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  • 00:00: the cat today we let's talk about 2 year track tank pro rdd about the running company display port by god we go 'to all hi everyone's good
  • 00:41: you alexey pepper ds navar happy you welcome to your channel about the pack friends today with us it will be about p little children under name in a year that 's I'm so black there I'm lying around metal which we directly now look at klaus guys from the company is under way provision of given to us on review and I can say looking ahead that he I really like it but let's have no superfluous words were driven into the dice to Me on the table Well Citizens Vaipers let's get started to our clown navigate e-track tank pro rdt and here I have
  • 01:13: two boxes and how are you see they are different by the color here with us black here with us steel that's it so that's it colors are distributed devices respectively in black box she black per year light a box with us steel we got black clearly safely I use and respectively today we will hide with you here this steel a box of friends so as the box is very great so that Forgive me for all this what do you see on but the backgrounds of let's focus directly to this box and so on the box itself we are written with runs
  • 01:43: tights tank irdeto drawn piece of device also written koalas fiz fins here in my opinion like that so build kit included that is, we have it department is inside from this side we have information painted tank itself but also the inscription in the god we like about back of us described specifications it is written that at us inside well as well protective layer for verification the original but also it is written that design occurred to us californium from and a reference on a site
  • 02:13: manufacturer with this side inscription rebuilding gave a dripping tank atomizer and painted per year and respectively device name with this side we've got with this side disclaimer but also for some important inscriptions on the what can not use the 18-year-old and pregnant women certificates Well and other important information is hidden the lid as follows within boxes of us meets here such here's an interesting handbag is very tight and very hard on here these are the handbags used for cameras for camcorders but on
  • 02:43: one literally lock -ups open it top parts of this cover settled here such here that leaflet foam rubber but also side pocket inside which lies sachet with doses and spare screws spare o-rings also a spare isolates in the main parts of our handbag on settled down in a year kelhun build whale then read the inscription themselves something inside two clapton 0 2 ohms and manually made in USA also bundled with us himself rd there and reserve but because the darkened
  • 03:14: a glass handbag for foam rubber we we meet here this here is rubberized thing it's called we pray Julia Mule as I do not remember how but from this part we can also get rid of here this way she is with us on Velcro and if you need this here just a handbag then you you can use her completely without her so here's a handbag we get even in a gift can say for our money well let's go we will open to start here this one uncomplicated tinfoil as you can see this box with us packed in
  • 03:44: polyethylene and this correct solution on top of us a map the night that describes what we have inside on here a heap important information so same on the back this box described in full completely all information is what and what of why is this all done if on the box itself we have written 18 + ton of this a box written already 21 top cover We are booked company in a year and revealing this the lid we meet one more inscription godkov fins and under this card we are met by two
  • 04:14: colic 2 fused and if raise this here is the part then here We are already here we have a fleece around here sliced ​​fleece as you see unfortunately the camera gets a little crazy if you look at back side data cardboard glasses we are drawn as we are we can use given fusion fusion very clearly executed claims there are no very beautiful very is clearly wound around you will be interested more detailed information of what made on these fuses and as you can see here everything is written from all done
  • 04:44: from nichrome is beautiful friends in such long unpacking We were and now let's talk directly build yourself up which we probably most interesting to all this bundle a little technical information this work is made of high-quality stainless steel as declares manufacturer and before glass is possible in 3 coloring it steel It's black in which I safely I take advantage of you see the black color of us they are glossy but he it is matte but also gold which guys for some reason did not send this device has velocity similar convenient stands
  • 05:14: lowering blown and a volume of 4 milliliters height with standard champing forty-five and seven currently millimeters person is unchangeable standard therefore this constant height and diameter 24 millimeters inner diameter 12 cups millimeters weight devices with spirals inside 47 about 50 grams great friends move on to more a detailed review and we begin as always above and in order on top of us situated gave rubber champ which the winds on
