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Level for a fastener spokes  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you the planet knitting and I Olga Bogan today look like tie bar for spoke fasteners and in my view it The easiest way front side Wrong side for example, the basic ITEMS Contact stocking st and
  • 00:30: Garter bar strap fit separately from the main items to Planck was not prolonged or wavy need correctly identify the number of loops that should be raise from the edge side edge of the main We make out the details pigtail work starts on obverse
  • 01:00: the first series of 1 and 2 edge loop knit front loop of the bottom and for both stenochki 1 2 of 3 loops, we need vyvyazat two First knit loop for both walls and then Only for rear fourth loop knit
  • 01:34: for both walls and We link the 2 of 5 first of the two walls and then the rear wall hinge so We continue to knit up end of the side edge last loop
  • 02:43: we note a marker of which we will vyvyazyvayut Area of the horizontal I wales I will be linked by one loop because the difference in knitting density horizontally garter and stocking knitting is not as great in
  • 03:14: Depending on the form neck, you can add or subtract Loop the second row and all the remaining purl rows knit facial 3 series also knit facial, and in this series We start to do allowances for knitting corner reached the chapter loop
  • 03:59: that issued marker and of this loop, we will 3 vyvyazyvayut obverse sc and 1 face because of one loop at the we get 3 and continued impose the bar knit the fourth row
  • 04:29: reached sc sc provyazyvaem the rear stenochku and the loop we note a marker of which we will continue to 3 is knitted loops so we continue to knit
  • 05:05: bar for the desired width in facial ranks alko glitch knit 3 loop of the first backstitches provyazyvaem for sc rear wall will close a number of classical way all today
  • 06:10: stay with us subscribe to channel knitting planet on youtube goodbye