice soft do next the last time and then will be Now omit forward head chin, breasts top forward at the neck
  • 02:35: They pulled back and Gone head back do not throw back simply head pull forward spine ago repeat of about 37 and the last time forward circular rotation head
  • 03:05: We do five times in one side and then five times in hand all these movements very simple but very useful for neck it is desirable to do
  • 03:35: every day good back to starting position and we do with the breath bending back direct chest Forward blade department and reduce behind together with an exhalation rounded back on as it pushes back bending in back exhale rounded and also some exhale feel
  • 04:07: both are nice nicely warming up moves spine and exhale there spirit through hands side and and We pulled up as can be higher for the tips of the fingers feel like as the tank is extended stretched stake stretched and light linger here for a few breaths watch for while every
  • 04:37: breath navel It is expanding every exhalation lowered next exhalation lowered through the exhalation and yes and omit his hands on floor and away legs
  • 05:08: ago cat on position so on all fours with the next breath pull the left arm right foot forward Right back nosochek foot note attention to the knee heavily palm the left hand unfolds right strong strong back strong shoulders the same is not good and
  • 05:38: watch for breath to check that bolyu It does not bend was deep and regular with obvious exhalation We omit all breath pull right his left hand leg back the whole body parallel to the floor Misha here at least three
  • 06:09: breathing cycle before You can linger and a little longer with the next exhalation omit the arm omit leg folded the legs on socks and raise pelvis upwards on Disposed up straighten legs in the lap of direct toes on the heels of each other slightly apart
  • 06:40: you may have position when the heel lifted above the floor is fine nothing wrong, then someone they down someone no fingers well well pressed against the mousepad palm presses mat crown hangs to the floor scapula behind We bring together well good pull thoracic back
  • 07:11: If the stomach is relaxed You are strongly is rounded at the back bend your legs knees and push the pelvis up to this back position will be longer stretch atom to shvanasanu it muzzle dog pose down well omit knees on the floor with cat the next breath we
  • 07:41: body weight is transferred forward bend elbows presses the lower edge with offtopic straighten arms elbows and again be careful elbows should not leave aside it is the lower edge exhale breath cat pelvis up exhalation Dog muzzle down breath sag back
  • 08:11: We looked forward to exhalation walking legs circle and thumbs legs together be sure to pay it your attention and inclination to do as far as it turns out you can when to bend your lap to round the back and simply hang to the floor then another we breath Hand
  • 08:41: pulling up from exhalation connect Palm on a bridge to together at hearts with the next breath hand in hand through the World exhale tilt with straight back smells deflection at
  • 09:11: looked back forward with an exhalation Step back into the bar this upper stop feet shoulder width apart palms shoulder-width apart finger just bullet hand task treats nibbled Duma colleagues on the floor cat breath your body weight forward club him exhale breath pelvis slide up exhalation before or dog muzzle
  • 09:43: downward deflection of breath back forward look we exhale legs crossed tightens around so about way pull socks foot forward direct the strong powerful legs kneecaps tightened Bone also presses on the floor there are two options
  • 10:13: so if you are easily just pick hands up and pull tips thumbs up strong strong straight back if it is very hard first palm be here at heart so it is oil on As the development of this position you feel that you can already long time here be you You will raise their hands up
  • 10:44: well when we bend knees pulls ahead omit live on hip relax Pina relax the neck and drone just so you can clone encircle the thighs and relax here
  • 11:14: as much as you comfortable in 2 minute minute then they sit down to the again position with legs crossed or pelvis on the heels of relaxation
  • 11:44: final part if you are very heavily you're tired lie down on the mat but since our first activity but very very very simple it is elementary very, very for I'm with the Cubs poor health It takes up very little your time in After you fill You can just sit down with flat back close your eyes and watch sensations in the body if the practice
  • 12:14: morning can tune in to all current day to give yourself mentally positive setting if the practice of night before going to bed the better certainly relax in the supine position several full floor breaths deep breath feel
  • 12:52: state when all body relaxed voltage is not there relax but while not exactly relax something assembled position All this is our
  • 13:23: first lesson completed by type