  • 05:44: thread and untwist it can be hour clock so here i am at first thought that he absolutely not removable but then I noticed something I'm talking about I will tell you literally later I I thought that he absolutely not Semin thought in pressed inwardly and but somehow he winds up with us by thread on no no sealing anding probably this and there is one of the minuses move on here we have a lateral skirt on with one we have written run and how you see it with with such grooves cut out lateral skirt is removed she as follows dry and rings it
  • 06:14: very difficult to do inside she looks that's how I think it is rinse it to start I would like to say thank you so much children for what they worried about us and immediately installed here are 2 spirals in black version spirals were not installed in light more precisely on steel version of the spiral already established by us get access to friends database we have a velocity stand like you see but also slotted screws well naturally lower blowing for more a detailed review to me had all the same get rid of data and spiralek is like you you see this here amount of cotton wool
  • 06:44: the guys are offering us use in this device but I I think that you can even slightly less but now let 's in details look at the database velocity like stonecks very widely located on from each other roughly speaking from the hole before the hole we have 13 7 millimeters like I have said here with us slotted screws and I do not very satisfied with this because it is twisting at tightening screwdriver can get out of this call and hurt your hand this way here the guys realized blowing it very interesting solution two independent
  • 07:14: holes that independently somehow so takes the air from one big holes 4 holes under cotton wool well and two small holes for output excess air at refueling fueling is located on the side tank and she rubberized into it hole perfectly master either plastic bottles with a spout Here are some you simply insert and fill up well, or pipetochka bottle with pipette which you also can here here So insert thanks to rubber bands directly inside and fill your tank with unfortunately with
  • 07:44: similar Unicorn bottles they are here to do there will be nothing is impossible practically Fill this bug with using this bottles are fine move on here we have two using with which should be kept side skirt well also the inscription we got from the bottom holes unregulated openings for a fence air, I believe that this is very good because this device just enough and air that she can take away here it should work that's it with such a blow and an extra detail in the form rings of extra lenses
  • 08:15: and others who will hang out with while reading there rings will be anode is unreeled there is too much and guys I got rid of him I believe that they right and this made us from below there is a tank for 4 milliliter but whose access is get out by a this gold-plated copper pin with bottom parts we have written aficio new year and is a trick tank flag American but let's roll this screw is twisted it needs to be clockwise arrow here at us friends back thread and when you twist with us
  • 08:45: freed up plus stoic continue unscrew after how did you unscrew screw it quietly goes to and we can pull out plus stoichku here this way The next step is to to get there in the tank we will need then it's easy already untwist it against hour this business unwinds and we get access to here we have a tank here o-ring which consolidate our the glass is so here you can completely rinse and bring it to some sexual I have the ideal here Black version with
  • 09:15: dark glass which I use this way here as you can see after As Oring wet well already these are the parts enters more or less okay, but everything equally dense keeps it well and do not forget that she is at an autopsy and closing will be to happen is this that's nonsense on this one device will liquid appear you will in any case from this get rid napkin wipe like you see on the black version is very strong you can see these here divorce will very much to try for to get rid of completely from the whole
  • 09:45: unnecessary moisture and is another is not very pleasant moment which we can watch straight now here since the guys are running around installed here no oring under cup ptu from this part of it us begins appear condensation Allo yes its it occurs throughout this is not very pleasant moment think what is this street like? if you need less than understand now we will sacrifice our masonry cotton so for to show then the amount of cotton wool which I'm here for I'm packing to me was comfortable like you see very little here I have cotton wool there is I just omit
  • 10:15: its here in that hole and this to me I'm not lower the bottom because when I I use the device I always cant respectively the rim will always be wet and if you do not enough then flip it over completely down head for a second and return back and already after that you have definitely will not no problems and more one small such lifhak after how you laid the cotton wool I will come to you advise her a little pierce it like this anything sharp just like that take it and puncture inward to it better wetted this is personal observation
