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  • 00:00: hi all today make delicious baskets with plums we will be ready in ready puff test here I have puff pastry to it was not fast bother except the dough we need plums I washed them cleared of seeds and sliced Here such here slices as well as the need starch and sugar means starch and sugar in the mix all together for what we We do this we
  • 00:32: This adds to our Left Left let on juice that there is no flowed persisted our baskets starch will bind the woods liquid stay inside baskets because all further more we take I take here such the tablet I laid here your dough to put me I take a piece of dough a little flour a little knock
  • 01:04: I did a little bit Roll out literally quite a bit in I have here such Now I'll cut deforestation like this here piece even a little roll not necessarily to groats perfect circle Permian perfect
  • 01:34: who says you need make it not quite exactly there on I I take my circle and I stack here and so it inside the tablet and same way I stack all their so I spread out the dough Now we take the dough our cream and laid in the basket as the stack
  • 02:14: merge values are not have both put so it will be like this Now and then we top sprinkle a little our mix starch and sugar, same way I I fill all basket I laid out and all Now turn on both before you start is turn the oven that she warmed up to a temperature of 200 degrees and put in oven for 15 minutes until our dough a little bit browns all go bake so friends
  • 02:45: Our baskets are ready I sprinkled them icing sugar This recipe is very simple very quickly it make the results you will appreciate it is very tasty, I I wish you all Bon Appetit subscribe to my channel as well as on my group in contact if you like Like put video share with friends and write comments stay healthy while till