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  • 00:00: testicles for all the good time of day me call my nickname hope in instrumme nu th tube on disk and I'm doing fragment in particular you are behind him knitting needles and crochet Today I continue series of video reviews the yarn from which I I was knitting that did just samples express tests case in that they are not which yarn only not so has appeared in sale so she was a long time on sale at all clouds in my city vladimir she appeared not so How long do I think that
  • 00:30: this novelty and when in to some extent, it not widely known it's yarn and I I hurry to tell you about her tell you what you are did not see it novelty in the store in their cities to looked at it in Internet and as a matter of fact made a choice bought this yarn maybe you come out of it something very beautiful such wonderful cousin author thing that will be only you will tell about one the find that I made quite
  • 01:00: recently on shushu a few sachets honestly I will say to The shooting was not prepared just dragged often so small knitted suitcase with by the apartment I go try with children also do something tie here is not received a change cook contains now everyone will be very spontaneously because children small time in general I will very quickly all do it out now this yarn tell a small backstory tell than for me personally interesting is the yarn at which I am now I will tell I'll say right away I will say that it is not
  • 01:31: some foreign brand not even Turkey about which very she already told me a lot these girls Semenovskaya yarn and I this winter season had the opportunity get acquainted with yarn flour from no alpaca Peruvian sheep slowly myrrh wool is another the name is perfect other animal completely different yarn but the kind she has almost the same how is this merino
  • 02:01: from which a huge caps are a huge snob that is, large cardigan of this all this after all or beautiful soft expensive yarn things then cost 600 rubles motochek she was plump enough enough 10 spokes I took 15 m with lining Statement of the cap but the girl took her hat also on 15 knitting needles that is, the principle cost of a hat and snitch from me two thousand rubles 2 100 delivery mail together here such amount It turned out to be honest
  • 02:31: speaking well, not budgetly you understand because we have yarns it can be worth what relatively cheaper too cap scarf mind sleep with you can to manage there and in 600 700 rubles as a difference project of the order of two half time I'll tell you I want girls for those who still thinks his money and oriented on budgetary yarn offer can be this is not a novelty you now I can say five years already for sale but we have I saw this for the first time in I'm not
  • 03:02: set the goal of finding Semyonov analogue from the shores and maybe you need me now write a maybe someone knows about this something yarn perhaps this is not the case in Chechnya sheep's wool maybe it's just wool which is so the same look but I want to tell you that this is real an analogue can be other composition other wool but it's also 100% wool but the kind she has it looks like you can make enough beautiful product and the price like you you understand a lot below will not I torment and tell about
  • 03:32: what I dig up as a matter of fact in shop of needlework in Vladimir and so Smirnov's yarn she is called roving field roving arawind file and inscription in general file planin turns out there is I do not detail I'll learn what it is later I'll tell you flatline from Semenovskoy yarn apparently some kind of line Now these interesting yarn this except for square and seed yarn took such interesting color but generally it is cream
  • 04:03: is quite recently he is popular goes in many collections designers continues to stay popular it will be fashionable and next in winter you are assured base color which it is always possible everywhere see always find the basis of the basics is that pay attention to thread thread it is thinner than flour in two times but here on quality she is very very it seems that is drow sheep wool she she does not prickle slightly
  • 04:33: house so small as it were, the effect a little bit but it's straight I'll tell you absolutely does not play no role is also the only difference is in the girl that's here Here in the yarn there is still small woolen impregnations some brown some gray is straight right here almost like this know in this dog wool belt here's something else it is quite possible by the way relates to I do not know these animals I not go here but here are the looks Here I am a hairs now I got it
  • 05:03: to be out of the picture but I hope my hands Probably yes it is not visible anyway generally small such inclusions are the flour is no flour this part and rovings then there is basically me to you I will say that it seems days, she's just two times as long as that is, if you take this yarn in 2 strings you the same will happen that grandchildren in one do not practically the same after washing I think can not be distinguished at all it will be difficult well to all it is known that Semenovskaya yarn this moscow moscow wool is the ultimate the factory is called
  • 05:33: she who is on the small Semyonovskaya as a matter of fact therefore Semenovskaya yarn brand received name 100% wool note this hitch 50 grams it is in they are produced in 50 grams of 50 meters then there are respectively 100 grams of 100 meters and for comparison, flour 100 grams 44 meters then there is somewhere then so there are 100 grams of 100 meters of flour 100 grams 90 meters and so 88 meters that is almost the same there in 2 threads it is yarn and
