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Knitting lessons a hook - we knit a circle from columns with nakidy  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear girls needlewoman and welcome to another lesson knitting from Sasha on moon This time, we are with you We will learn to knit crochet circle from columns with one
  • 00:30: knitting circle sc of bars with sc bit different from those rules we We studied the knitting circle of columns without sc primarily this knitting is different number primary loops and and number additions if you remember the lesson about without bars sc range of from about columns without sc we are doing 6 primary loops and further added made of 6 additions in each
  • 01:01: subsequent row This time we are will increase the number of primary columns twice why we do exactly the thing is that columns with one sc in 2-fold higher than the bars without sc respectively, and primary loop should be doubled more than that is if we We begin with 6 in this time will start with 12 if we knit and with two columns nakida they almost probably in half
  • 01:32: more than the bars with so one sc then we will be in this case, dial 18 with two columns sc but now We examine the knitting circle because of the bars with one for sc This will make the loop amigurumi and 2 air loop lifting February 1 and now do a third pivot loop ie when We will crochet
  • 02:03: left in this loop We will be at the top So those two lifting loop is It will be counted as 1 column one sc ie leg first column respectively us ring is necessary knit 11 more columns with one nakida March 2 4
  • 02:39: 5 6 7 8 9 10 and 11 if we are
  • 03:14: try counted once two three 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 and chain two or three times 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 another column all with chain of the air loops should received 12 columns with one after sc like we've got 12
  • 03:46: columns with one we pull for sc the short end of the thread tighten the ring and vdevaem in hook third loop 1 2 3 3 air loop and provyazyvaem connective bar so we I get the first row
  • 04:17: circle then we Remember knitting circle, we need to continually do quantity additions as loops in our first a number in the first row at the we have 12 loops respectively us to do 12 additions and it will have two two column loop one sc in each column previous row for this again 1 2 3 do loop lifting and the same
  • 04:48: column here are we with you about knit even 1 column with ie one sc if in the first row by the We had the 12 loops the second will be 24 in the next column He also provyazyvaem 2 with the column 1 nakida and 2 turn to
  • 05:18: following the pillar I again provyazyvaem here with two columns one sc so we were binding until the end a number that is in every loop of the bottom row we provyazyvaem two column one after sc we tied 24 column is not lazy recalculate again to get good range, we again pro and provyazyvaem
  • 05:48: coupling loop upper air lifting loop like this third row accordingly, we again reminded we need to do 12 additions since we have 24 loops in the lower row the addition of we We are going to do in each in every second column again making 3 loops rise in the same loop we have nothing we provyazyvat since
  • 06:18: We have one column but in the next two thought knit column one sc following provyazyvaem 1 column with sc in next 2 and so we we will alternate
  • 06:48: Knitting ie one loop knit one column with sc in another loop knit 2 column one sc turns that in this case we perform 12 additions and we should get 36 loops 24 + 12-36 Be careful not make extra additions here clearly seen that the previous loop at We are not adding
  • 07:18: it was respectively now we are addition and so knit to end of row respectively these ranks we we just do 12 additions but if third row we We are doing addition through one loop in fourth shall do addition
  • 07:48: two loops fifth in three sixth and four so on that it is up to of the right size can, in principle, knit circle of this can be infinitely tie a huge carpet constantly performing at 12 additions to Each next row you might have adding the same as I do in a certain
  • 08:18: order that is alternating via one two or three can do their chaotic ie as you climb up in head, in principle, nothing wrong This is not is not important forget to do just the right amount additions which have us at the beginning that quantity additions as columns we knit in delirium that is 12 different range will not work I will oval
  • 08:49: it can be bent in any ball yet anything but such range is not will be now we are with you dovyazhem number even if in the process Knitting seems to you that the range of bends if you did correct and completed
  • 09:19: addition to the necessary field that is the right quantity this bend only the result of knitting when you're done and straighten and products it will be so we finish number provyazyvaem connective bar and can see what we So we get
  • 09:49: straighten and we ready flat circle on This concludes the lesson I wish you a pleasant write your knitting questions with happy for them answer leave application workshops I try sure their perform sincerely Sasha you your