  • 10:45: so it's better pierce it from all sides 1 2 3 times that friends are basically all for now we are with you are getting well here's how you see in jitka here appeared have to wipe wipe wipes so that this one here is all dullness was more less good looked and is better of course, of course do not wipe napkin and which is not be a rag in attack wiped well and then this the device will be you please appearance but all still have to play well, how says beauty requires victims
  • 11:16: as you can see now he's on my salary from anarchist and ari and me it seems very set-off it looks all very fit friend together with a friend great friends I think that's enough let's go up with you upstairs and let's talk about the pros and cons minuses and given device and thank you for attention he also knocks on top of it chertyak so at night guys let's talk talk to you about this
  • 11:46: devices just after we snatched with you the squall for here is here Of course, without eating these schools and pluses huge but straight now we are about them let's talk 1 kosyachok 1 minus for the fact that is impossible set your cha wkf it is impossible here establish your driptip here here and the guys decided that you need to use Only this one which goes to bundle it in vain whether this was desirable it would be different the next minus black version for that as soon as you have droplets will appear to me
  • 12:16: at least somewhere you are just you beat them from the zoo get rid of divorce from this all this again an unpleasant moment well as they say beauty requires victims and probably this is minus minus and The last minus and where screwdriver pancake screwdriver included that's what I am too twist and if u I do not have a screwdriver here let's put it and we make such a global bundling stuffed than just It is necessary and it is not necessary and not put the screwdriver as so there's a pancake you can it would certainly be put the spare cogs under hexagon but again
  • 12:46: only the slots akane and with minuses we have finished let's talk Well, well, I'll tell you so. I will say stylish fashionable youth is not a nickname also put a plus for taste and on the tree 1 horde then with the bottom blowing It is very cool this horde is cool transmits the taste and to that he also knocks down put a plus for convenient filling these are the holes. she is just decides if you suddenly use bottles for called unicorn and the fuck you already zapezite this device is so that you go to pipette or small bottle with thin
  • 13:16: spout plastic normal to myself volume of 4 milliliters for the horde tazhke which is even lower limit of forests and me put plus z and the last plus attention and I put no ring I adjust the tightening I think that for of this device Here it is that blowing the most optimal is not must be at least It should not be more this is what the guys are from here he was removed cleaned superfluous details superfluous extra ring all this is here for personal mechanism of this plus this plus anyway
  • 13:47: so that plus for no ring tightening torque a now let's let's talk about the price and so what do we get in as a result we get a good quality handbag not for some certain other I need for this tank there you can even go fold the firmware Th something veshchichki driptip checks there I do not know what to store well, either some technique small it fun besides this we get on spare spirochetes sliced cotton wool here it's probably the same cool but but the pancake price this device for account of all this here
  • 14:17: bundling grows to 70 bucks $ 70 for this I would like to tank give but damn it like that do not want to give give them for a bag them behind the spirals which can to guest steep spirals which will bring down before sliced ​​for me in where did they give me handbag well damn guys sell this tank still apart from this bundling, I think if you sold it separately it would cost Well, 45 50 dollars here so then this price would be acceptable but as already you
  • 14:47: it's worth buying him for this money or not worth of course pleased variety of colors and haze here and the fact that there is a golden one but this for lovers there is metal it simple but there is black matte it it struck me here with this setup they damn straight like created dishes friend for a friend and me very much like here in this use data rdt I can say so at the moment it is single orbit which I use others are happy rest even the same most file art
  • 15:17: who to me came from certain jamb and rdr Dima is also a reviewer from now guys corrects this jamb he is also some kind of well, like everyone else this one is not like everyone else and I liked it and Beauty requires sacrifice I love this dullness but here these here streams and a mask here these I'm not very I love so well what guys probably this we will finish thanks a lot for the run at home for providing these here is a device overview beacons and all this will also be review from fights sure, well, you I say this
  • 15:47: Thank you so much tasty time for you let's come will come in your life and will stay there for a long time its been super himself until new meetings bye Bye