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  • 00:00: in the Ragged Rosie FCM period no estudiantes a diode me chest of applause genres leaching me to speak talk tell SE Cupp liquidity to global which CH lava a dinar code provided provided Alaska very much years libertagia top numerator strategy to destroy at not what periods
  • 00:30: if motion be rebooted like data to rock - oh Sh net levels attack the Vitis Epirus balanza pravda Lita the YT past no trim the past leading a slower but asteroid que se a causal research to prove audit was slower solution new drug boy skies I'd she sad that a Nazca Salish to say yes scarcely de don't say no nigga very neat this PD food is a
  • 01:08: globulin need over d2l capita most of rules committee common emotion cause I dated glove wall installation of Rimini non-smooth hostile to torch say please and thank you Scottie pugilist eat spasiba twist pull Chet the way through global yeasts while your substances machine AP reported she was a Stanley me Geneva's motion Payton you vodka Devon young dilution will not stay out the
  • 01:41: trig well goal the vitae Posner dream up Edna past leading Volvo tell as Cosford village Osama with Walla Walla at pet solution request machine is solution undergo three would tell me a story Paris Cara Mia is story he told me the truth Warners Kazama Prado
  • 02:14: my mother told me to wash my hands my mama feel ill Anya tomatotopia motion touchy pristine my mama's Kassala me Obama took notice nichinan vanilla insurance pays material indited clogged wall Oh busy lives Tonio solution requests national plate moto at Kidron estoppel chahta hoon a stereo to drag la Gola to speak to talk voted crowd ated Vogler wall periodicity NACO the valid Rask
  • 02:49: available memory do nematode released Rising Sun it rises to achieve Edina Global to speak no petroleum coke the Guevara method sign of cocoa the farmer lapsed an off-key a global to talk petroleum machine about that new premier I want to speak to my boss yaha choo
  • 03:19: bhagavad it says I am awesome I will speak at the conference on Monday yeah boo toga varied no confidence a pony dealing the tactic of d'mongo very impressive chemo but Revlimid Google I speak English I speak Spanish no eighty Adam was neither too costly I want to talk to my friend Yahoo
  • 03:49: Chewbacca ready to swim drogon to escape about that arising sir HEV Deena W Cobras opponent process upon nature so to speak bubu turbulator Cote d'Ivoire is chella vehicle Navi talk car Donati but if sort of a mandible is not
  • 04:24: predicated Woggle ITP reverses progressive a smoothness provided Seba staffs of rivaling level can you tell me a story The Magicians cause I'd mini story I spoke at the conference yesterday
  • 05:05: yogev Arianna confidence of Shira and it's an app standoff come by atomic claw go to speak I talked to my brother yesterday brother mcseamus naughty put it on petroleum global to talk
  • 05:35: don't tell that to anyone it's a secret eurisk ossify add a new comment a secret I spoke to my colleagues at the meeting
  • 06:16: my mother told me to wash my hands my mama's Gazala vilem new furniture okay
  • 06:47: I spoke to my boss yesterday I asked him for a raise he said no euros go viral so in Boston Kiera yeah Brasilia police's Nezzer plateau once kazow yet
  • 07:17: I talk to my friends every Sunday yes Guevara versus very Tracey Emin cash Damascus in Libya the energy stitches were born in the cup so Leo five-year
  • 07:49: seven Blizzcon zucchini Anika kicks a gothic area bozo it's not registered at EMS to it the Caparo minute version of raymond Halsted Sunita's whether that's an ivory can't go viral and stain yes leeuwin emerged a business approach to this match it was simony the cancer yet upon you might sue this - teenie geenie honest lava plate Amory gotta at cloud which is a cravat FC to achieve Nicky the add my lemon tart ITM of his net not restrain Itza if I told you technician
  • 08:19: when empanada approached the city cebu Hiroshi Yamauchi Tila cattorini press Kassovitz famous LaVon said th rival Katherine Pritchett all watch a movie a Couture at least nice variety of tme immutably snips of trucks la vaca Zionist will camino de su familia bashed rhenium disc Resaca hasta righteousness leather pakka