  • 06:03: as it were analog flies and under the external mind she also natural can it's not sheepskin sheep's wool yet once again there will be 6 others An animal but the kind she has the same I do not saw in the form of no the difference is absolutely five- spoke spokes respectively if we knit two strings with you boldly take the ten of us it turns out all 6 hook shown 5-6 too hook seems to me
  • 06:33: hook can be taken more because if something to knit is slightly airy can you send me 7 seems calmly eight even watch the hook I'm so did as I have made a reservation natural wool from my color is called severe look what im severe such mildly pleasant for the eyes saying well then naturalness say nothing more I can not because she 100 percent is a natural wool is not pricked and I think girls considering such a beautiful appearance it's all straight for her
  • 07:03: you can buy and She knit thread something beautiful but it will look like how the expensive yarn here straight in the least in this I have no doubt and now I 'll show you made a small express test you yarns linked simply facial smoothness that we have an idea on the cap just the same such a viscous one a bit of truth tied up I'll just say that you looked like u the engine is not easy already there decide yourself 2 there are three strings too your creative the works glasses look this is a sample the front knitted ie now I'm watching now I'll show you close
  • 07:33: I will put and bring focus I'll put the focus here look here is how she is looks sure a little bit you You see it for yourself flaw knitting crookedly turns out in terms of themselves pigtails I I assure you that after washing is everything will be removed and so look but drum here Merino I do not see The difference is honest to you I will say washing will be removed I think these flaws are all they will leave at the exit you will get very beautifully the product then
  • 08:03: do you know yourself know here I am hats with bend here I am twist and look Here I will do that get a cap on merino but the girl who does not deja vu in the merino I think not only I'm here for my impressions of knitting I will tell you at once there are my impressions very very positive about this yarn it is nice and I'll tell you honestly how you can even enterprise than can very well leads itself in the hands of her here you sit as if you sculpted from plasticine is very nice on to the hands I want to knit her
  • 08:34: I have several species of beach which I want to take me I wanted to take several colors to me wanted to do it can even be the whole collection caps on the next season maybe I am so and I'll do this here these small impregnated wool they power but it seems to me that this is even a plus makes circulation of more than interesting looks more natural more textured then is as they say why not let naturalness is trend of the season therefore forward is simply not advertising is in no way do not think me on this one moment on channel 227
  • 09:04: subscribers will say Honestly I'm grateful to each and every one of these people who are me look because thanks to your comments thanks to the fact that you write to me vkontakte in instagram you really give me food for reflection and give me material for reviews I want tell you all thank you very much well i.e respectively understand that me as many subscribers subscribers on the channel it is unlikely some kind of advertising there is I especially honestly I will not say fan of Russian yarn far from being a fan there were me there unpleasant experience and with Sekhonovskaya I had yarn unpleasant experience communication and I am honest
  • 09:34: mountains so I bought seeds of narrow yarn just had to to try Semenovskoy yarn that I also tried bought her and once again I will remind you that the cost is 600 and now attention price here this yarn in retail I'll show you now so the shop of needlework city ​​of Vladimir center is located mirror price display unclear but visible 125 rubles buying 2 hanks which you have enough for cap of 50 meters
  • 10:05: versions can blame take 4 hanks for example, 2 hanks it turns out 250 rubles go straight on . get 375 x 500 you can buy four womb and in principle very good thick cap with lapel these fields such broad tass good high crowns a good breeze this the cap will cost you 500 rubles and a fig
  • 10:35: such a cap to you will cost in 1200 + mail delivery is yarn as in my personal city and do not sell at retail that's saving more than 70 percent I think already felt felt those who loves the new one pretty fashionable beautiful girls just draw your own store those who live in Vladimir oriented shop needlework in the center city ​​is not a shop needlework and a number of mine there is a shop there interesting yarn I would
  • 11:05: looked yet a couple of sure I'll appear there necessarily buy in Generally here it is actually dream him and the next season for those who are not ready spend thousands of rubles on merino but wants something beautiful has itself aps-c children do on order seed yarn series file plan rubbing her roving composition I do not know what with but 100% wool and girls by sight identical to the world of the nose
  • 11:35: tank Milan all just thinner take a good look you pleasant shopping I wish that for the yarn which you buy today, even it will be different beach to me not deceived to do so that you take it in I felt what it is pleasantly tied up in the pleasure of oneself some thing with pleasure and violence let enjoy wearing your kids are what you are knit people are good at which you do their things knit with pleasure and I hope that my review you have to give us something helps, I wish you all the best goodbye goodbye